Bend over

In today’s second post, I want to talk about bending over. Not bending over a table, dangling over the back of a couch, but just bending over, grabbing your ankles, or hands on your knees.

It’s a real submissive position. You’re not pulled otk, you’re not pushed across a table or even tied down with a cord. You’re standing in the middle of the room, presenting your bottom. Nothing is holding you in that position, except yourself, you don’t need to be held in place because you’re fully submissive.

It can be that you don’t like this position, some prefer the idea of an errant young lady being restrained in some way. They prefer a more realistic situation, where a person does not want to be punished, even when she likes spanking, she’ll still fight it. Normally that’s me, I like being a brat and then suddenly be pulled over a knee for a long bare bottom punishment. I’ll squirm and kick and plead, even when I don’t want him to stop, I won’t ask for the spanking myself (not with words anyway).
But sometimes I feel in a submissive mood. I then like to receive orders and follow them as a good little girl. Bend over just as he likes, to receive my spanking, fetch the implement he wants to use, stand in the corner, fetch him a drink, open the curtains, etc…
Other times when it can be very fun to play the submissive is in a sexual play. When you’re in foreplay, you don’t want to be kicking and squirming. You agree that you’ve been a very very bad girl and need to be spanked soundly.

There are of course plenty of reasons to like this position. You’re completely exposed to your spanker, as he walks around you. He can use longer implements because he can swing from any distance.
You’re even in a perfect position for him to use you as he pleases. I’ve always loved a spanking position that at the same time can be used as a sex position. First spanked and then in the same position, used for his pleasure. Yum…

bend over

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