HP: imperio self-spanking

Hermione always know all the answers in the classroom. She never gives the other students a chance to reply, and thus give them less opportunity to learn. When she takes it a step further and helps Neville with his potion (making it so that he didn’t learn anything from the assignment) professor Snape has had enough and punishes her.

Hermione is set to spank herself by magically handling the paddle with her wand. She might just be instructed to do so, but her pleading suggests she can’t really stop it. A very intriguing way of using the imperius curse if you ask me.
(when under the influence of the imperius curse a person is no longer in control of his own actions)
Snape is watching and tells her she’ll get 5 strokes of the cane hes holding when the self-spanking time is up.

Just hope this punishment is during and not after class, one of my secret fantasies, spanked in front of the classroom.

Hermione's instructed self-spanking

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