Bathtub spanking

I’m sharing one of my favorite spanking drawings today. We have one young lady being spanked by another. The spanker looks a bit young to be her mother, so perhaps an older sister, or better even, a girlfriend. *giggles*

I love how she placed a towel over her lap and then pulled the naughty girl right out of the bathtub and onto her lap to give her a spanking on her wet bottom. Really like the spanker’s shower cap with curls peeking underneath and the shape of the bath, really gives an old fashioned feel to the picture

There’s a lot of scenarios I can think of for such a spanking. The spanker might’ve just gotten home and discovered something the naughty girl did, not waiting until she finished her bath to spank her. Or the girl has been in her bath for hours, refusing to come out and the spanker has had enough of her lazyness. Perhaps they had to share the bathroom and the naughty girl hadn’t kept herself to her allotted time, using the bathroom too long, making the spanker almost too late for some appointment…

What I love about these kind of spankings – in fantasy, never been spanked in bath myself – is the nudity. When you’re spanked by friends, they have a reason to bare your bottom, but not to make you undress, that would become too erotic. But if you’re undressed to start with well… Also the wet bottom is an interesting part of this kind of spanking, it gives a whole different feeling to be spanked on a wet bum.

wet spanking in the bathtub

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3 responses to “Bathtub spanking

  • John Scott

    Being naked adds so much to the humiliation of the punishment. But perhaps the women are lesbian lovers and this is an erotic spanking after the spanker saw the naked girl in the bath and was overcome with lust and a need to stimulate her with a good spanking.

  • emma

    Haha, overcome with lust, I like that idea.
    The girl that’s being spanked doesn’t seem to like it that much, but perhaps that’s just the surprise at first. *giggles*

  • John Scott

    I am sure they will both be giggling when the spanking has got them both hot and excited and they are having sex on the bathroom floor.

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