Time for another interesting fantasy. A lot of people have erotic fantasies about doctors and nurses, not necessarily about spanking, though spanking fits the scene very well. I must admit my favorite is a good doctor-patient fantasy, having to undress for him, feeling vulnerable, letting him examine you – everywhere – and then the doctor finds out you’re faking sick to get out of school/work for a day, as medicine he decides you need a good spanking, and he’ll give it to you himself. Hmmm…

But that’s not what today’s post is about. Today it is about nurses. Nurses are in fantasies (and if you’re very lucky in real life as well) very attractive women in sexy nurse outfits. It’s easy to guess why so many people fantasize about nurses. She is there when the doctor examines you and he makes her help in the examination. If you were a man I could imagine you enjoy the idea of a woman being told to do things, being told to touch you; if you’re a girl like me, I know I enjoy the idea of letting another woman touch you at the instructions of a man who’s watching.
Now how spankings come in to play. Nurses have a job with a lot of responsibility. Their actions can have bad consequences to the patient, and a nurse that doesn’t do her job correct is a danger to the patient. So it is not hard to imagine a nurse getting spanked by her boss when she makes a mistake. Better even, she might even be spanked in front of the patient she endangered, or let him do it even. Also as nurses are there to ‘help’ the patient, we expect them to be friendly and nice. They are forced into a sort of submissive role, and when she fails to be the friendly nurse we want her to be, she is taken over the knee, by the patient himself, or by the doctor.
And let’s not forget the sexy nurse outfit that’s just perfect for a spanking fantasy, the hospital beds or examination tables that give plenty opportunity for interesting positions and the hospital equipment, because when she makes a mistake the doctor could teach her how to use it, by using it on her.

Hope you all enjoy a good spanked nurse fantasy as well en enjoy the following pictures:

Patient taking his nurse otk:

patient spanking a nurse

Nurse on the examination table:

strapped nurse on the examination table

strapped nurse on the examination table

Two nurses bending over:

Two nurses bending over

Nurse over the doctor’s knee:

Nurse over the doctor's knee

Diaper position on the examination table:

Diaper position on the examination table

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2 responses to “Nurses

  • Six of the best

    One of the many fantazies I love, is to spank a nurse. Yes, those naughty female ‘tender loving care’ people, are in need of a good walloping on their naked rear ends. My favorite spanking implement to corporal punish them with, is a pliable stinging cane. As this cane whistle’s painfully down on their bare bottoms, I’m in heaven.


    when i was a little kid and i was having medical probs i was in a hospital in boston mass and i gave one of the Female nurses a hard time so she decided to take me over her knee and whollop my bottom real hard and she made me cry too for my own good and after that i could not sit for a week here and when she was doin this to me she was in her operatingRoom Scrub Dress with every thing on too and she even wore a surgical mask while she wholloped my bottom here and i still remember this till this day here but i am 47 yrs old here and live at home with my dad here and take care of him since he is blind with emaculate degeneration here so i have to do all the driven to places for him and help him with things here but i was woundering if thier is a nice female surgical nurse who would like to whollop my bottom for me cause sometimes i dont pay attention to people when i should be doin it here and i think i need a spanking too with a rectal temputure done while i am getting spanked here any probs ty

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