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Today we’re returning to the sports section of my photo albums, you must all remember that first photo I posted of the tennis beauty. John told us it was a very popular poster in the 60’s/70’s.

The photo I’m showing today is (I believe) a more recent ‘copy’ of it. Someone who must have really liked the idea made his own version of it. Still slightly different, we don’t see the girl rubbing her bottom, making us think of a recent spanking, but just lifting her skirt and rewarding us with a view. Which says more about a spanking to come than one already past.

So why do I like these tennis photo’s so much?
Well, in Dutch newspapers, in sports articles about tennis, they often use the following line:

“Henin nam Sharapova over de knie” (or something similar)

This translates to “Henin took Sharapova across the knee”.

They use it when a player completely outmatched the other one.
I’ve always wondered if the journalists ever think about it when they write it, or if it’s just one of those sayings they just use without thinking. Anyway, seeing these pictures and reading those articles makes tennis a very interesting port for us spankos.

So without further ado, enjoy this tennis beauty:

bare bottomed tennis player

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4 responses to “Back to sports

  • Karl Friedrich Gauss

    Great idea to re-take iconic photos like this. However, I’d have to say I like the original better.

  • John Scott

    The net is just right for bending the girl over, especially when she has on uch a short skirt and no panties. the racquet is useful too in this situation.

  • emma

    I agree Carl, the original tells me more of a story, the girl walking to the net, rubbing her bottom as she goes, seemingly unaware of the picture being taken.
    This one is more of a cheeky girl giving you a peek under her skirt, sexy, but not as mysterious as the other one.

    Well John, don’t forget the bouncyness of the net, when she’s over and being spanked, smacked down just to have the net bounce her back up toward her spanker and the next smack, on and on. *giggles*

  • John Scott

    I am glad that caught your imagination. I do hope that you play tennis and get the chance to experience that.

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