Spank a villain

I always prefer female villains in movies over males. For just one reason, I want to imagine them getting a good spanking when they’re finally defeated. I don’t only imagine spankings for villains though, cocky female superhero’s, or bratty and misbehaving heroines can be deserving of a good spanking too. Even the damsel in distress could earn a spanking in my fantasy, she often did something irresponsible to get in trouble anyway.

I’m sure many of you when watching tv, be it a movie or a series, often think ‘that young lady deserves a good spanking’. So it’s unfortunate that it is very rare in modern television. Everyone knows ‘the secretary’ of course, and the upcoming ‘a dangerous method’ looks promising as well. But in both those movies the spankee has mental issues. The secretary in ‘the secretary’ has been in a mental institution and cuts/hurts herself, in ‘a dangerous method’ the relationship is between a woman and her psychiatrist.
I find this unfortunate, it sounds as if only women that are not normal should need to be spanked, that only crazy women would want to be spanked. I would love to see a movie where the sub is a normal person in day to day life, a normal person that enjoys spanking, like it was possible in older movies.

Now what got me on this subject? Today’s picture, made by kamitora, featuring princess Ardala, the main villain in the first season of ‘Buck Rogers in the 25th Century’.

spanked princess Ardala

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3 responses to “Spank a villain

  • Alex

    and because she’s a supervillain, it really turned her on to be overpowered, stripped, controlled and spanked until her bottom is hot and glowing, even though she would never admit it. however, the lovely drip between her legs kind of gives her away 🙂

  • emma

    Indeed Alex, I wonder if her supervillany has all this time just been a cry for attention so she could finally get what she deserves. *giggles*

  • Alex

    hehe, looks like someone knows very much about the insights of being a supervillain girl. maybe she acted so tough because she wanted to attract the toughest men of them all 🙂

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