Indiana vs Lara & cute pj’s

I wanted to share this picture yesterday. A funny clash of famous tomb raiders Lara Croft and Indiana Jones. Our hero Indian has caught miss Croft with his whip and is learning this naughty young lady the proper behavior in their trades.

I love watching (normal) movies and imagining which of the characters could do with a good spanking. Not much more to tell, is there? So enjoy:

Indiana Jones spanks Lara Croft

But as I said, that was yesterday’s post. I wasn’t home all day and couldn’t write a blog-post. But that just means I4m getting a spanking (I hope) and you’re getting two pictures today.

Now I’m going to admit to another fantasy of mine. I love both the ‘cute’ spanking scene and the ‘sexy’ spanking scene. I’ve already talked about my deeper fantasies in the sexy scene (such as bondage) so today I’m going a bit deeper in the cute scene.
One thing I really like is pyjama-spankings. Spankings before going to bed or when you’ve just woken up. When you’re wearing just some thin pj’s but no underwear underneath. Pj’s can be super-cute. I love those cute girlish pj’s, and imagine being spanked as a little girl by her daddy. I’ll just come out and say it, I even love a little bit of age-play as well.

After all, what is more cute than a big girl, being treated as a little one? Up to the point of wearing cute little girl clothes. A one-piece pajama with drop-out bottoms for her spanking? *squirms*
Love that kind of pj’s, especially the one-piece suits that are tight and soft that enclose your body completely and leave no curve hidden. Like the one in today’s picture: enjoy…

one-piece pj drop-out bottom

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4 responses to “Indiana vs Lara & cute pj’s

  • spankindan

    auch, sould i love to see that picture, where indiana spanks the hell ouf of bare bottomed angelina…that would be a treat!!
    thanx for making my imagination work extra time šŸ™‚

  • John Scott

    Never mind Lara. Just hold these pyjamas open and bend over to be spanked by an older guy.

  • jazzer2

    I agree with you,what can be nicer then your own little girl over your knee while you smack her bare bottom,with her pjs pulled down.

  • Klaus

    That is certainly a lovely picture! Please post more if you can….?

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