Hair grabbing

When I’m talking about hair grabbing, I’m not thinking of the mean fight-style of two sisters grabbing and pulling each-others hair – though that might come up in a spanking-conversation as a spankable offense – but about a dom grabbing his spankee by the hair.

For me it is on the same level as bondage, a highly erotic idea, controlling the woman’s body completely and keeping her in the position he wants.
It is one of the few things I like during spanking that hurts in other places than the bottom-area (this would be the hair-neck-ears area) and gives the same pain/pleasure feeling.

So after this weekends array of cute pictures, today I’m sharing a more erotic one. Hands tied behind her back, controlled by his hand grabbing her hair, naked waist down and about the receive the attention of a man’s hand.

grabbing her hair for a bare bottom spanking

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