Spanked in the park

A new day, a new picture to share.
This one isn’t lovely because of the view or the shapely bottom. No, it’s the setting that caught my eye. Set in what I imagine to be a public park, this unlucky lady is pulled OTK on a wooden bench. Her skirt is lifted and her bottom spanked for any passerby to see.

Looking at this picture I imagine how it would be like to have a boyfriend or husband, strict and firm enough to just spank me when I need it, not waiting until we are home.
Secretly I’d enjoy it as I’m sure she is too.

spanking across panties in a public park

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3 responses to “Spanked in the park

  • Aristotle

    Never mind her enjoying it. I would enjoy putting that young lady over my knee in the park and spanking that deserving bottom. I suspect that she has had plenty of warnings before being turned over the knee!


  • GirlOverKnee

    I’m sorry to butt in on your wonderful site where I know you write your own stories but this photo lit a fire in my imagination and I couldn’t help myself.

    It was so cold that I was beginning to regret wearing my work dress without stockings or tights underneath and only a thin mackintosh on top. The problem is that I don’t feel sexy wrapped up in wool and I wanted to look sexy today. He had travelled across town to meet me on my lunch-break, part of our agreement to have ‘dates’ now and then (we’d also been experimenting with other things), and the plan was to walk across the park to the expensive but gorgeous theatre themed café on the other side. Something about the frozen lake, the virtually empty park and just he and me seemed very arousing for some reason, like the park was ours and brought alive by our romance. We were walking close together, his arm around my waist, my hands stuffed into my mac pockets. On impulse I wriggled my left hand out of its mitten and slipped it into his jeans pocket. I could tell he was looking at me in surprise but I deliberately avoided his gaze and watched the swans on the lake as I first stroked his leg and then began to rub my hand up and down. I heard him intake his breath and say softly
    “I don’t think that’s a good idea do you?”, I giggled to myself and replied
    “No one’s around and I think we could both do with warming up!”. There was no answer as he steered us towards a wooden bench, I thought he might be planning to pacify me with a good old fashioned kissing session but as we reached the bench I felt his hand dart down from my waist to yank up my dress and coat! I gasped with shock and cold as the icy chill swept over much more of my flesh than it had previously, all that protected my modesty now were white knickers and they weren’t doing a good job! As part of our ‘experimenting’ I had confessed to him my interest in spanking and he had indulged me a couple of times but this was a whole other matter!
    “What are you doing?! Someone will see and I’m freezing!” He ignored this as he pulled me down over his lap, and I pressed my knees together in the hope of salvaging some dignity
    “No one’s around and you need to be warmed up” He echoed back at me and I cursed my former words. I didn’t have time to debate the matter though because at that moment firm smacks began to land on my bottom. I squealed and then bit my lip, if by some miracle the park was still empty then I certainly didn’t want to draw people over to look. My legs twisted and untwisted and I gasped imploringly but his hand continued to thrust me forward every second as he vigorously slapped alternate sides of my rapidly warming bottom. I changed tactics and tried wriggling backwards in the hope that I could slide out of the line of fire or at least that my clothes might fall back into place. I was thwarted though as he hauled me back up by the right side of my knickers and walloped my now almost bare (and I’m sure blushing) cheek even more enthusiastically than before. There was heat building not only in my smacked bottom but in my moistening sex as the material of my knickers was pulled tighter and then his fingers brushed down my dampening knickers. I moan involuntarily. “Naughty girl” he commented as tingles ran down my legs, “Should I take these down?”
    “No!” I gasped, my words growing more breathless as I pictured the view he (and anyone passing by!) must have.
    “No? Well we’d better finish then” and so saying he hoisted my left knee onto the bench and hooked his own leg round my right, leaving me shocked and spread eagled, he then yanked my knickers up the cleft of my buttocks as far as they could go and rained down twenty stinging spanks before flipping my dress back down. I felt windswept and hot and bothered as he pushed my thighs back together and patted my now clothed bottom, one hand still on the small of my back. “Are you warmer now?” He enquired as I blushed furiously
    “You’ve left my knickers all hoisted up” I said through gritted teeth.
    “Yes,” he said as he finally allowed me to stand “Hopefully that will remind you to keep your hands to yourself for the rest of the walk”
    “You’re one to talk” I muttered as we began to walk again, we passed an elderly man and I blushed to think of how loud my spanking might have been, echoing out across the lake. My chastiser laughed and, gave my glowing rear a fond squeeze. I melted and kissed his neck with equal affection
    “That’s more park-appropriate” he chuckled and then made my eyes wide and my pussy slick as he whispered to me all the things we could get up to in the booked café dressing room we were heading towards.

  • Marcie Keywood

    How exiting that would be to be spanked over his knee…….IN THE PARK!

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