Tied up

Going a lit more vulnerable today, myself and the person in today’s picture. Admitting that my fantasy of spanking goes further and includes some bondage as well. Being tied up and completely left to your spanker’s mercy. Not something to do every week, but very exciting.

For some reason I can’t see bondage in a disciplinary setting. As a punishment it would be to extreme in my eyes, you don’t need to tie a girl up for a good disciplinary spanking.. For me bondage will always be something erotic, the ultimate proof of that bond of trust between spanker and spankee.

I even like full body bondage, but it has to be just right. I don’t want the cords to be tight, but just restraining, no cutting off blood flow. I think that looks amazingly sexy, but when you see a woman who is tied so that her breasts start darkening for shortage of blood, it just turns me off…
Full body bondage is mainly attractive to look at though, to actually have it done, the softer bondage appeals more. Hands tied behind your back, ankles bound so you can’t run. The way you would be bound by a kidnapper before he uses you (and I must admit I have fantasized about that too).

But lets get to today’s picture. A really sexy strapping of a lightly bound woman. Not sure if I like the cords around the elbows, if she’s not agile enough, her back and shoulders hurt more than her bottom after some time in that position, and I’m sure that’s not what we want.

bound and strapped

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One response to “Tied up

  • John Scott

    The ankles should not be tied together. They should be spread wide so that the pussy and bumhole are freely available.

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