Confession and a cardgame

Have just been going through some spanking blogs again, and found this interesting confession at ‘the pink report’:
(have to remember to reenact this one when my friend is visiting)

Do you think it’s an accident that he walked in to find me leaning over the bed, naked from the waist down, reaching for my pajama bottoms?
It wasn’t. I’ve timed his arrival; I’ve set the stage.
Some people light candles. Me? I bend over, the glow from my cheeks providing all the romantic ambiance we need.
The only thing scripted is the opportunity I’ve created. All else is left to him. He can decide what to do, or not do, with me.
It’s the ‘doing’ that interests me.

And also found another cardgame I want to play:

Round Robin:
1. The top or Dom chooses 4 implements (with or without the sub’s approval).
2. The sub or bottom draws two cards from a deck (minus Aces and Jokers).
Each card is face value or Jack is 11, Queen is 12, and King is 13.
The kicker is that pesky 2 card. It DOUBLES the other card. So the highest one can achieve is 26.
3. Rotate through the implements, delivering the number of swats as determined by the cards;
4. Continue until the deck is gone.

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9 responses to “Confession and a cardgame

  • John Scott

    Shuffle the pack and start again

  • John Scott

    the game can also be played with four girls, each of whom is alloted a different suit. so if a heart is drawn the girl who has been alloted hearts as her suit receives the appropriate spanking. that way no one knows who is next for a spanking until the card is drawn. the spanker has the pleasure of a variety of bare bottoms and the spankees have the pleasure of watching the other girls bend over.

  • emma

    Ah, that could be interesting.
    Some variations come to mind:
    – three girls play, clubs is wild and means all three get spanked
    – no spanker, just 4 girls, two cards are drawn, first color is ‘spanked’ second color is ‘spanker’

  • John Scott

    getting more and more interesting.why restrict it to 3 girls? 4 girls and clubs are wild. if any of them draws a club all 4 are spanked.according to the value of the card drawn. if more than one girl draws a club you add the valuyes together or, if a more serious spanking is needed, you multiply the values of the two cards. it is possible that all 4 could draw clubs and that would result in some very sore bottoms.
    With 4 girls and no spanker you would draw four cards. the one with the least points would spank the second lowest, then she in turn would spank the third lowest, who would spank the winner.then all three of them would take it in turns to spank the lowest, giving her the total number of spanks according to the value of the cards drawn.

  • emma

    Well with four girls and a wild color, you couldn’t give each girl a color. That’s why I said three girls. 🙂

  • John Scott

    I did not envisage that each girl would have a colour. The draw of the cards would be random and so would be the spankings, making the occasion much more exciting for all.

  • emma

    Not to be bratty, but,
    quote: “the game can also be played with four girls, each of whom is alloted a different suit.”

    I was building on that idea of yours 😉

  • John Scott

    I do not mind at all if you are bratty. That gives me a good excuse to spank your bottom – as if I needed an excuse. We now have so many card games that we are getting confused about which we are talking about 🙂

  • BDSM Photos

    Hello, i cant see the recip link. I have added your blog on mine.

    Best regards

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