Happy birthday HP and JK

Well today is the birthday of a famous wizard named Harry Potter and his creator JK Rowling.
Even if you do not like the Harry Potter series (I do, I’m one of those impatient fangirls refreshing the pottermore site all night long) you have to like the many female characters that just beg to be spanked.

I just recently found a series of pictures on the Harry Potter girls being spanked, by Viklay. The art isn’t that great, but the imagination behind it just turns me on. *giggles* I’ll share all of them today. (one post at a time, spread throughout the day)

First up: Harry’s Birthday present. Ginny and Hermione give him a present he’ll never forget.
Wondering if Hermione’s going to give the two lovebirds some time alone after his present, or they’re giving him a second present in the form of a threesome. *giggles*

Harry's spanko birthday present

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