Slavegirls & dungeons

A bit darker than my usual fantasies, but I’m in a bit of a slavegirl mood today. I just want to be locked away in a dungeon, not knowing when my master is coming down, and when he does, will it be to use me for pleasure or punishment?

The slavegirl-master fantasy I have, is like the bondage a step further than the normal DD fantasies. Like bondage it’s something I only see as an erotic fantasy. I don’t need dungeons, whips and shackles to learn a lesson in discipline. It’s about the vulnerability, giving yourself completely to your master. Your body is truly his. It is also about being used, abused, for his pleasure. A highly erotic fantasy.

It’s not something I’d want to do on a weekly basis *giggles* But a fun slavegirl roleplay, where I’m locked up for a few days, unable to sit down because of a burning bottom and regularly bent over and used or made to cum, I could surely appreciate a couple of times in a year. Let’s say on special occasions.

Hope you like my admission of another fantasy. Let me share a picture – by the great Kamitora – to illustrate my point. An almost naked girl belted to the table, shackles around her wrist and a very handsome in control looking man inspecting the cane he’s about to use on her:

slavegirl bent over and ready to receive the cane

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4 responses to “Slavegirls & dungeons

  • Six of the best

    I love the spanking scene in this beautiful drawing. Yes, with such an artistic endeaver, the naughty lady deserves, ‘six of the best’, on her bare bottom, with that pliable bamboo, stinging cane.

  • Harald Riedl

    I love the idea of the complete submission of a slavegirl and the subtlety with which you describe it. But there needs to be a lot of trust also, even if you admit the possibility of abuse. I see the picture of the girl in the dungeon: she is almost naked, but at least barefoot, as a slavegirl should always be. She is afraid of the whipping to come, and in her solitude sees a thousand pictures of how it could proceed, but she is also longing for it. It is a special expression of love and care for her. Personally, I have great respect of a girl who is able to submit to such a degree, she is slave and heroine at the same time.

  • emma

    Hey Harald, thanks for your comment. I agree completely of course, that trust is a very important aspect of such a relationship. So important in fact, that I didn’t even thought of mentioning it, without trust there couldn’t be such a situation in the first place. 🙂

  • susan garland

    i love the tied-down out of control part of it…when i imagine myself in similar situations, i am firmly secured, hands, backs of knees, ankles, so my bottom is utterly defenseless…..

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