Role reversal

A favourite spanking fantasy for many, the naughty schoolgirl being spanked by her teacher. But today lets reverse these roles. The naughty teacher spanked by one of her students. Now when would this scenario be possible?
– Perhaps the teacher broke one of her own rules? I always hated it when the teacher was late for class, if we did that we’d be in trouble.
– Perhaps the teacher was unfair, giving her favorites (or the sexier dressed girls) more points for the same answers.
– Perhaps the teacher was behind on her subject, which could prove a big problem for the students in their exams and years to come.
– Perhaps the teacher was late in processing her students papers, much later than she had promised them their results.

I’m sure there could be many reasons. In the picture I’m sharing today, the teacher gave her student a B+, but their agreement seems to be he always gets an A. Why would they have such an agreement? Because if she doesn’t, he gives her a spanking. Now that’s a nice fantasy, the poor teacher forced to give undeserved grades or submit to a punishment. A bit unrealistic, but I’m sure many of you would’ve loved this teacher-student relationship.

teacher spanked by student

Another great drawing by kamitora

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5 responses to “Role reversal

  • John Scott

    Young teacher in her first job, teaching a group of big horny 18 year old boys. Wearing a tight short skirt and teasing them with glimpses of white flesh above her stocking tops. Keeping the horniest boy behind and when she refuses sex he puts her in the position shown in the picture and spanks her bottom red. And when she complains to the principal he bends her over his desk and canes her already glowing bum for leading the young man on. Delightful fanasy again Emma!

  • Six of the best

    For me this is one of my most beautiful fantazies. A female teacher being spanked by her pupil. All my life had this fantasy. When I was a school-boy in England, I wanted one of my female teacher’s over a desk, raise her dress waist high, take down her knickers, to bare her buttocks, and cane that voluptous bare bottom of hers. ‘Six of the best’, I wished to give her, Six of the very best, with this pliable stinging implement. Yes, this cartoon, brings back such a memorable fantasy of mine.

  • Jay

    I love spanking fantasies of all kinds, especially reversal of fortune situations. Even better when the proceedings are witnessed. Keep up the good work Emma!

  • Jeff

    There are several spanking fantasies that I thoroughly enjoy, but the role reversal is the ultimate. The very best of these is the female teacher being spanked by her student, male or female. Having her bent over her desk, skirt up and panties down getting her bare bottom spanked is an amazing fantasy. It is very disappointing that there is so little art work of this, but I keep searching and hoping. Thanks for what you do, and please keep it up.

  • emma

    Glad you all like it, I actually have three role reversal stories in mind, so keep an eye out for them these coming months.

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