Short dresses

Nothing says ‘I need a spanking’ better than a girl in a short dress. My friends know, and now you do too, that if I’m wearing a dress that doesn’t reach past half my upper-legs, I’m in a spanking mood. If this is the case, make up a reason, any reason, to spank me, than take me across your knee and raise that tiny dress out of the way.

Often a spanker uses the reason ‘your dress is too short’ for a spanking. But when is a dress actually too short. Well it’s easily measured. There are two lines, the crease between your cheeks and thighs and your knees. If the dress reaches below your knees, it’s definitely long enough. If it doesn’t reach that crease, it’s definitely too short, prepare yourself for a spanking.
If it’s between those two lines it’s debatable. In the comfort at your own home, from crease to halfway is acceptable, at a casual occasion with friends it could be around the halfway mark, at a more professional ocassion at least halfway to knee-length. But like I said, it’s debatable, so be sure to ask your spanker what he thinks.

Remember though, if you’ve been naughty, the length of your dress doesn’t matter at all, an ankle-length dress won’t pretect you when you’ve been a bad girl.

But that aside, enjoy today’s picture of a girl in a – definitely too short – dress, inches short of the minimum-crease.

a very short dress

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4 responses to “Short dresses

  • dan

    that pic is HOT!!

  • John Scott

    The dress is not too short. It is the perfect length to allow her to display her assets. But while we might debate about the decorum of the dress we agree that the skirt only has to be pushed up a few incches before she receives a well deserved spanking.

  • ffaiirrm

    One thing about wearing a dress too short (or getting into trouble for something else while wearing one just long enough), is that a few well-placed strokes to the back of her legs would leave it clear to all that saw her that the short skirt didn’t mean she got away with it.

  • emma

    A very good point ffaiirrm and a very embarrassing situation for the naughty girl too…

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