Second time in a week that I missed a day to post. My bottom is probably going to have to pay for that… But I won’t bother you with that information *giggles* just enjoy yesterday’s post today.

We’re looking at another sport today, and this one is just perfect for spanking-lovers and just anyone who loves to see a woman’s bottom displayed: volleyball.
Everyone knows of beach volleyball of course, nicely built woman wearing nothing more than their bikinis jumping and diving in the sand. But normal volleyball isn’t that bad either. Tight shorts and t-shirts should make sure that they are not restricted by their clothing in anyway and that we can fully enjoy their curves. Better even is their position. As they’re waiting for the ball to come their way they’ll bend over, hands on knees, bottom sticking out, a classic spanking position.

Most of these sport-types are rather slim, but a cute tight little bottom can be fun to watch just as much as a big one I think:

sports spanking position

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