No Domestic Discipline rulebook is complete without chores, no naughty little girl never got spanked for not doing them. Everyone has chores, everyone wants to procrastinate them, some of us get spanked for them.

When you live with your parents, you normally have a list of chores to do. And you think, when I live alone at least I don’t have to do all those stupid chores anymore. Wrong. You have to do those, plus everything your mum or dad did. At first that’s quite hard if you don’t have anyone to tell you the house is a mess and you deserve a spanking. Luckily for me I have a couple of friends that do tell me that – and take action when needed.

Some chores are more important than others, so today I’m sharing a list of those that are – for me – a spanking offence:

  • leaving the dishes for over a day (could grow yucky hairy stuff)
  • not putting out the trash in time (awful smell)
  • too much clutter (my friends want to be able to walk and sit down anywhere and put their drinks on a table without having to make room for it)
  • gathering more laundry than fits into two machines
  • waiting to vacuum/mop until the floor is so dirty it has a sticky feeling

Any of those would land me in the traditional punishment of a good bare bottom spanking, followed by doing he chore supervised with my bare red bottom on display (though the rule about laundry could set me doing it wearing nothing at all).

Well that’s it about chores, feel free to share any chores you hate to do, or you think should be on my list. I’ll end this post by sharing a lovely pin-up (I love pin-ups) doing her chores, namely vacuuming.

doing her chores

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6 responses to “Chores

  • Six of the best

    Yes, I would consider these spankable offences, if these chores of yours were not completed. And from me, you could expect ‘six of the best’. six of the very best strokes of a pliable stinging cane, upon that voluptous bare bottom of yours.

  • garrett workman

    It must be a lesson in humility to have to bare your bottom to be spanked by a friend; people that you hang out with and in any other circumstance are on level terms with. And conversely, what a great honor and for the spanker to be trusted with not only the diligent act to keep you in line over his/her knee (and sometimes make you do the laundry naked at that), but also to keep the relationship platonic and solely for correcting you (I hope in front of other friends at times) toward your betterment.

  • emma

    It really is Garret, but that’s a big part of what makes the lessons so successful. Though it is sometimes very hard to keep things platonic. *giggles*

  • ffaiirrm

    Naked or bottomless isn’t the only outfit that can make a point during a punishment chore (whether a chore left undone, or one added to someone’s duties as part of a punishment in itself).

    I remember one Sunday morning about ten years ago, seeing two young ladies who would generally be considered too old for a spanking that they didn’t actually look for (around 18-20) looking very, very sheepish as they picked up leaves outside the house of an elderly (and presumably rather old fashioned) couple’s house while a few other people (neighbours and presumably relatives) watched their progress with a satisfied look. All this while the normally quiet street was fully of families who would walk straight towards them due to the way the route to the nearby church meant they didn’t even have to turn their heads and “rubberneck”. The two were rather reluctant to do any work during a busier part of this which brought one of the elderly couple to the door and the tone in her instructions to get the leaves from a particularly cluttered corner was clear.

    Going pass someone remarked “someone was out too late last night” loud enough to bring an embarassed reaction to one of the girls. What they may or may not have noticed is that if you have a sore head from a late night and you had to do gardening you would tend to stay crutched down; if it’s bending down that brings a wince it’s somewhere else that’s sore.

    As such, the super-tight jeans that the two girls no doubt loved to wear much of the time, would perhaps not have been their favourite choice.

  • emma

    That’s a very interesting story ffairrm, mind if I use that for a full length story?

    I agree that tight pants can be a very good outfit after a spanking if you want the girls to be constantly reminded.

  • ffaiirrm

    Sorry I didn’t reply sooner. While I do look at your blog from time to time, I hadn’t come back to this page since.

    It was certainly an interesting thing to witness. Even if my conjecture was a spanko’s wishful thinking, it’s unusual to see grown women (even if only just into their majority by a few years) being punished with extra domestic chores. And of course interesting to consider the degree to which it’s being a punishment is what makes it a punishment:

    If you were in your garden gathering leaves, or doing any other chore or errand in public view, you’d think nothing of it as most people of course have tasks to perform in daily life. But now consider how you might feel if people could see you doing the same task as a punishment; could they guess that you had been naughty? would something that made your chore more awkward (e.g. not allowed to use a large refuse sack) make it plain to all or to some? what would they think of you? would they think it ridiculous? would they smile at the sight of what was presumably a brat a few hours ago now taken down a peg, and put in her place? Being logical about it, you’d know that there was nothing to tell anyone anything different, but would you be logical about it? Would you give something away with a blush or hesitation? Would wondering if you were giving something away be enough to then make you give something away? What would people say about you? Would they giggle? Would they assume you were a minor and approve that your guardian had no truck with nonsense from older girls? Would they realise otherwise and laugh at the sight of a grown woman who is still punished? Would there be a comment on a blog somewhere, nearly a decade later?

    There was one thing that later backed up my original conjecture though. Some months later, I saw an older woman (around 28 give or take) discussing something at the door of this same house with the man of the household. Something said with a wagging finger brought a hastily agreeing nod to her head, and protective hands to her buttocks. This isn’t to say that her bottom had been smacked any time in recent years, but her instinctual gesture did strongly suggest that both he and she saw it as a very real possibility, and if she wasn’t spanked, it was due to her good behaviour rather than her age. That her hands stayed were they were for more than a few seconds suggested that the possibility had just been raised.

    As for a story, you can of course use whatever inspiration you see fit, but I have a story based on it somewhere that I never posted anywhere (you can search for my name on chross’ message board if you want to see examples of my style). If you’d be willing, I’d be happy to hunt it down, clean it up a bit, and let you use that as a guest post, since I don’t write such stories often enough to be worth having a blog myself.

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