“I love it, but why is the skirt so short?”
“Easier access my dear.”

I absolutely love those old, sexy pinup images, especially when I can imagine some spanking going on.
This one for example, the girl in just her undies, trying out a new dress under the eye of a gentleman in tux (I also love a gentleman in tux), I can’t help but think how little of her bottom that undergarment would protect hen she bent over. And if he wanted to spank her bottom bare, she’d have take it off completely.

It’s also of course the dressing under his supervision. He is making sure she’s dressed appropriately, giving the picture a very good feel of the dominant male vs submissive female.

getting dressed

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5 responses to “Pinups

  • John Scott

    That’s not a tux, it’s a lounge suit. “Tux” is American for what is called a “dinner suit” in Britain and it’s a “smoking” in Dutch. It is good to be dressed formally in either when dealing with a woman wearing undies like the girl in the picture. And the pink number should certainly be stripped off her before she goes over the knee. I just hope that the wetness from her pussy as he spanks does not spoil his beautifully tailored suit.

  • emma

    Well for this Dutch speaking girl with a limited English vocabulary, it’s all a ‘tux’ *sticks out her tongue*

  • John Scott

    Your English is much better than my Dutch but I should still spank you for sticking out your tongue.

  • Six of the best

    For me this drawing represents a naughty lady removing her dress, because the gentlemen is about to spank her. In a few moments her will take down her panties, and wallop her bare bottom blushing red, with this hand.

  • emma

    Ooh, I hadn’t thought of it like that, with that dress on a hanger, but interesting view. 🙂

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