Unique spanking fantasies

Sometimes you come across a spanking scene that is unique, and often strange. You can’t help but wonder what the author had been thinking when he came up with this scene.

Often it comes from combining two interests, a rather normal one and spanking. Someone who is interested in old architecture for example, may fantasize of spanking a guide after a disappointing tour. Something most day-to-day spanking-authors wouldn’t think about. But he could also fantasize of visiting an old abandoned castle, where he finds old engravings picturing spanking scenes on the dungeon walls, and a local girl willing to help him reenact them, an even more unique and strange fantasy.

Other times it comes from turning a normal story (from a movie or a book) into a spanking story. Just think of all your favorite female bad-guys or your favorite heroines (good girls need spankings to) and imagine them receiving a good spanking. I have often thought when watching a movie: ‘now if that were me, I’d be over his knee in no time’.

I’m not sure what today’s picture’s origin is. It seems to be a cross between an interest in mythology/fantasy and spanking. According to mythology, a faun is a forest-spirit that could either help or hinder you. They might be more inclined to tease and hinder attractive female travelers, especially if that meant spanking them.

bare bottom spanking by faun

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