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Valentines gift


It was February fourteenth, or as most people know it, Valentines day. I was on my way to my girlfriend’s apartment with no real plans. We had been together for over six years now and while this day had seemed so important in the beginning of our relationship, it had turned into something more comfortable now.
I did not arrive with a bushel of roses, chocolates, tickets for a play and dinner reservations. I had however put on a nice suit and brought a gift. Today we would just spend time together and confirm our love for one another.

When I arrived, I knocked on the door before inserting my key into the keyhole, to give her a bit of a warning of my arrival. I was surprised to see her sitting in the sofa, her hair disheveled and wearing just a dressing gown.
“Oh hey baby, I did not expect you.” She said as I entered the room.
I felt a bit surprised, but confidently placed my gift at the coffee-table beside her. “Happy Valentines day, honey.” I said as I bent down to kiss her.
“Oh my god, is that today?” She exclaimed after our kiss. “I totally forgot!”
I laughed and picked up her gift, it was nothing like her to forget such a thing. “Here, open it.” I said.
She accepted the gift and slowly tore the wrapping paper from the box.
“They’re wonderful!” She exclaimed, discovering the red, ankle-high boots inside.
“Try them on. I’ve still got the receipt so you can trade them if they don’t fit.” I told her.
She did not need me to ask twice, but bent over to pull on her new shoes. I sat down on the footrest in front of her.
“They’re perfect.” She said, walking around, the small heels ticking on the wooden floors. Then she looked at me. “I’m so sorry, I completely forget it was Valentines day and did not get you anything.”
I raised an eyebrow. How could you forget when all the stores were filled with red ribbons and roses to announce this – quite commercial – holiday?
She walked around the sofa she’d been sitting on and promptly bent over its back, placing her hands on the seat. “I feel so guilty, I’ve been such a naughty girl. I think you should punish me.” She said.
I grinned. So she had not forgotten at all, it was just an act. As she bent over right in front of me, her dressing gown gaped open, offering me a view of her bare breasts dangling inside. She seemed not to wear anything at all underneath it.
She had planned it all, I realized. The disheveled look, as if she’d just gotten out of bed; the short dressing gown that barely covered any of her features; the forgotten present; they were all part of it.
This was not the first time she’d asked me for a punishment. I could not count the amount of times I’d had her across my knee or bent over some furniture to spank her bottom, sometimes she asked for it, sometimes she earned it.
Even after all this time though, I was instantly aroused by the prospect of spanking her. I could feel my excitement grow, pushing against its boundaries, pressuring the seams of my trousers.
I got up and rubbed my hands together. “You’re right, you do deserve a good spanking, young lady.”

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The enchanted spoon


The wizarding world was different from anything Katie had ever known. The young student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry came from a non-magical family. or as the wizards call them: muggles.
Even after seven years at the school, she was still often surprised by how little the wizarding families knew about modern technology and muggle society.
They did not need such technology of course, thanks to their magic; but she often wondered how much could be achieved if muggle sciences and wizarding magic were combined.
Unfortunately, there were still too many wizards that found muggles to be inferior to them. Every year when she returned to the school, it was like she went back in time a few hundred years.

Katie loved Hogwarts however, she loved the things she’d learned, her magic and her friends. In fact, she liked how things seemed so old-fashioned in the ancient castle. It was like living in a fairy-tale.
One of the older customs that interested her most were the archaic forms of discipline. Physical punishment for students that stemmed from the time of her great-grandparents seemed very appropriate in the antiquated wizarding society.
Oh, it was supposedly not to happen anymore, as if the wizarding world had only recently caught up with modern values; but wizards seemed able to reach great age. She liked imagining some of the oldest professors had once, in their younger years, spanked the most misbehaving of their students.
There was barely any supervision when it came to discipline and professors seemed to be able to punish students with relative impunity. How could she know if the more old-fashioned of them did not still hold on to their old ways?

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The forest fire (part 3)


In three months time, Emma spent five weekends at a hotel in the area where she’d met the forester. She had always loved waking in those woods, but she knew the amount of money she was spending was excessive.
The reason for this behavior was of course him, the man who would spank her on each visit, before she’d even had the chance to misbehave.
As soon as she’d arrive at her hotel, she’d call him. He would visit and make sure she would behave during her walks by giving her a firm spanking. Her red bottom was a good reminder during her walks of why she had come here.
Twice she had met him again on one of her walks, on the second day of her weekend. She was sure he had followed her, because a chance meeting seemed just too unlikely in the vast forests. Both times, he had spanked her as well, right there in the forest. Not because she had misbehaved; but because he could and because she wanted it as well.
At the end of such a day, he would often show up at her hotel, where at her hotel-room, they would fuck. They didn’t talk much. Their relationship was a physical one, based mostly on their shared love of spanking, naughty outdoors activities and casual sex with a relative stranger.

While booking a room in one of her favorite hotels in the area, Emma wondered why she kept going back so often. She almost felt like she was getting addicted to sex with John.
It was so different from anything she’d experienced in the past. He was so dominant, not just when spanking her, but while fucking her as well.
She yearned for that hotel-room, for a place where she was no longer in charge, where she could give up control for a while. Even if it meant she would get spanked. Especially if it meant she would.
Yet at the same time, she felt she was looking for something more. These visits did not satisfy her completely. She kept going back, hoping to find that one thing that was still missing.
For a while, she thought she’d fallen in love with John. Perhaps she wanted more than just his hand on her ass or his cock in her pussy. She fantasized about going out with him on dates, meeting his family, staying at his place…
If she was his girlfriend, would he still spank her as often? Would he perhaps expect her to follow other rules as well and discipline her when she misbehaved?
The thought turned her on greatly and she realized perhaps it wasn’t love after all that she was looking for. It was discipline.
Of course, John spanked her whenever she was in the area, but those were just precautionary spankings. She had not done anything to deserve them. Not like the first two times they’d met, when he’d spanked her for starting that fire or skinny-dipping where it wasn’t allowed.
She wanted a spanking she’d earned.

As she realized this, she recognized how hard that would be. She did not want to do anything bad, like starting a fire; just naughty enough for John to realize she was doing it on purpose.
When she arrived however, John would already spank her just in case. It was weird to admit it to herself, but she knew she would not be in the mood for some sort of bratty prank when her bottom was already red. John was very good at putting her in a submissive mindset where all she wanted to do was please him and be a good girl.
This meant, she had to do it before letting her know she was staying at the hotel, or perhaps not let him know at all, which was a breach of the rules in itself. But then he wouldn’t know she was there for him to find and spank.

The last few days before the weekend passed, Emma spent her time thinking of how she could get in trouble with John in a way that made sure she got what she wanted.
She decided then not to tell him she was coming, not right away at least.
When she arrived at he hotel-room that weekend, it was odd, being in her room, knowing John wasn’t going to come in at any moment and spank her.
She felt naughty for keeping her presence a secret. Yet at the same time, she felt free. Free to do something naughty and get herself in trouble.
Emma laughed softly at herself. She had never before felt an urge to be naughty and had surely not associated it with being free. What’s the point of being spanked, if you can never be naughty? She thought.
The thought pleased her so much that she put it in a text and sent it to John. It would be a first cryptic message for him to find out what she was doing.

That afternoon, Emma went for a walk. Her bottom was still pale and unhurt, it was an odd sensation going out like this, nothing to remind her to behave.
I would’ve never thought of getting on trouble on purpose, if it wasn’t for those spankings, she thought. If she did now, it was John’s fault as much as her own.
She wore comfortable jeans and a t-shirt during her hike; but underneath she had swapped her normal comfortable underwear for something sexy. She did want to be caught and stripped to a bare bottom by the end of the day after all.
“The forest is great this time of year, isn’t it?” She texted to John. On her first message, he had only responded with a winking emoticon.
“It is. I wish you were out here to see it. The leaves are coloring red in fall, possibly my favorite color. But you knew that.” He replied.
“I know you like recreating it in places that are otherwise pale as cream; yet I think I prefer it on the trees. I just found a leaf, redder than a sunset.” Emma texted back.
“Are there many trees down in the city?” John replied.
“There are; but not as many as out here. I think I just passed that spot where you spanked me last week.” Emma texted back, admitting she was out there somewhere, breaking his rule.
“I do not remember giving you a spanking this week. Are you out there without my permission, young lady?” John replied.
Emma licked her lips, this was so fun and exciting at the same time. “I thought that if you were going to spank me again, at least this time I’d make sure I’d earned it.”
“Oh you definitely earned it. You should keep that leaf, when I find you we shall find out if I can make your bottom redder than a sunset as well.” John texted.

Emma blushed but did not reply to John’s latest text. She hadn’t lied when she said she passed the spot where he had spanked her last week. John would know where to look for her.
This must be what a hunted deer feels like, she thought with a chuckle. She had increased her pace, but there weren’t many roads in this area, no intersections where she could cover her tracks. For all she knew, she was running straight at him.
The thought of eventually being caught turned her on greatly. She hadn’t really given it much thought when she planned this. She’d focussed mostly on the part where he would catch her. Yet now she felt that this turned her on as well, the adrenaline of hiding, trying to get away with her misbehavior, yet at the same yearning for the punishment that would follow.

“Emma!” A loud voice suddenly echoed in the forest.
Emma looked over her shoulder and saw a man in uniform, coming in her direction.
Stay and face the consequences, or make a run for it? She thought.
She hadn’t come here today to be an obedient girl. She started to run.
Emma had quite a head start on the forester, but every time she looked over her shoulder, he seemed to be closer. Soon she could hear his footsteps closing in.
“Emma, stop!” The forester called.
She looked behind her again, he was but two steps behind her. She slowed down then, running was okay, but she didn’t want him to tackle her or anything.
“Why did you run?” The forester asked after placing his hand on her shoulder an pulling them both to a stop.
“I didn’t want to make it too easy on you.” Emma replied with a mischievous grin.
“So it’s not because you wanted to end our arrangement or because you were afraid?” John asked.
“No, of course not. I wouldn’t have texted you if that was the case.” Emma said.
“I’m just asking because I don’t want you to think you don’t have a choice in all this.” The forester said.
Emma understood how her actions might have made him think he had been taking advantage of her all this time, while in fact she’d wanted it as much as him.
“I just wanted to earn my spanking for once.” She explained. “Like the first time we met.”
The forester smiled. “Well you surely earned it this time.”
Emma blushed, he was going to spank her any moment now, but she felt she wanted to discuss it more.
“Perhaps we can skip those spankings in the hotel in the future and focus on those when I misbehave.” Emma said, she was sure now that she preferred these kind of spankings over those without a reason.
“How will I know when you misbehave.” The forester asked. “I can’t come out here and follow you all the time.”
“We’ll just have to spend more time together.” Emma said. She blushed, she hadn’t really thought about dating John since she’d booked the hotel. Did she really want more from him than just sex? And what would he think, would he avoid her if he thought she wanted more?
“I’d love to spend more time with you, Emma.” John replied. “In fact, I think it would be about time someone took charge of you and taught you to be a good girl for once.”
Emma blushed even deeper. What had he said? Take charge of her? Part of her wanted to bristle against that comment, but an other part grew warm and excited.
“I think I’ll start right now.” John continued. “You did your best to earn this spanking young lady, so I’m going to make sure you get exactly what you deserve.”
Emma bit her lip. This was exactly why she’d come out here, wasn’t it? Then why was she apprehensive now? She knew a spanking could hurt, she wanted it to hurt. But that didn’t mean it was going to be easy.
“Yes, Sir.” She replied.
“Take off your clothes.” John commanded.
Emma licked her lips and slowly began to undress. John had made her strip out here those past few times as well, ever since he had caught her skinny-dipping and escorted her back to her hotel naked.
When he noticed she was wearing something more sexual underneath her clothing than usual, he smiled but motioned for her to take it off as well.

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The forest fire (part 2)


A week had passed and Emma could not forget the man who had spanked and fucked her. She had booked a room at the same hotel she’d stayed in the weekend before; hoping to see him again. She wasn’t sure whether she wanted him to fuck her or spank her, maybe both.
She did not see him at the hotel and she realized he would be in the forest, doing whatever it is a forester does all day. She didn’t even know his name, so she could not ask anyone about him.
In the afternoon, Emma followed one of the abandoned hiking paths. She knew it would be impossible to search for one man in such a large forest. She would have to give up on finding him.
Instead, she enjoyed the outside air like she always did and fantasized about what might happen if they ever did cross paths again.
As time passed and her fantasies ran out, Emma realized that if they did ever meet again, chances were she’d just be walking along the road. It wouldn’t be anything like her fantasies or last weekend when she’d been caught in her underwear. If she wanted those fantasies to be real, she’d have to be the naughty girl that deserved those spankings.
She would have to be more risky out here where he could find her. Perhaps go skinny dipping or walk the empty road with less clothes on than she should. If she wanted a spanking, she should be naughty, she wouldn’t start a fire again, but there were other, harmless things she could do.
This idea of harmless but naughty behavior did not come from nowhere of course. Emma had been resting on a fallen log beside a small pond. To the side stood a small wooden post with a sign that read: “No swimming”.
After staring at that sign for a while, Emma found the courage to go through with her plan. She took off her clothes and placed them on the fallen log…

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City trip spankings (part 1)

There was a clear sky above the city of Prague, but the streets seemed empty. Samantha was surprised that she was the only person present; this was supposed to be a busy shopping street after all. All the stores were closed too, despite it being a regular Wednesday.
When she took her phone from her purse and connected to the internet to search for an explanation, she found out this day was a holiday in the country she was visiting.
Samantha was quite annoyed at this discovery. She had planned to spend most of her day shopping. She was on this city-trip with two of her friends and none of them had known the shops would be closed this day. There hadn’t been any mentions of it at the hotel they were staying at either.
Her friends were still at the hotel. They were a married couple and had invited Samantha to join them on this trip. They shared a large hotel-room with two separate two-person bedrooms.
They had arrived on Monday and spent most of their time together. After those first two days however, her friends had subtly made her know they wanted some privacy. Samantha knew when she became a third wheel and had offered to spend the whole day by herself in town. They still had the rest of the week to spend together.
Her friends would have to get their privacy some other time, Samantha decided. She couldn’t spend a whole day outside if everything was closed. Still annoyed, she returned to the hotel.

Their room was on the third floor of the hotel. There was a do-not-disturb sign on the door, probably to stop the maintenance crew from coming in. When Samantha entered with her key, the room was empty however.
She was surprise for a moment, until she heard a sound coming from her friends’ bedroom. It was a strange noise, like a very slow applause, two hands slowly clapping. Samantha blushed, thinking she might be hearing the fleshy sound of sex; having run into her friends with their bodies intimately bumping into each-other.
What else had she expected? Samantha thought. What else would her friends be doing when she left them alone in their hotel-room for a day, offering them their privacy. She should leave now before they realized she had returned.
She could not. There was something off about the sounds she was hearing. She could not quite place it, but it did not sound like sex. Not like any she’d ever had. The rhythm was just too slow, the impact of flesh against flesh too perfectly clear. Her curiosity bound her to stay and find out what was going on.
Samantha moved closer to her friends’ bedroom door. As the sound became clearer, she could hear a faint moaning following each of the fleshy smacks.
When she neared the door, the sound suddenly stopped and Samantha froze, fearing they might have heard her.
“I’ve told you a dozen time before, Amy.” Her friend Cedric suddenly said, his voice loud and clear through the door. “You should not make such a mess of our room and just because we’re in a hotel-room instead of our apartment, that doesn’t change anything.”
Amy’s reply came in a muted voice. “Yes, Sir.” She said.
Samantha could barely hear her, but she recognized her friend’s voice. It felt odd hearing her address her husband as Sir; just like it was weird to hear him speak so sternly to her. They always seemed to get along so well.
She wondered if they were having a fight, she’d never seen them fight before; but no, this was different. When that sound that had attracted her attention before returned – even louder now – she suddenly realized what it was.
Her friend Amy was getting a spanking from her husband.
Samantha’s mouth dropped open. This was not what she had expected when leaving them alone for a day. Still, she could not say she was surprised. Somehow it made sense to her, if any of her friends were into such things, it would be Amy and Cedric.
She turned to leave, double concerned now that they found out she’d walked in on them. Discovering their secret like this would be worse than walking in on them having sex, she thought. She could not help but look around the room however.
Cedric was right. It was a mess. The suitcases were only half-unpacked and there were clothes everywhere. Even underwear and lingerie to her surprise. What he had not mentioned, was that at least half this mess was Samantha’s and not just Amy’s.
Samantha blushed deeply and fought back an urge to clean the room right away. She was not the one in trouble. She hadn’t married a man who would spank her for such untidiness, nor had she received ‘dozens’ of warnings as Amy had supposedly had.
She could not clean the room any way. Her friends might hear her and even if they didn’t, they would still wonder why she suddenly decided to clean. Instead, she forced herself to ignore the mess and the sounds behind her – the moaning was louder now too, pierced with the occasional squeal – and made her way out of the room.

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A day of submission


The alarm went of at 8:00 exactly. Sophie rolled over and silenced the irritating noise with a quick smack on the snooze button. A moment later, she realized what day it was. Wide awake after her realization, she turned off the alarm completely and sat up in the bed.
Her boyfriend had already left. The light leaking in from behind the curtains was just enough to see the empty spot where he’d been sleeping.
Sophie stood up, dropping the blanket to reveal her bared skin. Just like Matt she slept naked They had banned clothes from their bed a long time ago.
On a chair beside the bed lay a neatly folded dress and a set of lingerie. She had expected that to be there, Matt had never forgotten a day of submission. A few times that chair had been empty; but that didn’t mean he’d forgotten, it meant he didn’t want her to wear anything that day.
Every last Saturday of the month; Sophie tried her best to be a perfect submissive for Matt. Early in their relationship, they had discovered this mutual interest, Sophie’s submissive attitude and Matt’s desire to dominate her. BDSM was already an important part of their relationship. Sophie loved to be tied up during sex, she was submissive in the bedroom and outside, she had to follow Matt’s rules and even let him spank her when she misbehaved. On the last Saturday of the month, they took things one step further.
A day of submission, they called it. On this day they took their roles as submissive and Dominant, princess and Sir, slave and Master to a higher level. They let it manage every detail of their day.

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The BDSM escape room


Mia was a girl who liked things kinky and rough. She did not have a boyfriend, but a few play-friends who were more than enough to fulfill her sexual needs.
She’d met most of them online or at a BDSM-party or other gathering. They’d spanked her, tied her up, fucked her, tortured her and pleasured her.
Mia was submissive. She liked serving her friends, obeying their commands and being punished for failing them. She called them Sir, and did whatever they wished of her; for they knew her limits and she knew theirs.
Things had grown stale however. These scenes with her friends were still fun, but no longer original. It was hard to come up with another scenario or another role-play. Most of the time they didn’t even bother.
Online, Mia complained to her submissive friends that she missed the adventure. Now that she had experienced all her fantasies, there was nothing new for her. She missed not knowing what was going to happen, being nervous for a new experience.
This was when one of her friends suggested she contacted James. She did not want to say what was so special about James, but she’d had a great time and she was sure Mia had never experienced anything like what he had to offer before.
Mia contacted a few other friends and they too had heard of this James. He was a well-respected member of the community and everyone that had met him said he was a thrust-worthy person.
Mia sent a short email to this James, explaining she’d heard of him from her friends and wondered what it was he does.
James offered she visit him to find out herself.
Normally, Mia wouldn’t visit someone at their home on their first meeting. She’d prefer somewhere public for safety; but because he had the reassuring approval of multiple of her friends, she made an exception this once.
“It’s a game.” James explained.
Mia had arrived at his house on a Saturday afternoon. James lived in a clean, modern home. He was friendly, charming and quite handsome. Mia still had no clue what he did that her friend found so special, but even then she would not mind getting kinky with him.
“What kind of game?” Mia asked, intrigued.
“You could see it as a sort of test.” James said, not giving away too much. “If you successfully solve the test, you win. If you don’t, you lose.”
Mia bit her lip. She had played many kinky games in the past, not very different from this one she guessed. “So I assume that if I lose I get spanked, but if I win, I get fucked?”
James laughed. “Oh no, nothing quite as simple as that. You will provide me with a list of your limits. When you lose, I can do anything I want to you, as long as it’s not on that list. I will give you a similar list of my own. If you win, you can ask anything of me that’s not on mine.”
Mia licked her lips. Those were some high stakes to play with. “What kind of test? Will it hurt and does it involve sex? How do you decide whether I’ve failed or not?” She wanted a bit more detail before she’d agree to such terms.
“The fun part is you don’t know until after you’ve agreed.” James said with a sly grin. “But I can tell you this. You will have to use your brains to solve this test and it’s not up to me to decide whether you succeeded or not. That part is completely objective.”
Mia pouted, a test for her brain seemed boring. It was the bet that would make this interesting. She’d have to let him do anything he wanted if she failed and she didn’t even know what she’d be failing at yet. At least failing wasn’t subject to his opinion so he couldn’t just make her fail.
“That doesn’t sound very entertaining. She said.
“Oh don’t worry about that. I’m sure the test will have you hot and bothered while you’re busy trying to solve it.” James said mysteriously.
Mia raised an eyebrow. What could he possibly have planned for her? “Very well.” She said. “I’ll take the challenge.”
James got up and fetched a sheet of paper and a pen.
“Write down all your limits, please. He said. “Sign with your name and suggest a safe-word in case you wish to end the test early.”
“What happens if I end the test early?” Mia asked while trying to think of all those weird, disgusting or dangerous kinks others might like, but she definitely wanted to avoid.
“Nothing. Neither of us wins.” James explained. “The only reason you could have for finishing early is perhaps a panic attack. If that happens, I’m not going to make you do anything but help you relax.”
Mia blinked. A panic attack? What kind of test was this? Still, she wasn’t giving up now. She finished her list of limits and handed them to James.
“Great.” He said, reading it quickly. “This leaves plenty of room for some fun.”
Mia blushed.
“Now, you’ll need to undress before the test starts. I want you completely naked.” James said.
Mia smiled. Well this test was certainly starting out interesting. She got up out of the sofa she’d been sitting in, took one last sip from the drink James had offered her and then wriggled out of her dress.
She did not blush as James watched her undo her bra or even when she bent over to pull down her panties. She loved the way he looked at her naked body.
“I’m going to blindfold you now.” James said. “Then I will lead you to the room where you’ll play the game.”
Mia nodded, telling him she was ready.
Completely naked, except for the blindfold, she was guided through the door at the back of James’ living-room. At the end of the hall, he opened a door. Mia knew they were at the back of the house, but there was no cold air telling her they’d left the building. Reassured that he wasn’t leading her somewhere outside, away from the privacy of his home, she let him guide her into the room.
“Stand still.” James said.
Mia could hear him pick something up that sounded like a metal chain. Goosebumps appeared all over her body. She hadn’t been chained up in a long time.
James placed something against her throat and fastened it around her neck, a soft leather collar. Mia could feel the chain that was attached to it fall against her body, it felt cold between her breasts. Then it disappeared as James picked it up and attached it somewhere.
“When you hear the door lock, you can take off your blindfold.” James said. “You will then have one hour to escape from this room. If you don’t make it out in time, you lose. The things you find in here will give you some idea of what I plan on doing with you.”
Mia gasped. He was going to lock her up? His game was an escape room? She suddenly heard the door lock and quickly pulled off the blindfold.
She stood in the corner of what must be James’ private play-room. The floor and walls were dark, rich wood and there was little light in the room. In one corner stood a large metal cage with restraints. In the other corner a large, blood-red leather sofa. In the middle of the room stood a spanking bench, a small pedestal with a box and a chest. Against the furthest wall stood an old wooden desk.
The leash on her collar was fastened to the corner and all she could reach was the spanking bench, the mirror on the wall behind her and the chest beside the sofa…

This story has two possible endings. Either Mia escapes from the room, or she doesn’t …

Both endings are available on my website; but before you can read it, you need to play a game. You need to help Mia escape.

Only those who manage to escape from the room will be able to read the alternate ending!

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The stolen bikini (part 3)


part 1
part 2

The day before, Sophia had walked the streets of a small town besides Michael. She’d been wearing only a bikini and a dress that was so see-through, that anyone might se that she’d been recently spanked, if they looked close enough.
Anytime someone looked at her, Sophia wondered if they noticed. At first, it made her blush; but as the day progressed, she started to feel excited by the idea of them seeing.
Sophia always told herself that she could enjoy these vacations so fully because no-one knew her. That’s why she did not mind people knowing she slept around with other guests at the hotel she was staying in. So why should she care if they knew she got spanked? Let them think what they want, they didn’t know her and she’d never see them again before she went home.
If she could show her red bottom unashamed, she could be proud at herself for her self-confidence, she thought. At home she’d never admit she liked to get spanked when she deserved it; but out here that admission was anonymous.
She asked Michael if they could spend the rest of that evening at the pool.

“Are you sure?” Michael asked her when they returned to the resort. “Most of the marks won’t have faded yet.”
“I am.” Sophia replied. “It’s like you said. I should be proud of them instead of hiding them. Let everyone at the pool see what happens to naughty girls.”
Michael laughed
When they arrived at the pool, many guests had left to have dinner at the resort. This meant there were chairs available for them.
Sophia hesitated for a few more moments and then pulled her dress over her head. She still wore the same bikini of the day before, the one which bottoms did not cover an inch of her behind.
She looked at her buttocks which were still slightly pink and bore some obvious bruises. With a blush, she laid down on her lounging chair. She turned over to lay on her belly, daring herself to show off her bottom.
Michael left to get some things from his room. All alone beside the pool, Sophia could feel dozens of eyes on her. The men always looked at her, the way she was dressed. She wondered what they were thinking now.
More and more people returned to the pool after dinner and as they passed her chair, Sophia noticed the look of surprise in their eyes as they passed her. It made her blush, but at the same time feel triumphant. Yes, she had gotten spanked and yes she was brave enough to let them see.
Michael returned from his room with two towels and sunscreen for the both of them. Sophia stood up to place on of those towels on her chair and then helped him apply the sun-screen.
When she laid back down on her chair, Michael did the same for her. His hands felt strong and cool on her back, her legs and bottom. She wondered how many other men were watching her get oiled up like this.

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The gentleman (part 3)


part 1 – part 2

Two weeks passed before Samantha heard from Mike again. She still was absent-minded around her friends and had to admit to them she was seeing someone. The kind of relationship they had, she kept quiet about of course.
When Mike texted her, inviting her over for dinner, she replied immediately that she could. In a way, she was grateful that he had invited her to his place. Hers was a bit of a mess and she knew from his stories that he considered this a good enough reason to give a young woman a very red bottom.
On the night of her date, she did her best to dress as sexy as she could. She wore a short yellow dress, knowing Mike would love the stockings she wore underneath. She chose black lingerie, knowing it contrasted nicely with the light dress.
Preparing herself like this, she was reminded of the fact they’d agreed to have sex on their second date. It was a bit weird, going to a date having already agreed to that; but not as weird as being spanked for wanting it on the first.
When she arrived, Mike was wearing clean-cut jeans and a clean shirt. On top of that, he wore an apron. “Good evening my lady, please come in.” He said.
Sam blushed, feeling over-dressed for the occasion. Mike was obviously preparing dinner for her himself and wasn’t planning on taking her out.
“Please excuse me for just a moment.” Mike said after he guided her to his living-room. “The meal needs a few more touches and then I’ll join you.
Alone in the room, Sam looked around to see what she could discover about him. The room was clean and the furniture was modern. There were a lot of books, which meant Mike didn’t just write, but read as well. None of these were erotic at al though.
She could hear him in the kitchen and later somewhere deeper in the house going up some stairs. When he returned, the apron was gone and the jeans and shirt replaced by a suit.
“Excuse my earlier appearance.” Mike said. “I had not expected you so early.”
Sam blushed. “No Sir, excuse me for embarrassing you by arriving early.” She’d practiced a proper submissive attitude by reading as many of his stories as she could.
Mike smiled broadly. “I shall forgive you young lady, but only this once. Now please, join me at the table for dinner.”
Sam grinned broadly as she let Mike help her with her chair. She made a mental note not to arrive too early next time; for Mike might sound playful, there was no saying she might not end up over his knee the next time she caught him not ready for their date.
Mike served her perfectly prepared steak with steamed vegetables and baked potatoes. It was a simple, yet delicious meal. He offered her a glass of wine as well, but made her promise not to drink more than one so that she was sober enough to consent to his wishes when he took her up to his bedroom.
Sam only drank half her glass and had to force herself to touch the meal. She was too distracted about the anticipation of the things he might do to her.
When she finally cleared her plate, she shot Mike a challenging look. “Enough foreplay.” She said.

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