A special interview: story

I decided to start with an easy fantasy that anyone can recognize. It’s one you can dream about almost every day. Getting spanked at work.
Keeping this simple and close to home I’ve given the girl in this story the same job as mine and in a same work-setting. Well to be honest, she is me, but living in a better world. *giggles*

It had been two weeks since Emma had finished her education and in the building she stalked out of she had had her first job-interview, her first step to becoming what she wanted, a web-designer. She couldn’t believe things had turned out the way they had. She had dressed her best, attractive ankle-high boots with a little heel under a dark grey professional looking pair of pants that at the same time emphasized her attractive round bottom, a light blouse cut to her figure and a jacket too short to hide her bottom when walking out. She had planned to sway while walking out, not stalk as she had done today. She had believed being an attractive woman to be a plus in finding a job, she wasn’t as prudish as some others, she didn’t mind men watching her, especially not when it could help her too. But somehow it had turned against her today.
The interview had gone marvelous, it was a small company and she was interviewed personally by the company owner. She had answered every question to his satisfaction and even managed a few jokes to break the ice. But shortly before the end things had taken a bad turn. She had asked a question herself, she had been taught that in a job-interview both sides should ask their questions, so to keep the conversation going she had asked an innocent question. ‘What is the procedure when a client refuses the design you made?’
He had looked her up and down – she had seen him look more often during the conversation as she had planned, but there was definitely a pause now – and had said: ‘Well then I guess I’d have to spank you.’
That’s when she walked out on him. She remembered calling him a pervert too and slamming the door behind her. And now here she was, in her car, going home and no job.

Emma couldn’t sleep that night, she kept thinking about that interview and how he had ruined it for her. But a thought kept creeping up that he might have meant it as a joke – she had surely made some teasing remarks herself – and that she had overreacted. It was well past dark when she figured out for herself what to do. In the morning she would call him and apologize for her reaction. She would have lost the job, but have kept her dignity. Satisfied with her decision she finally managed to get some sleep.
And with sleep came dreams. Consciously she had categorized his remark as inappropriate, but her subconscious remembered the specifics. Her dreams showed her how it would be if she had gotten the job and his remark had been more than a joke. She dreamed of being spanked over his knee, her bottom bared and massaged, or spanked across his desk, a cool wooden implement gliding over her cheeks and being raised. None of them were bad dreams.
She woke early, half asleep in a warm sweaty bed, wet from her dreams. Half remembering them she reached between her legs, almost bringing herself to an orgasm before remembering where these odd dreams had originated. Then she fully realized that the remark that had her furious the day before, had her touching herself today. But she was already too far to stop now, too aroused to stop she finished what she had started, blushing but unable not to feel aroused imagining getting that spanking as she came in a long low moan.

She waited until just before noon before contacting the company and give her apology, she wanted a clear head and not remembering what had happened in the morning when hearing his voice again.
To her surprise he was delighted to hear from her again and offered an apology himself for his remark. When he asked her why she had called after her reaction the other day she admitted she might have overreacted. Just when she thought she would be able to leave the whole ordeal behind her, he offered her to come back and finish their interview. When she hung up she had an appointment the same day, just a few hours later. She tried to suppress the butterflies in her stomach, the man did not know the reaction his comment had had on her and if she didn’t mention his remark, he probably wouldn’t do so either.

Several hours later she arrived in the same outfit at his office and waited for him to start the interview. Her hopes that he would leave the incident behind them were however shattered as it was the first subject he touched. ‘I want to be sure that there are no misunderstandings between us.’ He said. ‘I had the idea that we had some sort of click, and that you wouldn’t take offense in such a remark. If I was wrong, I promise to keep things more professional from now on.’
That last was phrased just enough as a question for her wanting to answer it. ‘No,’ she said ‘You were right, I was just … surprised by the suddenness of your remark, before that you had been quite professional.’ They both fell silent for a while and Emma felt she had to make a joke to lighten the mood again, something playful as to prove to him that she meant what she said. ‘If it’s not for a dissatisfied client, my reaction yesterday would certainly warrant a red bottom.’ She blushed as soon as the words left her mouth, she could have said spanking, but no, now he was definitely thinking about her bottom. It had worked though, he was smiling now and finished the interview with a few questions. ‘I would offer you the job.’ He said when he finished, ‘there is only one thing that still bothers me. I find respect something very important in a work-relationship, and calling your boss a pervert doesn’t say much about your respect for him.’
Emma blushed, she hoped he had forgotten about that, ‘I’m sorry,’ she said, ‘I promise it won’t happen again. I think I would fit in very well here, the job sounds perfect to me.’ He didn’t answer immediately, and she tried to fill the silence. ‘Besides, I don’t think you’re a pervert, I was just flustered.’
He smiled again, ‘So wanting to spank a girl doesn’t make someone a pervert?’
Emma started talking before realizing that with that he had admitted that beside it being a joke, there had been a deeper desire behind his remark. ‘No, I think, between two people, a man and a woman, if the situation is right…’ She stopped herself when she realized she was babbling and considered his question. ‘No, I don’t think you’re a pervert for wanting that, nor is a girl for dreaming about… such a thing.’ There, let him chew on that, if he could make covert admissions, so could she.
He let her answer sink in and considered her, Emma could no longer take the wait and clasped her hands in front of her, gave a little prayer and asked him: ‘If I let you spank me for being disrespectful, will you give me the job?’
His expression barely changed, but she was sure he was smiling. ‘No.’ He said. ‘I will give you the job because you deserve it. Not because you’d let me spank you.’ Emma smiled broadly. ‘And then I will spank you for being disrespectful. How about that?’
She blushed, but part of her was already imaging herself over his lap, so all she could say was: ‘that sounds fair.’

He had placed the high-backed chair in the middle in his office. The other employees had already left for the day, so they had sufficient privacy. ‘When you’re working for me and I have to spank you again, it will happen after hours like today, the other employees don’t need to know about it.’
Emma blushed when she realized he had already decided this spanking wouldn’t be a onetime thing. But if she was honest with herself, thinking about being spanked by her boss was now a fantasy she wouldn’t mind coming true. He had placed himself on the chair in the meantime and pulled her gently across his lap. His hand was rubbing her bottom, soft caresses alternated with firm squeezing. Her mind was already reliving her dreams of the previous night and her panties were getting warm and moist. ‘Like today, I’ll spank you when you’re disrespectful.’ He said. ‘But there are other reasons that could warrant a spanking as well. I already mentioned an unhappy customer, but showing up late and failing to meet a deadline will also earn you a trip to my office. Understood young lady?’ Emma moaned softly as his hand squeezed her bottom. His voice had changed slightly, he was in control now and she a naughty girl across his lap being reprimanded. When she confirmed she understood he told her to lift her bottom. His hands reached below her and unzipped her pants. She blushed when he pulled them down. Her bottom was glistening in sweat after his warm hands’ rubbing, her panties sticking against her cheeks leaving nothing to the imagination. But he didn’t even leave her that little bit of covering. He told her spankings should be administered on a bare bottom, and even though she protested he pulled down her panties as well. Completely exposed to him she shouldn’t feel surprised to feel embarrassment. But it wasn’t her nudity that embarrassed her that much, it was more a source of excitement. She felt embarrassed for getting punished like a little girl, already embarrassed for the reason for this spanking as if she was already learning a lesson on good behavior. And thinking that made her blush even more, she had never thought of herself as someone who needed lessons in good behavior.

The first smack came as a surprise. She had still been thinking about her feelings, but was roughly reminded of her current situation by the stinging pain in her left cheek as his hand raised again. It seemed he wasn’t going to be gentle with her as already his hand landed on her right cheek just as hard. I wasn’t a severe spanking, but the smacks came quicker than the pain could subdue and the stinging rose to a hot and burning feeling. All thoughts of embarrassment vanished and all she could think of was her aching bottom and his hand not giving her a moments rest.
It wasn’t the erotic spanking she had imagined in her dreams, it was more real, a real spanking for a naughty girl, meant to hurt and teach her a lesson. And yet somehow that turned her on even more than those in her dreams had. Tears formed in the corners of her eyes and she squealed and yelped at every smack. But her hips made a rocking motion against his lap, in time with his smacks. She wasn’t sure she was doing that to escape his hand or to rub against the bulge in his pant she didn’t really want to think about. Thoughts about the wet spot between her legs eventually vanished as well however when the spanking reached its peak. The only thought that remained was embarrassment for her behavior and truly feeling sorry for what she had done. Her bottom burned and she kicked her legs trying to shake off the feeling. She told him she had learned her lesson, begged him to stop, cried out, tears rolling down her cheeks, ruining her make-up.
He made a point of not stopping until she stopped begging, as proving to him that he stopped when he wanted to, not when she asked. She lay sobbing across his lap and his hand softly caressed her bare red bottom. ‘I’m sorry I had to be so hard on you.’ He said ‘But I had to make sure you realized from the start the spankings meant something, that I really mean them to teach you something and not just a sexual fantasy I want to use you for.’
He let her catch her breath after his short explanation, his hand silently stroking her bottom. Emma didn’t want to talk, she just wanted to lay there and enjoy his hand on her bottom. But she realized her silence might make him feel uncomfortable. ‘That’s good,’ she said. ‘If the spankings weren’t real, I might misbehave on purpose, and that would be bad for business.’ She blushed as she realized she meant that. She felt ‘better’ somehow, after this spanking.
His hand squeezed her bottom more roughly after she said that and she couldn’t suppress a soft moan. ‘I knew there was a moment you were enjoying it a bit too much,’ he said.
His hand was caressing her sore bottom more roughly now and Emma bit her lip, it hurt, but she couldn’t stop herself from making that rocking movement again, rubbing against that bulge that proved she wasn’t the only one that enjoyed it too much. ‘Maybe you know some remedy for that as well.’ She asked.
‘I do.’ He answered. ‘But that would be inappropriate in a work-relationship, so unless you’d enjoy dinner tonight?’ Emma answered his question by a long low moan. ‘Good, I’ll pick the restaurant, one with good hard wooden chairs, I want to see you squirm.’
‘Anything you say.’ Emma replied in a blush as his hand squeezed her sore bottom.
‘Just don’t think this means I’ll be light on you next time.’ He said.
‘I wouldn’t want you to…’

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