Skirt or shawl

My mum used to say “that’s not a skirt, it’s a shawl wrapped around your waist” when I was wearing one of my very short dresses, and now still when I see a girl wearing such a short skirt, I think “hey nice shawl”. But apart from that, I love short skirts. I love wearing them, showing of my long legs, the constant possibility of someone looking up my skirt, of the wind catching it revealing more than my legs, and I love seeing other girls wearing them for the same reason.

I’m normally a quite brisk walker, I walk fast and get annoyed when someone slower than me gets in my way, I’m a bit impatient like that lol. But when I see a girl like the one on today’s picture, in such a skirt, I adjust my pace and stay a few paces behind her. I’ll admire her legs and pray that the wind catches up, or that she might have to do some stairs. I’m sure many of you do the same.

Really, the only thing that could’ve made this picture any better (this is a spanking blog after all) would be a little redness showing from under that skirt. A short skirt after a spanking is great, everyone that notices is wondering “is that shadow or is it what I think it is?”.

Enjoy today’s shawl… I mean skirt:

a very short skirt

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7 responses to “Skirt or shawl

  • John Scott

    Gorgeous and erotic picture. Pity the wind was not blowing when it was taken.

  • Autumn

    Your comment made me giggle… I think I may propose a little “walk” after one of my next sessions. Hehe. That might keep me in a good submissive frame of mind as well. (=

    Thanks for sharing as always.

  • Morgan

    Love the look, and yes wearing a very short skirt after a recent spanking is so much fun. I love to watch other people trying to look and “figure it out” without getting caught staring.

  • John Scott

    I would love to walk with you. And then?

  • Lillita

    That’s actually a belt, not a shawl.

  • emma

    Haha, got the belt comment as well sometimes, though in Dutch we say shawl as well. 🙂

  • Enzo

    I definitely do the same and follow these girls hoping for stairs and especially for a gust of wind. For a girl like this I often get the urge to abruptly swing her around and across my knee and spank her bottom right there on the street in public and be on my way before she even has time react.

    So when do we get to see a pic of you in your short skirts?

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