HP: Mrs Weasley’s house rules

We all know mrs Weasley can be a strict mum, but did you know she’d spank her little girl when she was bad? Better even, her house, her rules, so when Hermione visits, she’ll get the same treatment.

I’ve always been a fan of the ‘my house, my rules’ ideal. Probably because my own parents didn’t spank, there was that hope that if a friend’s parents did, and I misbehaved while visiting… And of course the extra embarrassment being spanked by someone that’s not related to you (there wouldn’t be any sexual tension with your own parents, but with a friend’s…)…

Anyway, Hermione is a lucky girl, only thing that could’ve made this picture better was mr Weasley doing the spanking, but I guess he’s too kind-hearted for that. Though he could be watching. *giggles*

Mr Weasley teaching Hermione and Ginny a lesson

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