First picture post

The blog has been going slowly. Mainly because I found writing the stories going slower than I had anticipated. So I have decided to make a new kind of post. I’ve decided to share the many pictures that help me fantasise about spankings.

I have a vast collection, of inspirational spanking pictures.
Behind each of them I imagine a story. Perhaps not the story intended, but that doesn’t really matter.

I’ll share them one by one with you. So you should see a lot more posts in this blog from now on.

Don’t forget to rate this post (and the picture with it) and give me your comments.

The first picture I found a while ago, it depicts a girl tenniser, rubbing her bare bottom, presumably after a good spanking. She is picking up the balls. I imagine she didn’t preform good enough during a training session and got a good bare bottom spanking with her tennis-skirt lifted before being ordered to clean up the court.

tenniser rubbing her bare bottom

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I'm not a bad girl that needs to be punished, I'm a good girl that wants to be punished. --- emma1001f --- twitter: emma1001sf --- facebook: / Emma Timor View all posts by emma

7 responses to “First picture post

  • John Scott

    Thjis was a very popular poster in the sixties and seventies. Every horny student had it on his wall.

  • emma

    Ah, thanks for the background information. 🙂

  • Aristotle

    Thanks for the picture, Emma. There were lots of the young ladies at Wimbledon this year fully deserving a similar spanking on their bare bottoms with tennis skirts lifted up and knickers pulled down…….not least Maria Sharapova and the lovely French girl whose name just escapes me!


  • emma

    YW Aristotle,
    Did you know in Belgian newspapers, in sports articles about tennis, they often use the following line:

    “Henin nam Sharapova over de knie” (or something similar)

    Translates to “Henin took Sharapova across the knee”, they use it when a player completely outmatched the other one.

    I’ve always wondered if the journalists ever think about it when they write it, or if it’s just one of those sayings they just use without thinking.

  • Aristotle

    I didn’t know that Emma but I like it!


  • Six of the best

    I sure would love to give this female tennis beauty ‘six of the best’ with my pliable stinging cane. Yes, ‘six or more with my cane, on her bare bottom, would be just perfect.

  • Marcie Keywood

    A true blonde couldn’t have that much tan…..On the other hand it doesn’t matter how much tan she had she deserved a spanking!

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