Spanked in public

Hey everyone

Just a week ago I had a very interesting new experience that inspired me for another post in my blog.
I got my first really public spanking. It wasn’t one of those by the roadside or in a forest spankings that has the danger of being caught, no this was in the local park, with plenty of people withing ears and eyes reach.
So I wanted to share other (un)lucky girls like me receiving their public spankings.

As if being spanked where everyone could see wasn’t enough, those bikini bottoms will not cover the redness either, reminding everyone constantly of what a naughty girl she is.


This store has it’s own way to deal with shoplifters and it happens where everyonecan see, a good warning for other naughty thieves.


Two friends naughty together get spanked together. Bare red bottoms at the beach.


The sign reads “cassiere punie’ or “punished cashier”. How emarassing to have your bare red bottom on display of all the customers.


If you can’t accept your loss, don’t make it worse by throwing a tantrum or your red bottom will be a lesson for everyone else who wants to play.



Hey everyone

It’s been a while, but I have another story to share. This one is not from my own hand, but from my friend whose stories you’ve all enjoyed in the past. He had this to say:

Most of my stories deal with unique situations. They have long backstories that make what happens next extra interesting. Not this time, I imagined a scene that could come right out of my own life. I very rarely concentrate in the man’s perspective in my stories, so here I focussed on just that. I hope you like it.

When I’m home I will look through my collection for a fitting picture co accompany this story.

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Hey everone

I’m having trouble coming up with the rest of the story, so instead lets see some pictures. :) We’re halfway through the summer, so lets see what we’veall been nejoying so far.

Pick-nicks in the park.





Fun at the swimming pool.




Naughtiness at the beach




Adventures in the woods.


And shopping sprees for those who’ve outgrown their skirts during winter.


At the swimming pool – part 3

Hey everyone

I’ve already finished a third part to this story. They’re all very short pieces, making it easy to write a few quick stories in a row.

Like I said last time. From here on the story is pure fiction and no longer based on my friend’s memories. (not saying anything about her fantasies of course)

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At the swimming pool – part 2

Hey everyone

I asked Steffie what happened after her spanking. She didn’t get spanked more unfortunately. Her father did take her shopping however, so I took that and turned it into an ebarrassing trip for our 20 year old Steffie. The last paragraph is complete fiction, so no longer a part of Steffie’s story, but I think would be a nice setup for another part to the story.

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At the swimming pool

Hey everyone.

I recently met a new friend who told me about one of her most embarrassing childhood spankings. I liked her anecdote so much I turned it into a story, changing just a few things to make it fit the adult theme of my blog (like her age, since she was really just a little girl when it happened) and added some extra elements to make it even more interesting.

So enjoy the following story, based on true events:

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The review girl

The following story was written by my friend. I absolutely love it and am sure you will too.

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Truth and an apology

Hey everyone

It’s been another three months and I understand I’ve dissapointed many of you by not posting in my blog. I’ve been trying to make excuses, apologies and the likes, but it seems to always come down to this.

I want to tell you it’s not my fault. But it is, I’ve lied to you and it’s this lie that keeps getting me in trouble.
The truth is: I love spanking stories and fantasies, but I’m not such a good writer as I appear to be. Many of the stories in this blog I did not write myself.

I did not steal them of course, they were written by a friend who was too shy to share his work online. Often he promised me a new story would be finished soon, just to not finish within the time I had already promised it to you. I feel that if I had just been honest about this from the beginning I would not have dissapointed you all so often. In fact, it was the fear of admitting not finishing those stories in time that kept me away from the blog for such long periods of time.

For those interested, only the following stories were written by me:
– my best friend’s father
– naughty nurse
– the middle of the night
– not what it seems
– like her little sister
– the building site
– daddy
– tit for tat
– disciplined slut
– a series of unfortunate events
– amanda’s toy
– sisterly rivalry
– therapy

These were not written by me:
– a spanking story
– a little black dress
– a bdsm kind of first date
-a birthday surprise
– a bus ride
– alone at work
– a red dress
– a special interview
– a thief in the night
– how daddy met mummy
– parking fine
– reunion
– savannah
– spank the police
– taxi driver
– the agreement
– the hotelroom
– the maiden and the prince


I will keep posting in this blog and hope you still want to read my stories and I will be more honest about those that weren’t mine. I hope you can all forgive me.

A spanking story – waiting

Hey everyone

As you might’ve noticed, I’ve fallen behind on the spanking story we’ve been imagining together.
I’m having a hard time continuing the story after the last poll, because I don’t know quite how to continue it and I want to think about it and not just write somethng down quickly.

While you wait, please enjoy the same red bottom I’m enjoying right now:


A spanking story – part 4

Hello everyone

Thank you for voting in the poll. I was a bit dissapointed not to get any comments with suggestions, perhaps this week?

I’m adding the old part(s) in each new post, so you can reread them to jog your memories or get familiar with the story if you missed the start.
If you want the new part continue to ‘** NEW **‘.

Don’t forget to vote for the next part and share your ideas in the comment section.
The poll will close at 5pm CET on friday, the next part is due on saturday.


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