Wet bottom

Three reasons why wet bottom are so interesting:

One, they look absolutely sexy, that shiny glistening skin, those water drops. You can’t resist touching or spanking it.
Two, they feel amazing when touching, stroking, massaging.
Three, they give that extra sting when spanking so the naughty girl really learns her lesson.

I absolutely love fantasies where a girl gets spanked on a wet bottom. Possibly at the beach or the pool, after having a swim, during a swim or after using one of the public showers, bikini-pants pulled down and that wet bottom spanked. Or after she’s had a shower or bath, not just nude, but one of the few moments any spankee can be spanked completely nude without telling her to undress (if you think undressing is too erotic for a disciplinary spanking, this is a possibility to spank a girl naked). Other wet spanking fantasies could be, a girl had too much fun watering the garden, or was too enthusiastic whilst washing the car. Perhaps it was a very warm day and she decided to run through the city-square fountains to cool down, only to get a public wet bottom spanking to warm her up again. Or as a first price reward in a wet t-shirt contest…

So many possibilities, enjoy today’s wet bottom:

a bare wet bottom

About emma

I'm not a bad girl that needs to be punished, I'm a good girl that wants to be punished. --- spanko.net: emma1001f --- twitter: emma1001sf --- facebook: spankingfantasies@mail.com / Emma Timor View all posts by emma

17 responses to “Wet bottom

  • John Scott

    Running a nice warm bath for you. kneel in it while I soap your buttocks, rinse them off and bend you over all wet and dripping to be spanked long and hard

  • Autumn

    Oh I like that… nice image John. I may have to steal that and make it a reality. πŸ˜‰

  • John Scott

    Autumn, do you need to bend over to receive long hard spankings?

  • Autumn

    My HOH serves me well, and I know he’ll enjoy your bathing idea. πŸ˜‰

    Thanks again for sharing!

  • John Scott

    glad to help you get what you need. what will he use on your wet bare bottom?

  • Jameson

    Trust me John, she needs no help getting what she needs.

  • John Scott

    Glad to hear that but it would still be fun to help myself to a bit of her bottom. lol

  • Jameson

    Wouldn’t be fun for long once I got my hands on you. I’d give you a taste of why she’s so well behaved. This woman is mine, and I’d thank you kindly to keep your unwanted attentions to yourself. You want to

  • Jameson

    yourself. If you want to continue this we can take it outside of Ms. Emma’s blog, as I’m sure she woupd appreciate.

  • John Scott

    Lucky guy. Have fun. lol

  • emma

    Now guys, be friendly.
    I’m sure miss Autumn didn’t want to give John the wrong idea and if you didn’t want other men to fantasize about your protegee, you shouldn’t let her have that blog or let her post on others’ spanking related sites. πŸ˜‰

  • Jameson

    I don’t really appreciate you suggesting that Autumn mislead him in some way. I feel that she was quite clear and polite in her desire to not be spoken to in such a manner. I also feel that your comment that if I didn’t want this I shouldn’t let her post in these places is far to similar to the “Well, she’s *dressed* like a slut so she must want to be treated like one” attitude that we see sometimes. She’s free to go and speak where she wishes, it doesn’t mean its an invitation to anyone. I wouldn’t let someone speak to her like that in person.

    However, that all being said, I do admit that I responded poorly. John was respectful in his reply when things were made clear enough. I suppose I could have found a better way to make those things clear. I’m not fond of flying off the handle, but jealousy has always been my sin and it sometimes gets the best of me. So, my apologies to John. I stand by the core of what I said, just not by the execution. To you Emma, since your post was an extremely inappropriate forum in which to vent my frustrations. And to my lovely Autumn for dragging her into the middle of a situation she never set out to be a part of.

  • emma

    What I meant is, if you go on the internet and talk about spanking, it should be expected you get a response. I didn’t mean that gave anyone the right to spank you though.

    But I do believe that if you – using your words – ‘dress as a slut’ you invite people to watch and fantasize. Of course, that doesn’t mean you’d allow them to act on those fantasies, but I’m sure John wasn’t going to take it further than his teasing comments.
    If you go outside wearing a too short skirt and expect people not to look at your legs, that’s just a bit naive.

  • John Scott

    Apology accepted. I would not dream of getting between a man and his favourite spankable bottom. But I would point out that this is a blog about fantasies as well as spanking.

  • Autumn

    Alright peoples… I feel it’s my place to step in and complete this, as I obviously started it.

    To John… my comment was a compliment, as I’m aware yours was. J and I are not big into “sharing”, even on a pretend/fantasy way. Not offense implied.

    To Emma… this is a new world to both J and I, the shades of grey are astounding. We are in a relationship first, spanking ect. second. There are times he feels the need to protect me in my naive innocence (of which I seem to have in almost endless supply). I’m sorry this event should have taken place on your wall. It was inappropriate and I am more than embarrassed over the whole ordeal. I only hope that my presence here is not unwanted after such an interaction.

    Jameson… we’ve talked, and you know how I feel, but I would like to “publicity” say there are other ways to make your point known. Flying off the handle only proves to make you look foolish. Please take more caution when addressing others in forums I am interested in being apart of… especially if I was here first. I love you.

    Good, now everyone hug and make up. And if I catch you two arguing again… so help me. Paddles for EVERYone!! πŸ˜‰

  • emma

    “I only hope that my presence here is not unwanted after such an interaction.”

    Of course your presence is still wanted πŸ™‚ I hope you can continue to enjoy my blog.

    Yay for paddles for everyone. πŸ˜€

  • John Scott

    Don’t get so heavy. This is a fun chat site. Thanks, Emma, for giving us this. Kisses and spanks.

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