Sisterly rivalry: story

In the tag-cloud to the right are all the tags given to posts on my blog. I noticed the M/F tag getting very big, the more a tag is used, the bigger it is. So I decided this time I’d do something different for a change, a F/f story.

I came up with this one in the shower (which obviously influenced the first part of the story).
It’s a story about a little sisterly rivalry. I don’t have any sisters or brothers myself, so it’s completely fictional. But I hope you’ll all find it an interesting story. Enjoy…

Eleven thirty read her alarm clock. Everyone else had already left for work or errands, the house was as quiet as can be when Emma got out of bed. She left her nightgown on the hook in her bedroom and walked through the hall naked, enjoying the freedom of being home alone. She didn’t close the bathroom door, letting it open to let out warmth and steam as she turned on the shower. Only the bath’s shower-curtain shielded her from the hallway.
The water was running and she didn’t hear the footsteps in the hall, nor did she see the person that waited at the bathroom door. “Emma, is that you?” A male voice asked her.
She almost jumped out of her skin in surprise. How had she missed the fact that someone was still in the house, probably sleeping just as her. “Yes, don’t come in, I’m in the shower.” She just hoped he hadn’t seen her cross the hallway earlier.
“Emma, it’s Mike. I have an appointment this afternoon and I need to shave.” The voice was silent for a moment. “I need the bathroom, why are you just now getting ready?”
Mike was her sister’s boyfriend, they’d been together for several years, he was as close to a brother in law as you can get without marrying. He also worked late hours and slept in long. She hadn’t known he was staying over again. “Ok, just shave, but don’t peek behind the shower curtain.” She said and she blushed as she said it. Mike was at least six years older than her and faithful to her sister, he wouldn’t peek. Just as her sister was boring, so was her boyfriend, she was sure. Still she blushed, all he had to do was bend his head past the curtain to see her completely naked and wet. It sort of bothered her that he didn’t, as if she wasn’t worth peeking at.

 Shaving wasn’t easy with the mirror all fogged up, a blind shave was possibly worse than no shave at all, and the running water and delightful sounds of her sister-in-law right next to him didn’t help with his concentration either. As tall as her sister and with the same delicious curves, Emma was only nineteen, but definitely a woman. He knew it was wrong, but he couldn’t help himself, a quick look told him she had her back turned to him. Her bottom was perfectly round and water and foam was sliding from her shoulders down her back. If she turned he’d be able to see her breasts, but she would see him watching. He turned away from the shower and started shaving.
He was almost done when the water stopped. Emma’s head peeked from behind the curtain. “Are you almost done?” She started to ask, but only then saw him, only wearing his boxers and with a blush she quickly pulled back her head, pulling the curtains with her. Before she could mumble “sorry” the heavy wet shower curtain came loose from the railing and dropped. Just in timed she caught it and wrapped it around her to cover her nudity.
Not that it hid much, she was covered fully, but the wet curtain stuck to her body and revealed every curve she had. Mike felt the push of his arousal against his boxers and hoped she didn’t notice. He peeled away his eyes and left the bathroom quickly.

Emma blushed deeply as Mike left the bathroom, it was a miracle she had managed to catch the curtain before else she had stood uncovered before him. Quickly she folded the darn thing and put it aside. In his hurry Mike had left the door open still. She looked outside, he wasn’t there. She had left her towel in her bedroom, so she ventured into the hallway slowly. She had to pass her sisters bedroom on the way, and dashed past it, only just seeing Mike’s eyes following her as she ran past the open door. Finally save in her bedroom she blushed scarlet, wondering how much he had seen.

 Several hours later.
Emma had almost forgotten her misadventure this morning when her sister Anne entered her room without knocking. Hands on her hips Anne confronted her, she had an odd look on her face. “Do you remember when we were little and mum and dad went out for an evening?” She asked.
Emma wasn’t sure what her sister wanted so she asked, “when we still had a babysitter, or later?”
“Later,” Anne answered. “When I had to babysit you.”
Emma scowled, Anne was only four years older than her, but still her parents had insisted she was in charge when they were gone. Anne had always taken her responsibility too much by heart. Oh, they’d had fun, played games, watched movies together, but never had she allowed her to stay up late or have too much candy, like any other sister would have. “I don’t remember much of it.” She replied honestly. “What do you want?”
Anne took three brisk steps to her bed and set down next to her. Before Emma could react her sister grabbed hold of her and pulled her across her lap. “I’m sure you’ll remember this.” She said and smacked her bottom twice.
“What are you doing?” Emma cried and tried to struggle free. She wasn’t ten anymore and her sister no longer had the authority to spank her like when she had stolen some chocolate from the cupboard. She hadn’t even done anything wrong.
Anne snatched up her skirt and pinned her down with her elbow in her back. “How dare you try to seduce Mike.” She said. “Didn’t you think he would tell me?” Her hand came down hard across the little white panties as she scolded her sister.
“I didn’t seduce him! It was an accident!” Emma cried. She was amazed at how fast she’d gone from denying her sister could do this to her, to trying to talk her way out of it.
Anne smacked her little sister’s bottom as she protested and then stopped. She put her fingers inside the tiny panties and pulled them down slowly as she said: “Oh, it was an accident, was it?” The panties gathered in the fold below her cheeks, revealing a nice pink bottom. “I could have believed the shower curtain was an accident, but you shouldn’t have invited him in the bathroom in the first place. And running around naked was definitely not by accident.” The panties were pulled down to her knees and Anne lifted her hand again.

It had been years since she had her sister across her knees like this. She no longer had that tiny bottom, but a full round attractive ass. But for all the differences, she still reacted very much the same. She yelped with each smack, and tried to talk her way out of a well deserved spanking in between smacks. She felt she herself reacted the same as well. It felt good to give that little wench what she deserved, venting her frustration on her bottom, turning it red and hot until she had learned a lesson. She should’ve done this earlier.
She kept up spanking her little sis, turning her bottom red, making her yelp and moan, beg and plead. She was almost crying she knew, and knew she was getting through to her. She was no longer struggling to get free, just gasping for air each time her hand connected with her little red bottom and pleading and promising to behave, to be a good girl.
Anne wasn’t ready yet though. She took her sister’s hairbrush from her nightstand and rested it on her bottom. She’d never used that when they were little, but now she would.
“What are you doing?” Emma asked her as she felt the cool wood, a tremor of fear in her voice.
“I’m going to spank you with your own hairbrush. You’re a big girl now and a hand spanking isn’t sufficient for a bottom as big and round as yours.”
Emma flushed at the insult, “my bottom isn’t big!” she yelled, apparently forgetting the threat of the hairbrush.
Anne lifted it. “Ten smacks.” She said, “and if I find you flirting with Mike again, next time I’ll let him weild it.”
Her sister flinched “you can’t!” She cried, but Anne already smacked the brush on her little sister’s bottom.
“One,” she said, lifting the brush again. “Oh, you’d be surprised at what I can. Two.” The brush landed again. Her sister didn’t respond, wisely perhaps, or just in too much pain to respond. Anne wondered what kind of reaction she could get with the hairbrush and landed the next six smacks in rapid succession on the flaming red bottom. “Eight.” She said loudly, through her sister’s shrieks and cries. She didn’t have enough breath left in her to beg, tears were rolling down her cheeks. “Nine and ten.” Anne said with a smile as she landed the last two smacks on her sister’s waiting bottom.

She let go of Emma and she quickly scrambled of her lap, onto her bed. She buried her face in her pillow sobbing and started massaging her own bottom. Anne smiled, it was exactly as when they were little. She put the hairbrush on the nightstand and stood up, straightening her skirts. “Remember Emma, next time I’ll let Mike hold the brush, I’m sure he can wield it much more heavily than I.” She turned to the door and opened it, Emma looked up just in time to see Mike standing outside. Anne almost laughed when her sister shrieked and pulled on the blankets to cover her red bottom. Mike smiled as well and gave her a hug when she closed the door. She felt his arousal press through his jeans. So he had been listening and had enjoyed it. Well that just meant a little extra embarrassment for Emma, she’d surely earned it…

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