A good switching

After yesterday’s fun spanking story, today we’re being strict again.
This old picture has a very strict look about it, a naughty girls mother (or aunt, whatever you prefer) is holding the switch, with a chair ready for the unlucky girl to bend over. Knowing what’s coming, the naughty girl submissively raises her skirt as she approaches her punishment, her panties already lowered to her knees.

This is amongst the first spanking pictures I found, back when I was just getting into the whole spanking scene. It was one of those pictures that made disciplinary spanking just a big of turn on as erotic and fun spankings were. I couldn’t look at this picture that is obviously about discipline, without still getting very aroused.

ready for the switchhttps://1001spankingfantasies.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post-new.php

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I'm not a bad girl that needs to be punished, I'm a good girl that wants to be punished. --- spanko.net: emma1001f --- twitter: emma1001sf --- facebook: spankingfantasies@mail.com / Emma Timor View all posts by emma

3 responses to “A good switching

  • John Scott

    The stern lady with the switch is the mistress of the house and the girl to be thrashed is a hosemaid. She is going to whip the maid because she knows that her husband who is watching will become very aroused and slake his lust on her.

  • emma

    Hmm that’s an interesting possibility

  • John Scott

    I am sure you would gldly be the maid sserving to get her master hot and horny by baring your buttocks for a switching

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