Facial Expressions Friday

Today’s facial expression is about shame. Shame sounds bad, but it’s an ever present feeling during a disciplinary spanking. During a fun or erotic spanking you have embarrassment. But during a disciplinary spanking that embarrassment is mixed with shame.

The girl being spanked should feel ashamed, ashamed of what she has done, ashamed of having earned a spanking, ashamed of her behaviour. That’s why there are two points the shame is mostly visible during her spanking. First, when she’s being scolded, standing in front of her spanker, looking at her feet. She’ll feel ashamed of having done something wrong.
The shame is even worse after her spanking. She has just been punished for hat she’s done, and she is standing there, forced to think about it, forced to recognize her shame and learn a lesson from it. The facial expression for this feeling is often missed as the girl is standing in the corner, facing away from everyone, standing alone.

That’s why I like the idea of slightly altered corner-time. You could be stood in the middle of the room, instead of hidden away, so that everyone can witness your shame. You could be told to stand in front of a mirror, to look at your face and see your own shame. You could have to stand in front of a window, looking out at the world, feeling like the world could be looking at you.

Or you could even be told to stand outside, and really share your shame with the world, like the girl in today’s picture. Outside in just her top, too short to cover her spanked bottom that is reflected in the glass behind her even if she pulls it down to hide herself.

cornertime outside

Tomorrow will be my 100th post 🙂 don’t miss it.

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One response to “Facial Expressions Friday

  • Harald Riedl

    Much depends on the adequacy of the offence and the punishment in my opinion. If the spanking was too slight, the shame will nevertheless be there for having done something wrong. But she should understand that the spanking applied has been justified, not only symbolically but as a true punishment. If it is overdone, she will feel maltreated and anger will prevail over shame. That would have rather negative consequences. And disciplinary spanking should be only the last attempt of correcting her behavior when all else has failed or it will become habitual and considered just as a part of everyday life.

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