DD rules in cartoons by cc

Yesterday was the busiest day on my blog since I started it.
I got a lot more views even though I didn’t get that many comments or ratings.

To welcome all the new readers I’ve decided to share two pictures today.
I’m introducing one of my favorite artists from the animeotk forums. ‘cc’
I discovered her sexy cartoony style of drawing first in the following sexy ‘after shower’ spanking:
legsup spanking after a shower

Drawn to the humor and wondering what else I might find of this artist I went looking and found a very interesting cartoon series named:

‘Avoiding Domestic Discipline’ or ADD.
A very funny series, of which I will post one rule every day the following days (perhaps two if I get any comments for a change).

Rule one is a short sketchy panel about using your hb/bf’s creditcard.
Later in the series the rules will get better in quality like the picture above.

rule 1: don't steal your husband's creditcard

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