The reflex, by kamitora

This today is the 50st post on my blog, and to celebrate I decided not to share just one picture, but a bunch of them.

I decided on a cartoon/story by Kamitora. The setup is simple, yet very original, I haven’t read any similar story on the internet anywhere else. We start of in a porn set, but the male actor isn’t aroused just yet, he’s nervous in front of the cameras. Kim, a ‘helping hand’ so to speak gets the job of getting him turned on before the cameras start rolling again. – Now that’s a great fantasy for a job, getting porn actors ready off camera lol – And she knows well what gets a man hard. She first is naughty and then tells him she deserves a spanking…

What I love about the story is that Kim suggests the punishment herself, but then apparently got more than she hoped for. Buck – the actor – gives her such a tanning it sends tears down her cheeks and breaks a clapperboard across her bottom.
The embarrassment of getting a real hard spanking instead of the erotic swats she had anticipated to get him hard, together with the burning sensation of her bottom and the arousal of secrecy get her so wet that she cums while being spanked across her lap. I’ve been there, there’s nothing so arousing and embarrassing at the same time as getting an orgasm purely from being spanked.
In the end Buck is sent back to the cameras, ready and rock hard.

It starts of with a cheesy porn setting. Though I love the line ‘I offer you my body as payment.’

I offer you my body as payment

Now Kim, the ‘helping hand’ and lovable spankee is introduced.

Kim, see what you can do with Buck

She ‘examines’ the problem.

Maybe I should take a look

Now for being naughty (though she might have over done it lol).

I think I can help

‘Oh I’m so sorry, don’t you think I deserve to be punished?’

Offering her butt as payment

Buck doesn’t have to think long about that: ‘Pull your pants down.’

Pants down and otk

A clapperboard makes for a very interesting implement.

Paddled across het panties with a clapperboard

And when that breaks, the panties come down for a handspanking.
Begging him not to stop, she’s cumming.

Please don't stop now please, I think I'm going to cum.

A nice cum for the naughty spanked lady, but now it’s his turn.

You gave me blisters.

Enough spanking fun, cameras are rolling and Buck is ready.

Cameras rolling...

And… Perhaps Kim tried her best just a bit too hard.

My contract says I don't swallow.

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I'm not a bad girl that needs to be punished, I'm a good girl that wants to be punished. --- emma1001f --- twitter: emma1001sf --- facebook: / Emma Timor View all posts by emma

2 responses to “The reflex, by kamitora

  • John Scott

    It is so delightful when a girl is spanked to orgasm and I feel her wetness as she writhes across my lap, but she should definitely be the one to suck me off after she has been spanked. It is the proper reward to which the spanker is entitled..

  • Karl Friedrich Gauss

    Great stuff Emma! Kami Tora is one of the best. He’s up there with Paula Meadows, as one of the great spanking art illustrators of all time!

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