Asking for it

There are some days, many days, that you don’t want to try your best to be a good girl. There are days you are just in a spanking mood. You know it will be embarrassing, you know it will hurt, but still you feel the need to bend over for your spanker and let him warm your bottom good.

Those days are happy when there’s a spanker around. They can tell without a miss when a spankee is in a spanking mood and they will always give her what she wants, and often a bit more too. Those days are sad when you’re alone though. You go on the internet, look at pictures or videos, you might selfspank even. You can go to a chatroom and talk with other spankers, you might roleplay even. One of my favorite possibilities on a sad spanking day, is to find a spanker in a chatroom and let him order you a self-spanking. There is a lack in control that a real spanking gives, so I give him full control in how the spanking goes. He can order me to give me a harsh selfspanking with a very red bottom or a sexy one with lotions and rubbing even ordering me to touch me in other places as well. He could even order a more embarrassing selfspanking, by telling me to keep the curtains open as we play, positioning me in a corner able to be seen from the window, or right in front of it even.

But today’s picture is not of a sad spanking day. It is of a happy spanking day, this girl’s boyfriend is about to arrive home, and she’s got something tell him: “No honey, I didn’t clean my bedroom, I didn’t want to. But I took off all my clothes – except my panties because I know you like to pull those down yourself – so you can give me a spanking instead.”
Just to hear him answer that she’ll have to clean the bedroom anyway, with a red bottom on display. But that’s all she wanted anyway…

ready for her spanking

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I'm not a bad girl that needs to be punished, I'm a good girl that wants to be punished. --- emma1001f --- twitter: emma1001sf --- facebook: / Emma Timor View all posts by emma

4 responses to “Asking for it

  • John Scott

    No, she does nto want it because she has clenched her buttocks and pressed her legs together. He must whip her until she spreads wide for his pleasure.

  • dan

    wow, u described it so well. i know those feelings from the other end of the stick…the happy times when u feel like spanking and know u meet your spankee, or when u feel like it and u know that it is “spankingtube” u are going to watch…

    keep on the good work, i love it – and im sure not the only one that does

  • emma

    Thanks Dan,
    John are you going to disagree with every new blogpost I make? Lol, it’s fantasy both ideas are possible. 😉

  • John Scott

    Of course I am going t disagree with you. Because it gives me the perfect excuse to spank your charming bottom to show you the error of your ways. 🙂

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