Yes, daddy

It doesn’t always have to be ‘Sir’. Lots of spanko’s fantasize about daddies spanking their daughters. Whether this is because the girl wishes to relieve her early childhood when he was spanked, or whether it is something she missed growing up; it is something different and yet the same as other spanking fantasies.

Spanking fantasies often include figures with authority, be it a teacher, police officer, disciplinarian; or someone that takes an authoritative role, such as a strict boyfriend or husband. Your father (or mother) is actually the first authoritative person in your life and the first one that would have punished you. It is not unheard of even, still now, that a parent uses spanking to discipline their children. So it is a very easy fantasy to relate to.

Parents that do spank, normally stop when you get ‘too old’, but their authority doesn’t end then. So the idea to the fantasy ‘what if they hadn’t stopped’ is quite easily triggered. Fantasies about being spanked as a teen, hiding it from your friends that are treated as adults, punished like a child while you see yourself as a young adult. The embarrassment would be much greater, and at the same time you evolve sexually, adding even more to the embarrassment, at the same time knowing what for you is a punishment, for someone else is something highly erotic.

The fantasy changes for many people because of this. Daddy becomes a step-father, or a mean uncle. That way they can combine their fantasy of being spanked and treated as a child, with the erotic feelings it brings.

What attracts me most about these fantasies is not being childish. You find a lot of people who are into age-play. With grown-up women, pretending they’re little girls. Which sounds to me just a bit ridiculous. What I find interesting is being an adult woman, but treated as a little girl. I have all the thoughts, ideas, knowledge and feelings of an adult, but my ‘daddy’ ignores all that and treats me if I was still much younger. A much more embarrassing fantasy in my opinion. I wouldn’t be a little girl spanked, that’s normal, no I’m an adult woman spanked, much less normal and more embarrassing.

That’s all about age-regression as a punishment for today. But having started about the subject, you can expect me to tell you more about it later.

I threw a tantrum

At first sight, today’s picture might look like what I said did not interest me, a woman pretending to be a girl. But I think it’s not. The outfit she’s wearing marks her obviously as an adult. She did not throw a tantrum like a little girl would, but she prepared a scene for her ‘daddy’, knowing they would both like the consequences. A very erotic and mature thing to do.

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