Hugs or Spankings

First of two posts today, I forgot to update the blog yesterday (naughty me).

I’m sharing another drawing, this one by CC (at animeotk) I’m not sure what the story behind it is, but that’s what I like the opportunity to make it up myself.

I imagine: Exodus (male in the story) was on a forum, chatting. He posted that he wasn’t feeling very well. CC (the female in the story) is a very close friend of his, and decides to pay him a visit. When she arrives, Exodus is still behind his computer and CC comes up for a surprise-hug. But Exodus has a better idea of what might cheer him up.
– Exodus: “Hey CC, do you remember last time you were here? You still deserve a spanking for not cleaning up before you left.”
– CC: “Oh, not now Ex. I’ve just come to cheer you up a bit.”
– Exodus (pulls her over his lap): “No whining, you’ll feel better when it’s over with.”
– CC (feels her jeans being pulled down): “Well, I guess I can’t stop you anyway.”
– Exodus: “Thanks CC, I feel a lot better!”
– CC: “… Shut up.”

So why am I sharing this drawing, other than it being very interesting and well drawn? I wanted to know if:
– You doms agreed that giving a girl a spanking instantly made you feel better;
– It is ok to give your spankee a spanking, not when she’s been bad, but just for a selfish reason;
– You subs would offer your bottom to your spanker to comfort them in a spanking (or at least allow him to).

Personally, if it really would make a close friend better when he’s down, I wouldn’t mind a spanking at all. Of course, we’re talking now of a fun spanking, not a harsh disciplinary one…

hugs or spankings

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