I’ve talked about sports before, mainly because in sports it seems efficiency is more important than modesty. Revealing outfits are much more tolerated when they give you an advantage at what you’re doing. And also at sports there are of course the positions you find yourself in, bending over and sticking your bottom out for balance is not unheard of.

I’ve so far only shared pictures of tennis, so time to rectify that. A very interesting sport to look at, be it a not very mainstream one, is billiards. This because you often have to bend deeply over the billiard-table to get a good clean shot, thus presenting your bottom to the audience. An interesting sport thus for the lover of a well-presented female bottom.

And then of course there’s the amateur aspect. Billiard tables at home, or at a bar, the perfect place to play a game of pool after a couple of drinks. You could even make a bet with your opposing lady – those drinks could help you there – give her a spanking, over the convenient available billiard-table, if you win the game.

So let met share today’s picture of Jeanette Lee presenting her bottom nicely to get a good shot.

presenting your bottom at sports

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