Part of a good disciplinary spanking is the lecture or scolding. When you’re addressed like a little girl, you can’t help but feel like one. Words like ‘naughty girl’, ‘immature’ or ‘irresponsible’ are just as embarrassing as the spanking. And you can’t help but respond as a little girl would. When you’re standing there, answering his questions with ‘yes, I understand’, ‘I promise, I’ll behave’ or ‘I’ll be a good girl from now on’ you can’t pretend that you’re a grownup having a conversation, but a little girl that’s being scolded for being naughty. And even though you’ll blush scarlet, you love it too.

There’s two moments for scolding I think, before and during the spanking. Some people like scolding after the spanking, but I thin after the punishment all should be forgiven. You can ask a naughty girl after her spanking or when she’s in the corner ‘did you learn your lesson’ or ‘are you going to behave now’ but the time for scolding is over.
When you scold before the spanking you have the choice of making the girl stand in front of you if you’re going to take her otk. You can bare her bottom before the scolding to increase the embarrassment. You can also take her across the knee and massage her bottom while scolding her a more erotic embarrassment. I prefer standing with my panties around my knees for a disciplinary spanking, but otk with his hand exploring my bottom whilst scolding for a more fun one.
When her bottom is turning red and you feel she needs a break – breaks are important, you can get a girl to learn a lesson in 15 minutes, but if you take a break every 10 and massage the pain from her bum you could spank her much much longer, and you do love to massage that bottom, don’t you? – when you feel she needs such a break, don’t just sit there quietly, explain to her why this spanking is so important, why she deserved it. This is the second moment for scolding. I believe these scoldings can be a lot more interactive. Don’t just give a one-sided lecture, ask the naughty girl questions and make her answer them. Having to answer the questions and admit your mistakes is a lot more embarrassing than just listening and trying not to meet his eyes.

Anyway, how did I come to this subject today? The picture I’m sharing today – made by Smallmew on animeotk – has two scenes. Most often drawings of spanking are only of the spanking itself, but this one has a scene of the scolding too. So enjoy…

bottom bare and scolded

otk for the hairbrush

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