Spanked for cheating

Today’s picture is a very interesting one. It depicts a naughty girl, bent over a table, her bottom bare and red as she gets a good slippering in front of a crowd of watchers.

It seems she was part of a marathon or cross-country race, but perhaps she was caught cheating, taking a shorter route perhaps. She is bent over the judges table in front of the spectators for a good bare bottom spanking with one of her own running shoes.

There are a few nice details in the drawing. In the crowd an older gentleman has been offered a chair to sit, so the spanking was prepared well, with the crowd gathered beforehand.
One of the girls watching is protecting her bottom, perhaps she is next? Or maybe she just sympathizes, knowing how it feels.
A man in the audience is holding a cup and a cane, possibly the sitting older man’s walking stick, but possibly an implement to be used later.
One girl is looking away from the spanker with a smug look on her face. Did she tattle on the cheaters? Perhaps she won the race by disqualifying the cheaters. It could be her father with the cup next to her. Perhaps the cane is meant for her, because of her tattling, she just doesn’t know it yet.

public bare bottom slippering

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3 responses to “Spanked for cheating

  • John Scott

    From the way the girl number 7 is holding her buttocks I reckon she is next in line to have her running shorts yanked down so that her buttocks can be thrashed too. Lucky old guy on the chair with a perfect view of everything on show.

  • Garrett Workman

    a comeuppance always adds so much more to any fantasy and equally so the public nature of a spanking. So for those reasons I hope the non-pensive, content girl on the right is in for it too, preferably with some embarrassing smacks from the girls who were punished earlier and also some from the lucky voyeurs as well.
    the tattling is probably the case though, because the trophy makes it look like it was intended to be just a reward ceremony, although it still is for those in attendance!

  • emma

    Hmm that’s a very good idea Garret.
    “What? Why do I have to be spanked as well? It’s not fair!”

    Interesting… 🙂

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