parking fine: story

Tricks and spankings and fines for naughty ladies.

It didn’t work that often, but when it did, it was worth all the time Eric wasted trying. He’d been waiting a couple of hours now since his last try, days since his last success. But his patience was rewarded when a big family-car parked just a short distance away. He expected an older lady, mother of a few children to get out, but instead a young attractive girl climbed out the big car and slammed the door shut behind her. About eighteen, maybe nineteen he estimated her. Just got her driver’s license he thought, taking mum’s car out for a quick trip to the store. Leaving the car parked she ran into the small shop. Just getting some bread he thought, a quick run in and out, no need to buy a parking ticket. That’s where he came in.

He opened his bag and took out his equipment. The belt went around his waist, the cap on his head and the pads on his shoulder. He kept his small notebook in hand and with a pen in the other he approached the car. People didn’t know how parking-inspectors were dressed, not as real cops, he’d surely pass this young lady’s inspection. He approached the car and started jotting down letters. From the corner of his eye he’d already seen his victim rushing to the shop exit.

‘Oh come on!’ She said, ‘I wasn’t even in there for two minutes.’ She looked angry, upset that he’d write her a fine.

‘That might be so, miss, but you still have to buy a ticket.’ Eric replied. He said it with a little smile, infuriating the woman further. He knew he’d have to play the bad guy before she’d give in to his wishes.

‘Really, you can’t give me a ticket, you must’ve seen me park.’ The girl said pleadingly.

‘It’s just a fine,’ Eric replied, trying to feel out how uncomfortable she’d be for getting it. ‘I saw you park and I also saw you run in without a parking ticket. The law is the law, I can’t change that.’

The girl wrung her hands, obviously trying to find a way to get out of the situation. ‘It’s not just a fine,’ she said, thinking honesty would win him over. ‘It’s not even my car, it’s my dad’s. I just had to buy some bread and eggs. If he knows I got a ticket I have to pay for it myself, it would probably cost me my whole allowance.’

Eric teasingly smiled at her again. ‘Well then, I guess that would learn you a valuable lesson, next time you park daddy’s car you’ll remember to buy a ticket.’ There, calling her father ‘daddy’ had been his first step in showing her she was the younger one and he the one with authority, she hadn’t even noticed it.

‘Come on.’ She said pleadingly. ‘Isn’t that a bit harsh? It was only two minutes. I’ve learned my lesson already. I promise.’

Eric stopped writing, as if he had finished his ticket. ‘Oh no, that wouldn’t do any good. You’d come home and feel like you dodged the bullet, feeling you might dodge it again next time. No, you definitely need to be punished.’

He’d been careful not to call this ticket the only possible punishment, and she took the bait. ‘But why does my punishment have to be that ticket, can’t it be something else, something that doesn’t cost me my whole allowance?’

Now was the time, this was the moment his masquerade usually failed, fingers crossed, ‘well were you my daughter, getting a ticket with my car I’d give you a spanking on top of it when you got home. But I guess that’s not really my place, is it?’

Stunned to silence she looked up at him, a red blush creeping up her cheeks. He tore the paper from his notebook, holding it out to her. It worked, ‘I’d rather have the spanking,’ she said while reaching for the ticket.

Quickly Eric pulled it back from her. ‘Gotcha’ he thought. ‘Really, well I must confess I might have been a bit strict. A parking ticket for two minutes doesn’t cost a thing, yet a fine costs you a whole lot more. Maybe it is a bit out of proportion. What do you think?’

Hope shined in the girls eyes. ‘Yes, you’re right, it is, really, that’s what I’ve been trying to say.’

Eric smiled. ‘Good, I’ll forget the fine and give you a spanking instead.’

The light of hope in her eyes disappeared. ‘A spanking?’ She said, not able to utter more.

‘Yes, that’s what you said right? You’d rather get spanked than paying the fine.’ Eric spoke matter-of-factly.

She stuttered a bit, not sure if that was what she had agreed to, wondering how he had talked her into this. She could still just accept the fine, but… ‘But how would you spank me, where?’ He wouldn’t spank her in the middle of the street. He’d want to meet her somewhere, she’d just have to lie and tell him she’d come, she’d be thinking. Eric knew better.

‘Well your daddy has a big family car. I could take you over my knee on the back seat.’ Eric replied already moving to open the back door.

She grabbed his arm. ‘No, wait.’

But Eric opened the door and sat down, now holding her arm in his hands. ‘I don’t have all day young lady, are you going to cooperate or do I have to hand you that fine after all?’

He saw the uncertainty in her eyes, the embarrassment of being spanked, and in such a public place as well, competing with the relief of not having to pay that fine. She nodded to him, shortly. Probably not even sure herself if she was saying yes to the fine or the spanking. The spanking, Eric decided for her and pulled her into the car over his lap. Closing the car door behind them.

She fit perfectly over his lap, her breasts pressing against the side of his left leg, her bottom arching over his right. His left hand he laid on her hip, his elbow pressing on her back to keep her down. With his right he stroked her bottom, she didn’t react, but just kept still under his touch. He looked outside, the car windows weren’t tinted, anyone could see them, but the street was empty. He reached back and dragged her skirt over her legs, slowly revealing her bare hips and then red silky panties. ‘Nice,’ he muttered, feeling her shift in his lap, embarrassed at his comment. ‘But those have to come down as well.’

As expected her hand shot back. ‘No.’ She cried, but he kept her hand away.  He was in control now. ‘Oh yes, a good spanking is administered bare bottom young lady.’ Nothing she could do about it when he pulled those silky panties down to her knees. Anyone passing by now would see her bare bottom across his lap. It was perfectly round, the skin soft, her cheeks giving way at his touch. He felt his arousal growing and pressing against his victim. She struggled when she felt it too, but he held her down.

Enough stroking he thought and lifted his hand. Letting it come down hard on her bared bottom. She squealed. He stroked her bottom where his handprint was showing. He decided he wanted to tease her as well. She was face down on the car seat, not able to see anything outside. ‘I wouldn’t squeal like that if I were you. Nobody that passed the car has looked at us yet, but that might change when they hear you squealing.’ He looked outside as he said it, no-one in eyesight, but she didn’t know that, she started struggling, but without the curses she’d used earlier. He lifted his hand again and smacked her again. This time she didn’t squeal, ‘Stop struggling, you’ve deserved this and you know it.’ To his surprise she did stop struggling and he smiled, looking at the two handprints he’d made. Time to turn her bottom red.

He held her down firmly as his hand came down, again and again. Her bottom was turning pink and she moaned and muffled her screams in the car seat pillows. Nobody would hear her sounds of discomfort outside, no-one was outside. But if there was, they wouldn’t need to hear her squeal, the sound of his hand smacking her bare bottom was loud enough.

She started struggling when his hand unrelentlessly tanned her bottom. He hadn’t given her a break yet and she started kicking her legs. This was what he’d hoped for, giving him that tantalising view of what had first been hidden between her legs she’d had held together. A couple more smacks he gave her before finally giving her time to rest. He used the excuse of securing her kicking leg to pull it closer to him, making sure that she was now across his knee with legs nicely spread and fully on display. She didn’t move, afraid probably that he’d start spanking again if he did.

He decided he wanted to enjoy the view so gave her a long break. He rubbed his hand over her burning cheeks for a while, taking away most of the sting and then let it rest on her inner thigh, just a finger away of her most intimate parts, visible for him and anyone that would pass the car.

‘Are you learning a lesson young lady?’ He asked her to fill the sudden silence.

‘Yes.’ She promised him quickly and honestly. Probably hoping her punishment was over already.

He kneaded the inside of her thigh with his hand and felt the pull of her leg, trying to close of this view to him, he pulled back. To his surprise she didn’t resist trying to close her legs and he noticed her soft lips swelling, bringing the sweet scent of a young girl excited. It was more rarely than he’d hoped, but sweet when it happened. It wasn’t the spanking that aroused this girl, not just, but the loss of control. He had the control of her, he had her bare bum on his lap, her thigh in his hand and he wanted to look at her pussy. There was nothing she could do about it and that was what turned her on. He resisted the urge of touching her, resisted the urge to tease her with it even, but squeezed her bottom again before he lifted his hand.

She braced herself, knowing what was coming, but still she squealed when his hand landed on her sore bottom. Just as hard as before, and faster. His hand came down again and again. She kicked and moaned and squealed. But it was different than before. She no longer struggled to keep her legs closed, knowing he had wanted that view and it was not her right to deny him. Instead she let herself go, sliding further across his lap, grinding herself against his knee, trying to get as much enjoyment from her spanking as pain. He made sure both would be very high.

She was squealing when he stopped, no longer caring who might hear her. Again he stroked her bottom, rubbing away most of the sting. Her one leg was dangling of the seat, the other over his lap, her intimate parts pressed against his knee, they’d left a damp spot. His hand stayed on her bottom, stroking it, enjoying it, he looked up and saw an elderly couple staring at the car over their shoulders. They’d just walked past them and he’d been so absorbed in the spanking he hadn’t noticed them. He looked around and saw more people in the street who might or might not have seen them, definitely heard them. He grinned, ‘you can sit up now, but you might want to wait a bit, so that elderly couple doesn’t see the face that goes with that red bottom.’

She stiffened, probably blushing and he used his time to play with her bottom some more.

‘Are they gone?’ She asked.

Eric let go of her bottom reluctantly, ‘yes’ he said. She scrambled of his lap and ordered her skirt around her. ‘so have you learned a lesson?’ He asked her.

She blushed and nodded. ‘Yes Sir.’

‘Good, next time I want to see a parking ticket or I might have to be stricter, understand?’

She nodded again. ‘Understood sir.’ He opened the car door and saw her panties fall out, he bent over and threw them on the front passenger seat. The girl climbed out behind him. ‘Thank you sir, that was quite… memorable.’

He smiled, now that was a first, never had he been thanked before. Though he was sure she wouldn’t the first that went to bed with a red bottom, thoughts of him and a hand between her legs after meeting him.

‘You’re welcome.’ He said and watched her get in the driver’s seat of the car. She tucked her panties in her purse and drove away. Eric took of his cap and other disguises and put him in his bag. This would do for today, he’d find another victim tomorrow. He’d certainly keep an eye out for that car, he thought perhaps she understood his hint about ‘next time’, next time she might not buy a parking ticket, just so she could that him again. He hoped so…

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