Some time ago, someone told me I should watch the movie ‘MicClintock’. It would have spankings in it, but not like some porn-movie. It’s just a regular old western, but from a time when it was still normal to give a girl a good spanking and even put it in a movie.

Well I couldn’t resist of course, I always loved stories from back when ‘spanking the mrs’ was still acceptable. And McClintock delivers just that. The spankings aren’t set out to be this erotic fantasy, instead it is a humorous occasion but embarrassing for the girl being spanked. That realism makes it for me much more arousing than any spanking movie on the internet. (though I do love a good spanking movie like he secretary)

The main characters  involving the spanking would be mister McClintock, his daughter, his wife and a hired help. Mrs McClintock left two years ago without telling him why, whilst his daughter went of to college. Now his daughter is returning, and so is his wife, because she wants their daughter to live with her. McClintock is however refusing to sign the divorce papers and want his daughter to live with him.

Halfway the movie the hired help insults his daughter after she kissed another man (he is in love with her). She tells her father to shoot him, and is being a right spoiled brat. The help suggests she needs a spanking and when McClintock doesn’t interfer, he pulls the girl across his lap. She pleads help from her daddy, but instead of helping her he hands a coal shovel to the man giving his daughter a well deserved spanking.

spanked by the help

At the very end of the movie we get another spanking. McClintock is finally done with Mrs MicClintocks behaviour and accusations. She runs away, wearing just her undergarment, but McClintock chases her through the village. After being soaked in water and having most of the garment ripped off in the funny chase, Mrs McClintock is finally caught and pulled over her husbands knee in front of the whole gathered village. And the help (who in he meantime became his future son-in-law) hands him a coal shovel in return.

spanked in front of the whole village

Then the funniest part in the movie is just after the spanking. McClintock thanks his future son-in-law and hands him the coal shovel back and tells him “keep it, you may need it”, making his daughter blush.

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4 responses to “McClintock

  • markiee

    My wife and I on occasion go camping. One summer we had found a big lake and set up camp when my wife suggested we go skinny dipping since we had not seen anybody all day. So we did. She got cold first and got out to dry off and sun herself a bit before I got out. When I got out I walked up the band toward her when she looked down and said I must be cold and offered to dry me off and warm me up. And warm me up she did. She took me over to a fallen tree where my towel was and sat down on it and in 1 quick motion turned me over her knee to spank dry me. A few minutes into my spanking we heard cat calls coming from the lake. As I strained to look behind me I saw 2 ladies in their 60s in a canoe witnessing my embarrassing situation rooting my wife on. “That a girl show him who’s boss”. markiee 8/2012

  • Experienced Husband

    A few years after McClintock! hit the big screen for the first time, I began dating my wife. At the time, she was, like Becky (the daughter) a teenager attending college away from home. Only, unlike Becky, my wife knew she needed a good paddling over a man’s knee!

    On the other hand, like G.W. (Becky’s father), my wife’s mother didn’t interfere after finding out her daughter had been spanked. However, I don’t think her mother found out that first spanking was on her daughter’s bare bottom until after we were married! Years later, my wife told her mother that she deserved it.

    For what it’s worth, neither Becky nor my wife were the first young women to become engaged to men that finally spanked them. Not so long ago, earning a young woman’s love and respect after spanking her bare bottom was a test of manhood. Having grown up being spanked by their fathers, young women of previous generations often judged a man’s ability to spank much like today’s young woman rates a young man on his performance between her legs.

  • emma

    Wow thanks Experienced husband for that anecdote 🙂 makes me wish I was born a bit earlier haha

    • Experienced Husband

      Realize, there’s always a down side to these things.

      Before Title VII employment equality, 26th Amendment voting rights, and FERPA academic privacy, daughters were typically considered legal children until the reached their 21st birthday. As a result, even when my wife was in college before she married me, her parents could still LEGALLY spank, paddle, or whip her bare bottom!

      In fact, the whole late 20th century war on spanking that arose after my wife and I married can be traced back to the fact that spanking remains effective with females long after it loses its power to control male behavior.

      When the all the dust over spanking settles, people may finally realize that this single reality ran so contrary to the desire to make the sexes equal that advocates for equality believed spanking had to be abolished. That’s why spanking came to be treated either as abuse or a kink instead of legitimate disciplining of the fairer sex.

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