Spanking poker: story

A couple of days I posted a picture of a playing card with a spanked girl on them. I asked for comments for a spanking card game, but only got one response, from John Scott. I didn’t use his spanking poker idea exactly, but changed it slightly into a great idea for a fun night of spanking and poker.

So thank you John, and to all my readers, if you would like a story dedicated to you. Just start posting comments on my blog. 😉

Enjoy the story:

Well this was a different kind of poker than she was used to. He had promised her, her and her friends that it would be a night to remember, a kinky, sexy, night full of gambling and spanking. All four of them were naked now. They had started the night out dressed, playing strip poker to the normal rules, offering clothes for bets. But that had only been a warm-up for the game, they had played until none of them had any clothes left to cover themselves.

They all stood around the table now, the four of them each on a side, their cards face down on the table. He walked around them, dealer and organizer of the party, her friend and the only male in the room, he was still completely dressed of course. The smile on his face told them how much he enjoyed this, enjoyed looking at them and teasing them. It made her blush and sent the butterflies of excitement in her stomach fluttering.

The second part of the game had started with an explanation of rules. Everyone started out with the same amount of points, two hundred of them. There was no way to win more points, winning just meant you could keep yours, losing meant they were deducted from your total, until only one player had points left. You no longer had to pay a bet to play, you had to pay a price to fold, folding cost five points, the price had to be paid directly.

Emma took a look at her cards, nothing useful at all. She sighed and said: ‘fold.’ The dealer smiled and walked up to her, Emma bent over the gaming table, arching her back and offering her bare bottom. His hand came down sharply, once, twice, three times, four and five. She yelped with each one and then straightened herself, rubbing her bottom and looking at the other girls. Sarah had folded earlier, her hands covered her bottom as well. Jess picked up her cards and choose two to exchange. ‘That’s five more points in the pot,’ the dealer said, ‘that makes fifteen in total, ten from Jess, five from Anna.’ He gave Jess two cards. Anna hesitated and looked at her cards again and then picked just one to exchange. ‘Twenty points in the pot, you can now bet.’

Jess looked confident about her cards. ‘Twenty points.’ She said. Emma gasped, that was the highest bet anyone had made so far. Anna grimaced and looked at her cards. If she folded now, she’d only have to pay the ten points she’d bet, but if she played and lost, there would be sixty points in the pot and she’d have to pay them all. She took a deep breath and said: ‘Accepted, I’m not going to let you bluff me out on this one.’ They dropped their cards together and Emma’s eyes shot at them, trying to see who won. Her friend gave the results at the same time she saw them. ‘Full house for Jess, jacks over threes; two pairs for Anna, kings over sevens. Jess wins.’ Everyone looked at Anna, she grimaced and bent over the table, the dealer already stood behind her.

Emma and her friends blushed and bit their lips as her friend got her sixty smacks. They still felt their own bottom tingling, a warm and exciting yet also embarrassing feeling. Sixty was a lot, especially because half of those were not your own points. Three of them would lose this tournament and would have paid at least all two hundred of their points, and pay extra for all the times they bet and lost.

The sixtieth smack fell and Anna slowly got upright, rubbing her bottom fiercely. They all giggled at the angry look she shot at Jess, and finally she giggled too. At least they were all still enjoying themselves. ‘Anna lost thirty points, that sets her at one hundred twenty points. Emma and Sarah folded and lost five points, that puts them relatively at one hundred thirty five points and one hundred thirty points. Jess won this hand and kept all her points, she’s still at one hundred seventy points.

Jess’ bottom was barely pink Emma noticed. But Anna just dropped from second to last place and her bum was now a nice shade of red. That’s how fast it can go she thought. The dealer was already dealing them their next hand of cards.

Only Anna had folded, she didn’t have many points left and her bottom was already red to accept the five smacks she was due. The rest of them had played, thirty points in the pot now. Jess was still winning, but Emma was close, Sarah was somewhere between them and Anna. ‘I bet ten points.’ Jess said. Sarah didn’t wait long before she accepted. ‘Ten points.’ Emma agreed. She would’ve bet more, if they hadn’t sound so confident. The three of them dropped their cards. She had beat them, she knew it as soon as she saw them. ‘Two pair for Jess, queens over sixes,’ the dealer said, ‘one pair for Sarah, aces; straight for Emma, seven to jack.’ She smiled as Jess and Sarah bent over. Sixty points in the pot, that meant thirty smacks each and with Jess twenty points down, Emma was now in the lead. The dealer told them their points when Jess and Sarah got up, rubbing their bottoms. ‘In the lead, Emma with sixty points, second Jess with fifty points, third Sarah with twenty five points and last Anna, with only ten points left.’

The game was almost over for Anna, she could only play twice more, once if she actually wanted to win a hand. Emma looked at her cards, almost the same as her last hand. This might be her moment of triumph. Anna folded almost straight away, she didn’t have any points to bet, so if she had exchanged cards she would’ve been in it for the whole run, no folding possible. She bent over for the dealer. Emma gave her an apologetic look, Anna had gotten more smacks than anyone so far and her bottom must’ve been sore. She still stuck it up proudly though and gave Emma a wink. Well they were all spankos having fun, their bottom might hurt, but that was part of it, all four of them giggled as the dealer moved his hand for Anna’s five smacks. ‘Just five more and my bum will get to rest.’ She said as she got up. The dealer sniggered.

Jess exchanged just one card, adding five points to the pot. Sarah, still hoping to win today added five as well. The three of them again then thought Emma as she to exchanged two of her cards. ‘Thirty points in the pot.’ The dealer said as Emma got her cards. ‘She had to try hard to keep her face straight, a straight again, perhaps this could win her the game. ‘Twenty points.’ Jess said suddenly. Sarah paled and dropped her cards. ‘I fold.’ She bent over and ten smacks on her bottom reducted her score from twenty five to just fifteen. Emma had more points than Jess, and a straight in her hands. She counted her luck and then announced ‘all in’. All faces turned towards her.

Jess now had the chance to fold, she’d have to pay the thirty points she’d bet, or she would have to bet all she had. A long silence stretched and then she said ‘accept.’

‘One-hundred and twenty points.’ The dealer announced. One of them would now have to pay sixty points the other girl had bet, but Emma was confident, she showed her straight with proud. Just before she noticed Jess’ flush to wipe the smile of her face. ‘Flush against straight,’ the dealer said, ‘Jess wins.’

Emma blinked and the dealer moved behind her. ‘Come on, bend over.’ He said. She blushed and bent over to pay for the amount of points she had lost. He counted them, slowly as he spanked slowly. Making sure she felt everyone of them. It was the longest any of them had bent over for any spanking at this game, the bet had been that high. His hand just kept coming, his voice counting the smacks. She yelped and wiggled her bottom, but didn’t protect herself. She felt her friends watching her, felt the excitement between her legs that had been coming and going all night suddenly flare up in a heat almost equal to her bottom, she could almost imagine her juices sticking to the inside of her thighs for all of them to see. It made her blush, they were all excited of course, they all loved spanking, that’s why they were here to play tonight. But none of them had endured such a long spanking, getting so wet to see for the others. She squirmed on the table enjoying the payment however much it hurt and embarrassed her. Her bottom burned as she finally got up again, her skin tingled as it was realigned as she stood up and when she massaged most of the burn away. The others looked at her concerned, so she smiled to show them she was still enjoying their game.

‘Fifty points for Jess, fifteen for Sarah, ten for Emma and just five for Anna.’ The dealer said. They all received their cards. Anna didn’t bother looking at them, she didn’t have enough points to pay for the exchange, she bent over for the last five smacks on her bare bottom. She had lost the game and the dealer put her in a corner in the room to await the end of the game.

Emma looked at her cards, she should fold, but a pair of aces was too good to throw away. She decided to just try, she might pay a price for it, but at least then it would all be over, she exchanged the other three cards and got nothing interesting in return. Jess and Sarah exchanged as well, thirty points in the pot. Emma couldn’t bet and hoped her aces would be enough. But Jess smiled, she wanted to put an end to it and bet five points, just the amount Sarah had left. She accepted, if Jess won, the game would be over. Forty points in the pot and all three of them showed their cards. Emma looked at Sarah’s cards first, a pair of kings, she could actually win this hand. Then she looked at Jess’, three two’s. Two’s! Her aces lost to three two’s. The dealer repeated the scores and announced Jess the winner. Sarah bent over for her share of the twenty points in the pot, Emma’s bottom protested as she did too. Only twenty more she told herself and it would all be over.

The three of them stood against the wall, rubbing their bottom as Jess got dressed. She won and now got the secret reward her friend had promised them. ‘You all thought it would be over now.’ He said with a smile. ‘Jess won with fifty points left. That means she gets to spank you, the losers. Fifty smacks each.’

They all gasped, not expecting their bottoms to be tormented more. But Jess giggled. ‘Don’t be sore losers,’ she said, as if she wasn’t going to make sure of that. They all returned to the table to bend over and congratulate Jess with her win.

She moved around the table, squeezing their bums, teasing them while her friend watched them. When she started spanking it felt a lot different from her friend the dealer. Not as hard, but sharper. She gave one smack, then went to the next girl, one smack and on to the next. So that all of them were spanked at the same time. They got a lot of rest between the smacks, but it made the spanking that much longer, letting each smack sink in deeply. By the time she had reached fifty, all of them were squirming and yelping.

And then, finally, it was over. The dealer handed them their clothes and put a pot on the table. ‘Cream, if anyone wants it.’ He said. Emma was just starting to dress. She blushed, she knew he had only put that there in the hope of seeing them use it on themselves. But she couldn’t resist. She opened the pot and took a generous portion to rub across her bottom. Her friends followed her example, preferring a cooled bottom over a covered naked body. Jess even pulled her pants down again for her share of cream.

When they were finally dressed they settled in the coach for drinks – some more gingerly than others – and her friend told them he wouldn’t mind playing that game more often. They all agreed.

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3 responses to “Spanking poker: story

  • John Scott

    Thanks for writing this story based on my idea but with lots more imagination. the picture of the winning girl spanking the losers while the man watches is particularly erotic. But when they play again they should bet more and have their bare btooms abused with implements as well as the hand.

  • emma

    Hmm an idea for including implements could be like this:
    When you use chips, some chips are worth more than others. So the same could go here, a smack with an implement could be worth two or three with the hand, depending on which implement it is.

  • John Scott

    yes, that is good. or perhaps choosing the implement by cut of the cards – paddle for the jack, riding crop for the queen, belt for the king and, of course, cane for the ace. And a smack with the hand for each of the pis on the other cards.

    More of the girls spanking each other and more than one male spanker, for some variety of experience.

    And I think that it was inexcusable for the dealer to put the pot of cream on the table and watch while the girls rubbed it on themselves. As he had caused the pain he should have made them bend over with their bodies pressed together and lovingly massaged the cream into each burning hot bottom. As a result of the spanking and the massaging I am sure he would have had a terrific erection and as Emma was obviously the girl most aroused by the activity he would have unzipped his trousers and slid his penis into her well lubricated pussy, at the same time satisfying the others with his nimble fingers.

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