Girls night out

The picture I’m sharing today is a very interesting one. Four girls in a row, bottoms bared and red, on barstools. What an interesting story could be behind this.

Personally I’m thinking, the four girls were on a girls night out. They went to a bar together and ordered themselves some cocktails. One of the girls father however regularly visits this bar and catches them with their drinks, slightly tipsy even, while they’ve been told ‘no alcohol’.
The father takes it on himself to not only spank his own daughter, but all four of them. He spanks them bent over the counter, or their barstools, in front of all the people in the bar. Their bottoms stay bared after when he leaves, to show everyone how naughty they’ve been and that they’re not to be served alcoholic beverages. The blushes of the girls show their embarrassment.

That’s just one possibility though, others could be a lost bet between the girls and some guys at the bar. The naughty girls trying to get away with not paying for their drinks, etc. What is sure, is that they got a red bottom together in a public place and their red bottoms are on show for everyone.

four red bottoms at a bar

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