The playing cards spanking game


Hello everyone

One of the rules for my wife is that she has to submit to a maintenance session once a month, usually involving some form of spanking. To make this session more fun/interesting, I recently came up with game to play with playing cards.

The premise is simple, she draws a set amount of cards, and depending on the cards drawn, the maintenance session is arranged.

How it works:
Using the playing cards for the sub’s maintenance session works as follows:

1. The dom shuffles the deck for the sub and places the deck on the table
2. The sub selects a card by picking up a random amount of cards from the deck, the selected card is the bottom card in her hand.
3. The selected card is placed to the side and the others are returned to the deck.
4. Repeat Steps 1-3 until 5 cards are selected. Make sure to save the order in which the cards were drawn.

The rules:

– Card effects on other cards are carried out in drawing order. Except cards with the number 5, which effect will always be at the end of the drawing round.
– Card effects that set up the maintenance session are carried out in the order decided by the dom, unless specified differently by the card rules.
– If the last card is a 3 or a 5, an extra card will be drawn, the total amount of cards will then be 6 instead of 5.
– Card effects can be halved our doubled by drawing a specific card. This includes all effects, not just the amount of strokes in spanking.
– Card effects stack. This means doubling a card that also doubles can means quadrupling an effect, or halving a doubling effect will only increase other cards by 1.5.
– When in doubt about the rules, the dom has the final decision.

Extra rules:

– When the sub cheats by looking at the cards, the dom can replace the drawn card by one of his choice from the deck.
– When the selection of cards is too much to handle for the sub, she can request a redraw. She can then draw three new cards, while the dom selects two from the previously drawn list.
– When the sub can no longer handle the session after it has already started, she can request a break of end to the session. During the next session, the sub will have to draw one extra card.
– When the sub talks or moves out of position during corner time, she will have to draw an extra card.

The card effects

Black cards:
2: Double the effect of the next card
3: For the next card, draw three, the dom gets to choose which one to keep
4: 40 soft strokes with the hairbrush (spades) or belt (clubs)
5: At the end of this round pick 5 more cards, the dom can exchange up to three of these with the current set
6: Six of the best: 6 strokes at full force with the hairbrush (spades) or belt (clubs)
7: The dom receives a blowjob at the end of the session (if doubled, the sub is blindfolded; if halved the sub is allowed to use her hands instead)
8: 8 minutes of corner time with her hands on her head (spades) or behind her back (clubs)
9: 9 minutes tied to the bed and tortured
10: 10 slow, hard strokes with the hairbrush (spades) or belt (clubs)
J: 25 strokes by hand and 25 with the hairbrush (spades) or belt (clubs)
Q: 50 strokes by hand and 25 with the hairbrush (spades) or belt (clubs)
K: 25 strokes by hand and 50 with the hairbrush (spades) or belt (clubs)
A: All card effects in this session are doubled
Joker: Draw five more cards

Red cards:
2: Halve the effect of the next card (round up)
3: For the next card, draw three, the sub gets to choose which one to keep
4: 40 soft strokes with the riding crop (diamonds) or whip (hearts)
5: At the end of this round pick 5 more cards, the sub can exchange up to three of these with the current set
6: Six of the best: 6 strokes at full force with the riding crop (diamonds) or whip (hearts)
7: The sub receives oral stimulation at the end of the session (if doubled, the sub will be blindfolded, if halved the dom can use his fingers instead)
8: 8 minutes of corner time while the dom teases the sub (diamonds) or pleasures the sub (hearts)
9: 9 minutes tied to the bed and pleasured
10: 10 slow, hard strokes with the riding crop (diamonds) or whip (hearts)
J: 25 strokes by hand and 25 with the riding crop (diamonds) or whip (hearts)
Q: 50 strokes by hand and 25 with the riding crop (diamonds) or whip (hearts)
K: 25 strokes by hand and 50 with the riding crop (diamonds) or whip (hearts)
A: All card effects in this session are halved
Joker: All spankings will be done by hand, no implements


(all examples are based on random card draw)

Example 1: A good well-rounded spanking
– cards drawn: King – 9 ♡ – 8 – 4 – King ♡
– result: The session starts with a spanking; the sub gets a warmup by hand of 50 strokes, followed by 40 soft strokes with the hairbrush. She will then be spanked more fitmly: 50 strokes with the riding crop and 50 with the whip. After her spanking she must spend 8 minutes in the corner, where her dom gets to tease her. After accepting her spanking and enduring his teasing, the sub will be tied to the bed and rewarded with pleasure for the next 9 minutes.

Example 2: A pleasurable spanking
– cards drawn: Jack – Queen – 4 – 7 ♡ – Queen ♡
– result: The session starts with a spanking: The sub gets a long pleasurable warmup by hand of 125 strokes and 40 soft strokes with the hairbrush. She will then be spanked more firmly: 25 firm strokes with the hairbrush, 25 with the whip and 25 with the belt. After enduring her spanking she will be awarded with oral pleasure

Example 3: Pleasure for her dom
– cards drawn: 4 – 2 – Ace – 7 – 10
– explanation: Two of hearts halved the effect of the Ace of diamonds. This means the other cards have a ¾ effect.
– result: The session starts with short spanking: The sub gets 30 teasingly soft strokes with the riding crop, followed by 8 slow but firm strokes with the hairbrush before pleasuring her dom with a blowjob

Example 4: Things can get complicated
– cards drawn: 8 – 5 – 9 – 4 – 5
– replace up to three: 4 – 9 – 6 – 2 – Queen
– replace up to three: Ace – King – King – 8 – 7
– explanation: The 5 of clubs made the sub draw 5 more cards with which the dom could replace three, he choose the queen of diamonds over the 8 of hearts and the 9 of spades over the now useless 5 of clubs. Then the sub had to draw another 5 cards for the 5 of spades from which the dom could choose three to replace. He choose the king of diamonds to replace the queen of diamonds, the ace of hearts to replace the 4 of spades and the 7 of spades to replace the 5 of spades.
– final selection: K – 9 – 9 – Ace – 7
– result: The session starts with the sub tied up on the bed, where she will be tortured andp layed with for a whole 36 minutes. When she finally begs for mercy she will be given a warmup spanking of 50 strokes by hand, followed by a more firm 100 with the riding crop. After her spanking she will be blindfolded and give her dom a blowjob in thanks.

Example 5: Making hard choices: hairbrush or the whip?
– cards drawn: 9 – Jack – 5 – 7 – 3
– choose one: Jack – Queen – 4
– replace up to three: King – 5 – 3 – Jack – 10
– explanation: After drawing the 3 of clubs, three more cards were drawn, from these cards the dom picked the queen of hearts. At the end of the draw, the sub got to draw 5 more cards thanks to the 5 of hearts, from these 5 cards she used the Jack of hearts to replace the earlier drawn Jack of spades
– final selection:
9 – Jack – 5 – 7 – 3 – Queen ♡
– result: The session starts with a spanking. The sub gets a warmup by hand: 75 strokes, before receiving 50 with the whip. Afterwards she is tied to the bed where she will be rewarded by being pleasured for 9 minutes and receiving oral stimulation.

Example 6: When the cards decide you’ve been naughty
– cards drawn: 10 – Jack – Queen – Jack – Ace
– result: The session starts with a long but necessary warmup spanking of 200 strokes by hand. The firm spanking will then follow of 100 strokes with the hairbrush and 50 with the belt and then finished of with 20 more firm, slow strokes with the hairbrush

Example 7: When the cards decide to give you a break
– cards drawn: Queen – Queen – 3
– choose one: 3 – Black Joker – 10
– choose one: 3: 8 – 5 – 10
– replace up to three: 5 – Jack – Ace – Jack – 9
– replace up to two: King – 2 – 10
– explanation: The three of hearts let the sub choose the next card from three. From these three cards she choose the three of diamonds, which let her again select the next card from three. From those three she selected the 5 of hearts, which let her pick 5 cards and exchange up to three. She replaced the two queens with the ace of diamonds and five of diamonds. With the five of diamonds she got to pick three more cards with which to replace up to two (effect halved by the ace) of which she used none.
– final selection: Ace – 5 – 3 – 3 – 5
– result: None of the remaining cards have effects, the sub does not get a spanking.

Example 8: A short but firm spanking
– cards drawn: 10 – Queen – 2 – 6 – 6
– result: The session starts with a quick warmup by hand: 50 strokes. The spanking then starts with 25 strokes with the whip, followed by 10 slow firm ones with the belt. To round things off the sub will then receive 3 very hard ones with the hairbrush and 6 more with the whip.

Example 9: When the dom gets to choose
– cards drawn: 8 – Ace – 4 – 5 – 9
– replace up to 6: 6 – King – Ace – 5 – 9 – 10 – 4 – 10 – Ace – Ace
– explanation: With the 5 of clubs, 10 more cards were drawn from which the dom could choose up to 6 to replace the earleir drawn cards (effect doubled by the ace)
– final selection good girl: 10 – Ace – 4 – 4 – 9
– final selection bad girl: Ace – Ace – King – 10 – 6
– result good girl: If the sub was a good girl, the dom might offer a long and sensual good-girl spanking: 80 soft strokes of the riding crop, followed by 80 soft strokes of the whip. After this just 20 slow but firm more strokes with the whip will consolidate the sting that has been slowly built up. Then the sub will be tied to the bed and pleasured for the next 18 minutes.
– result bad girl: If the sub has been a bad girl however, she could be in a lot of trouble with both black aces drawn: For this spanking she will get a good warmup of 100 strokes by hand. It will be necessary because this will be followed by 200 strokes with the hairbrush. She will then receive another 40 slow and firm strokes with the whip. And to finish the lesson for the naughty girl she will receive 24 of the hardest strokes with the belt.

Example 10: When choices backfire
– drawn cards: 3
– choose one: King – Jack – 8
– drawn cards: 9 – 3
– choose one: 2 – Ace – Ace
– drawn cards: 3
– choose 2: 8 – Jack – 6 – 3 – 9 – 4
– explanation: After the 3 of hearts, the sub got to pick her next card. Then after the 3 of diamonds she got to pick yet another card. Here she picked the 2 of clubs, which meant she had to draw another card. She drew the 3 of spades, which meant she had to draw 6 cards of which the dom got to pick 2 (effect doubled by the 2 of clubs).
– final selection: 3 – 8 – 9 – 3 – 2 – 3 – Jack – 4
– result: The session begins with the sub tied up on the bed and tortured for 9 minutes. She will then be spanked, starting with 25 warmup strokes by hand, followed by 40 soft strokes with the hairbrush and finished off with 25 more firm strokes with the hairbrush. She will then have to stand in the corner for 8 minutes with her hands behind her back.

The stolen bikini (part 1)

The sun had barely risen and yet the temperature had already reached a comfortable temperature. The resort’s pool area was still abandoned. Many chairs already had towels draped across them to be claimed later, but all the guests were still at the all-you-can-eat breakfast. Sophia was the only one walking across the still cool tiles. She never cared much for breakfast and enjoyed a silent swim in the morning, before all the families with young children arrived. She wore just her bikini, a bright red top that left much of her bosom exposed and a tiny red string that left nothing to the imagination. She enjoyed the attention her near-naked body provoked. In fact, the last man whose attention she’d won – the second one in her first week in this resort – had taken a flight back home last night; she’d have to find someone new soon. Vacation for Sophia meant enjoying every aspect in life. What good was going to a warm and distant country where everyone was a stranger and no one knew her to judge her; if she could not fulfil her every desire? Sophia rarely spent a night alone in her hotel room.
After swimming a few laps, the water still cool in the early morning, she noticed someone walking in-between the many lounging chairs. It was a dark-haired man. He was bare-chested and wore short swimming trunks. She hadn’t seen him before; she’d always had the pool to herself this time of the day. Sophia was immediately intrigued by this new arrival. She swam to the less deep part of the pool, where if she stood the water barely reached her thighs. “Good morning.” She called out to the man who was just draping his towel across an unclaimed chair.
The man turned around and smiled at her as he replied: “Good morning to you too.” He had a bit of a southern accent and looked her up and down.
Sophia didn’t blush, she knew how she must look: her wet hair thrown back, her bare skin glistening wet, barely covered by the bikini she wore. “Are you taking a morning swim as well?” She asked of him. He had slowly made his way to the edge of the pool and she appreciated the view of his broad muscled shoulders and flat stomach. Looking at his handsome face, she had already decided he would be her newest conquest. The way he looked at her in return told her it shouldn’t be too hard.
“I was actually just trying to find a spot to lie down later.” He replied. “Before I got some breakfast.”
Sophia smiled and lowered herself invitingly in the water. “You can always eat later.” She said. “You should enjoy the pool now that it’s still calm and quiet.” When the man grinned and lowered himself into the water she knew he was caught.

“I didn’t catch your name yet.” The man said as he swam slowly around her, getting closer without coming directly at her. “I’m Michael by the way.”
Without answering Sophia dove underwater and swam to the deeper centre of the pool. An artificial rock formation stood there, covered in signs in all possible languages that said: ‘do not climb’, which would in turn be ignored by the majority of children playing here later. An opening in the rocks on one side was hidden behind a thin waterfall. Sophia came up beneath the waterfall and called out her name. She knew the falling water pushed down her bra, threatening to free her breasts, which were vibrating and bouncing under the torrent of water. When Michael turned towards her, she crooked her finger and disappeared inside the hidden area.
It did not take long for Michael to join her. When he did, his eyes grew wide, as Sophia sat on one of the rocks shaped as a bench. Her bikini lay beside her, her naked body on display like a mermaid on a breakwater far out in the sea. She had always enjoyed being very straightforward in what she wanted.
Michael walked up to her; the pool wasn’t very deep inside the small cave. “Someone has something else than swimming in mind.” He said.
Shamelessly spreading her legs, Sophia wrapped her feet behind him and pulled him closer. “Do you mind?” She asked, leaning forward to put her breasts right in front of him.
Michael’s hands were on his back, then on her wet breasts, “Hmm, you’re a naughty girl, aren’t you?” He said, his warm mouth then kissing her neck.
“Very naughty.” Sophia agreed, shivering beneath his touch and pressing her body against him. She moaned softly when Michael grabbed her hips and pulled her off the rocks. He pinned her with her back against the rough stones.
“Bad, bad girl.” He whispered in her neck as she pulled down his trunks and guided his rock hard erection inside. Michael fucked her hard and fast in the hidden are of the swimming pool. His teeth grazed her neck and breasts, as he tasted her flesh. He came suddenly, shivering to a stop.

Sophia hung in the water, breathing quick and shallow. She reached down between her legs and touched herself where Michael had just been. She rarely reached an orgasm from a quickie like this, but she didn’t mind Michael watching. “The naughty girl hasn’t had enough yet, has she?” He said as he stood near the entrance to their hidden cave, as if he was standing on lookout. Reminded of their exciting, public location, Sophia’s arousal reached its peak and she moaned loudly as Michael watched her reach her own orgasm.
“I can never get enough.” She said after catching her breath. She gave him a meaningful wink.
“That’s good to know.” Michael replied and then left her behind inside the small cave.
When Sophia turned around to get dressed, she realized her bikini was missing. She looked under water to see if it had fallen and then on the other rocky benches thinking she might have misplaced it. She quickly realised it was gone and there was only one explanation: That bastard had taken it! Carefully she swam to the waterfall to see where he went. She calmed herself thinking it must just be a childish prank he was playing on her. But when she pushed through the waterfall – covering her naked breasts in case anyone else had arrived at the pool – she did not see him. Other voices she heard in the distance, the first families gathering at the poolside. Soon the water would be full of playing children. Just as she decided she’d have to make a run for it while she still could – dreading the long naked walk back to her hotel room – she saw Michael swimming towards her. “Give it back.” She growled at him.
Michael laughed. “What is it?” He asked. “Is the naughty girl in trouble?”
“This isn’t funny.” Sophia said. “The other guests can arrive any time.”
Michael lazily swam just out of her reach in the middle of the pool. “I think it’s exactly what a naughty girl deserves. Don’t you think you deserve some punishment for what you did? Look at you, naked in a public pool, having sex with strangers. If I had my way, you’d be a lot worse off.”
Sophia blushed. “You enjoyed it as much as I did.” She said. “Don’t pretend otherwise.”
Michael laughed. “Of course. There’s not denying that. But is it really my fault? How could you expect me to say no to such a gorgeous and sexy young woman, offering herself so freely to me?” He laughed again. “Just admit you’re a bad girl and I might give you back your clothes.”
Sophia ground her teeth. “Fine.” She said. “I’m a very, very naughty girl.” Her voice was warm and sultry, as she said it. She must still have some influence over him, she thought.
Michael smiled, now showing her the bikini he had been hiding behind his back. “Yes, you are.” He said. “And naughty girls deserve to be punished.” He held it out to her, but still out of reach. “So I’m going to make you an offer. I will give this back to you. If you come to my room tonight so I can give you your well-deserved punishment.”
Sophia held back. She wanted to just reach out and grab it, but there were now people moving at the lounging chairs. She did not want to attract their attention. “What kind of punishment?” She asked.
“A good spanking on that lovely round bottom of yours.”
‘I could just agree and not show up.’ Sophia thought, blushing and covering herself as more people gathered at the poolside. “Fine.” She said.
“You promise?” Michael asked and held out the bikini a bit closer.
“I promise.” Sophia said.
Michael grinned at her again. “So you can be a good girl.” He said, before throwing her the bikini. Sophia quickly hid inside to cover herself.

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The naughty art model

Seems I can’t get all my inspiration on paper fast enough this week. Or perhaps I’m just invigorated by my new blog. Go have a look, it has my same stories, but with matching pictures.

The sound of brushes, pencils and charcoal filled the otherwise silent room. For a second, Sam imagined they were touching her, following the curves of her naked skin instead of the canvas they left their mark on. Ticklish as she was, she shivered at the thought. Goose bumps stood out on her flesh despite the heat of the room, warmer than usual for her comfort. Over a dozen pairs of eyes measured her curves, translating every inch of her bare, naked skin to lines and colours on a piece of canvas. The room was divided quite evenly between men and women and while they all had acted quite professionally, the smiles on the men’s faces had betrayed their joy at today’s art class subject.
The art teacher himself, James, was a close friend of Sam. Just a week ago they had been talking about his work. Sam had asked him then if he ever used nude models in his class. The subject was of interest to her, because despite her fantasies of exhibitionism and public nudity, she had always been too shy to actually expose herself in public. Sam was a frequent visitor of public pools, sunny beaches, and mixed sauna’s, any place where she could indulge her fantasy in a safe and socially accepted setting. Nude modelling seemed like one of these, but instead of indulging the casual glances and secret stares; she’d be the centre of attention. In fact, she’d be the only naked person in the room; it would be a lot closer to her actual fantasies.
James had told her then, that it wasn’t nearly as sexy or exotic as popular media made you believe. He did use nude models in his advanced classes; but he always had trouble finding willing participants. Often the models he did find were women – or men – with low self-esteem. They longed for confirmation, positive feedback on their body. While many of them were far from ugly, the silent concentration in the room made them unsure of their attractiveness and made for poor body language and poor modelling.
Sam had none of these problems. She was proud of her body and willing to show it off. She had gladly offered Sam to model for his class. She showed his students her smile, her perfect hourglass figure, her full breasts, and her round bottom. Not only her own heart beat at an increased rate that day.

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Afraid of the lightning

Hey everyone, find more stories like the one below on my new blog

Usually it’s hard for me to find the right picture for each story, but for this one I found many girls in sexy short negligees, so I thought you might enjoy these as well:


Curled up in her sleeping bag, Samantha listened to the thundering noise of the rain on the tent’s roof and the lightning in the sky. The two girls beside her slept soundly, as if they could not hear the storm raging outside. What a ridiculous idea it had been: sleeping in a tent, outside in the yard during a rainstorm. She could’ve been sleeping in a warm bed right now. The girls’ father was inside of course, warm and safe. He had given in on the girls’ request, not seeing any danger despite the storm, since they’d be right in their own backyard. Samantha had been unable to refuse to join them. What could she have said? That she, a grown woman, was afraid, while two young girls were not? Samantha was the girls’ governess – both she and the girls had gotten too old to still call her their babysitter – and the girls looked up to her. So despite her fears, she had given in and joined the girls in their little tent outside. But now that they were sleeping and she was not, she regretted her choice. Her heart was racing, the sound of water was everywhere, it could leak into their tent and drown them at any moment. Whenever lightning struck and turned the tent’s canvas bright, she jumped up slightly. And every time she looked at her watch, only minutes had passed. The night and its storm seemed to go on forever.

Thomas was half asleep in his bed, after a hard day’s work. He’d been drifting in and out of sleep for a while when he was once more half-woken, this time by the sound of his door opening. “I can’t sleep.” A frightened voice said. “I’m afraid of the storm.”
Smiling in his sleep, Thomas pushed his blankets to the side. He had half expected this when his girls had begged him to sleep in the tent tonight. “It’s ok.” He said. “You can sleep here with me. I’ll protect you.” He didn’t notice how long the figure in his doorframe hesitated. He’d fallen asleep again before she made up her mind and joined him underneath the blankets.

Samantha woke the following morning with the comfortable warmth of Thomas against her back. It took her a few moments before realizing whose bed she was sharing. Thomas’ arm was wrapped around her, his hand pressed on her chest, between her breasts. She could feel his warm breath in her neck. The intimacy was oddly comforting. She could even feel him pressed against her bottom, an erection pressed between her buttocks. A blush crept up on her face as her dreams faded and she truly awoke, realizing fully where and with whom she was lying. Still she didn’t dare move lest she woke him. There was nothing wrong with this. She tried to assure herself. His hand lay still on her chest, and his erection well all men got those in the early morning.
The truth was, that Samantha hadn’t had such a good night’s rest in a long while. She remembered the storm and this was the first time in a long while that she had been able to sleep through such a nightmare. She didn’t want it to be over just yet. So instead of waking Thomas up, she nestled herself in his embrace, his strong arm around her, his comforting breath behind her ear and his manly erection between her buttocks. She wasn’t doing anything wrong; they were only sleeping after all.

Thomas woke in confusion, with the young woman in his arms. As her moved his hand, he felt her breasts, the girl mumbling a reproach when he took hold of one, but not shaking him off. He half-remembered one of the girls coming to his room late at night, scared of the storm. But his little girls didn’t have curves like those beneath his hand or pressed against his crotch. What would’ve been an innocent position for a father holding his little girl became something else entirely with a young woman fitting inside his embrace perfectly.
Breathing in her smell, her long hair tickling his face, Thomas tried to figure out what had happened. “Samantha, is that you?” He asked, realizing she would be the only possible explanation.
The figure he was holding stiffened, as if naming her had broken some spell. “Yes, it’s me.” Samantha said. She took his hand then, pulling it from her breast to break free from his embrace.
“What are you doing here?” Thomas asked. His voice was gruff and he felt cold after she had so suddenly pushed him away.
Samantha rolled over and looked up at him in the semi-darkness. She was biting her lower lip. “I was afraid.” She said.
Thomas felt upset, though he wasn’t sure exactly why. Because she had broken their embrace? Because she had tricked him, even if it was unintentional? Because he had enjoyed holding a woman again and was now reminded of how alone he actually was? Or just because she had left his children alone in a tent outside in the middle of a storm? “Where are the girls?” He asked her.
“Still outside in the tent, I think.” Samantha answered.
Thomas shook his head, angry suddenly because of his confusion. “You left them outside alone?” He asked loudly. “The only reason I permitted this was because I thought you would be with them the whole time. But instead I find you here now, sneaking into my bed.”
Samantha was blushing. “I thought you knew.” She protested.
Fully awake now, Thomas pushed himself up in the bed, throwing the blankets aside as he did. He saw then that the girl was only wearing a thin nightgown, barely covering her rounded curves. Not really a girl, he thought, not much younger than himself actually. As he saw her lying there, he longed to hold her again, to touch her again. “I thought it was one of the girls.” He said. He was only wearing boxers himself and he noticed Samantha was distracted by the bulge that was still inside of them. He took her chin in a firm grip and forced her to look him in the eyes. “If you’re going to act like a responsible little girl Samantha, I should treat you like one as well.” The young woman’s eyes stood large and unblinking in her face as she looked up at him. Scared of the lightning like a little girl. Thomas knew exactly what to do to remind her she was a grown woman. She knew it too, because she didn’t even struggle when he pulled her across his lap. He smacked her bottom with the palm of his hand. Samantha responded with a low moan as her nightgown flipped up, revealing the pale skin of her lower buttocks before falling down again. Each smack that followed lifted it a little more, until Thomas just pushed it aside to reveal her now glowing pink bottom. She wore no panties beneath the gown and remembering his hand on her breast, Thomas realized she didn’t wear anything but that thin soft negligee.
Samantha didn’t protest as he spanked her bottom, only soft squeals, low moan and the occasional struggle or kicking of her legs. Thomas didn’t really know why he was spanking her. Not really because of what she had done, he turned her bottom far redder than she deserved for that. It just felt good spanking her, holding her close to him, controlling her and hearing her squeals. He had needed this. From the lack of protest on Samantha’s side, he could only hope she felt somehow similar.

When Thomas finally stopped, Samantha lay panting across his lap. Her bottom was on fire, bright red and naked to his eyes and gently stroking fingers. She could not believe he had spanked her. She could not believe she had let him. When he let her sit up again, she forced back the tears in the corners of her eyes, wincing as she sat down on her sore red bottom. “Now tell me.” Thomas asked her. “What really made you come to my room in the middle of the night?”
And thus Samantha told him, blushing and unable to look into the eyes of the man who had just spanked her. She told him of when she was a little girl, playing at the playground a few blocks from her home. How it had started to rain and how she’d gotten lost, even though she’d run the route between the playground and her home a hundred times before. How she had ran around for hours in the storm until her parents found her. And how she’d been afraid of storms ever since.
When she looked up at Thomas again, his mouth was open and his eyes were full of guilt. “I’m sorry.” He said. “I didn’t know. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have spanked you.”
It was strange, but Samantha didn’t feel upset that he had. She hadn’t wanted his apologies; she had just wanted to explain. When she got up to hug him, Thomas took her by the arms instead and let her sit on his lap like a little girl. “It’s okay.” She said. “I still deserved a good spanking for letting the girls outside on their own.” She felt Thomas’ erection – now half gone since her gripping story – spasm against her bottom at her admission. It made her blush.
“Maybe.” Thomas agreed. “Though I still feel bad about it.”
Samantha looked around and up at the man holding her. “Don’t be.” She said. “I’m sure I’ve given you plenty of reasons to spank me since I started working for you. It was about time you took matters in hand.”
The look in Thomas’ eyes changed suddenly when he realized what she was telling him, admitting to him that she too had enjoyed the spanking, that she perhaps wanted more of the same. Samantha now, no longer looked sorrowful; her eyes were full of lust as she looked up at him. She too remembered his hand on her breast, his breath in her neck, his erection, well she could still feel that against her bottom right now. She reached down for it, slipping her hand into his boxers and grasping him firmly.
“Wait.” Thomas took her hand and pulled it out.
Samantha pouted disappointingly. “But, I thought…”
“Trust me.” Thomas said. “I want the same. But we both have responsibilities.” He sighed. “You should go down and get the girls from the tent and arrange their breakfast.” He smiled then. “When you’re done with your tasks, and I with mine, we should meet up here again.”
Samantha gave Thomas a teasing kiss on the lips and then got up from his lap. Walking to his door, her nightgown was barely long enough to cover the red marks hidden beneath.

When Thomas left the bathroom after his morning shower, he found his girls in the living room watching TV. It was a bit early for cartoons, he thought, but he knew why Samantha had put them there of course. Not finding the governess anywhere herself, he hurried his way upstairs to his bedroom. When he entered he found her lying face down on his bed, completely naked. Grinning, Thomas dropped the towel he had draped around himself to reveal his own nakedness; his erections standing out proudly. He gazed at her for a moment, enjoying the view of a young woman in his bed, his eyes resting on her bottom, faded to a light pink since her spanking earlier. “Well, this is the second time today I find a young lady in my bed.” He said with a grin. “And this time she is wearing even less.”
Samantha looked up at him longingly. “Maybe she hasn’t learned her lesson yet.” She said, “and you should give her a second spanking.”
Thomas laughed and crawled onto the bed beside her, kneeling as he placed one hand on her luscious bottom. “Really?” He asked. “Has she been naughty again then?”
“Oh yes.” Samantha said, moaning deeply when he smacked her bottom. “Very naughty.”
“What did she do?” Thomas asked. Smacking her bottom another time.
Samantha purred like a cat, letting him rub her bottom as she thought about her answer. “Yesterday, while you were at work.” She said. “She let the girls watch TV all night without doing her homework.”
Smack! On her bottom. “Naughty girl.” Thomas said.
“And while the girls were watching TV.” Samantha continued. “She left them alone while she played games on your computer.”
Smack! Smack! “Naughty, naughty girl. You really do deserve another spanking.”
“Yes, please.” Samantha moaned. “She didn’t even make the girls any dinner. She gave them ice-cream instead.”
“Ice-cream?” Thomas asked wickedly. “That’s it!” He grabbed Samantha by the hips and pulled her over his lap in the middle of the bed. His hand smacking her bottom as soon as she laid comfortable against his erection.
She fit perfectly across his lap, her bottom high up in the air for him to smack, her voice sultry and excited as she moaned and squealed, and her breasts readily available to play with when he paused to let her rest. The skin of her bottom was soft and warm, it coloured delightfully red as he spanked her. When his arm grew tired she started to plead with him, promising she’d be a good girl and when the pain became too great she even begged for him to stop.

For the second time today her bottom felt on fire. And this time she had asked for it herself. Surprised by herself, softly cursing the very idea of asking for a spanking, Samantha still enjoyed the rough touch of Thomas’ hand, massaging and squeezing her sore bottom. Regularly his fingers dipped down between her legs, touching her lips, which were wet with excitement. She had given him full access to herself, her legs spread open after kicking and struggling across his lap. “So, you think you’ve had enough, do you?” Thomas asked her.
Samantha blushed. Her exact words hat been: “Please, I don’t think I can take any more.” She had never thought she’d be begging him to stop like she had.
“Do you want to know what I think?” Thomas asked. “I think,’ he said without waiting for her answer. “That you’ve been lying.” He smacked her butt suddenly.
Samantha yelped in surprise and looked past her shoulder. “No.” She said.
Thomas was rubbing her bottom again, strongly, but not looking like he would hit her again. “Yes.” He said. “I don’t think you let the girls watch TV all night. Nor do I think you played games on my computer. And you definitely did not give them ice-cream for dinner, did you?”
Samantha blushed and secretly sighed of relief. She thought he’d meant something serious. “Of course not.” She said.
“You only said those things because you wanted another spanking, didn’t you? You naughty girl.” Thomas continued.
Samantha moaned softly. Instead of answering his question, she pushed up her red bottom and purring softly, begging him to touch her some more.
“What you didn’t know of course.” Thomas said. “Is that you can always tell me when you need a spanking. But I am always the one that decides when you’ve had enough. And since you’ve lied to me, I think you need a little more.”
Samantha groaned as Thomas pushed her off his lap. Just a moment ago she had begged him to stop, feeling she couldn’t take any more. But after this short respite he was already going to spank her again, and somehow she felt ready for more herself.

Thomas took Samantha by the hips and rolled her over, grinning delightedly when she yelped as her sore bottom touched the sheets. As she lay on her back, he could look her in the eyes as her raised her legs up high. She looked at him longingly and then closed her eyes as he raised his hands. He smacked her hard, again and again, watching her mouth as her lips formed the different oohs and ahs of each little squeal.
He watched her breasts as they rocked back and forth after every smack. Samantha’s eyes opening momentarily when he paused to feel them in his hand. Her eyes begged him to stop, inviting him to fuck her. When his hand slid down her bottom, up to her legs, he found her pussy wet with anticipation. She moaned when he pushed a finger inside and slightly opened her legs. Thomas grinned and pulled back to smack her bottom again. He enjoyed the surprise in her eyes and her wide-open mouth as she yelped at the sudden pain. “Don’t close your eyes” He said. “Watch what I’m doing, so you can see what happens to naughty little girls.”
Samantha blushed, but kept her eyes open and focused on him as he spanked her bottom once more. Once more she started pleading and begging. Promising him to be a good girl and never lying again. Her bottom was bright red when Thomas suddenly sat up and knelt behind her. He rested her legs against his shoulder and looked down on her with a smile. “Is this what you wanted, naughty girl?” He asked her.
Panting, Samantha looked up at him. He could see her thinking, knowing that if she gave the right answer, the spanking would be finally over. “Yes, Sir.” She said.
Thomas groaned as he repositioned herself and spread her legs, now resting each on one of his shoulders. He pushed forward slowly, sliding his erection inside her. Samantha moaned deeply. “Good girl.” He said. “I hope you learned a valuable lesson today.”
“I did, Sir.” She replied as Thomas lowly started to fuck her. “Thank you.”
Thomas grunted and picked up the pace, fucking her hard and fast. Samantha yelped as he smashed his hips against her sore red bottom, her breasts bouncing again like they had before. “Don’t!” Thomas said when she grabbed them. Obediently Samantha let them bounce free once more, letting her arms fall to the side.
Samantha came even before he did, spasming and moaning as he fucked her. The ecstatic look on her face and contraction of her muscles pushed him over the edge himself so that he came, moaning, deep inside of her.

Samantha wanted to lie in bed beside Thomas for the rest of the day. But she knew they couldn’t. When he got up to get dressed, she looked for her nightgown and fled to the guest room where she stayed most weekends. She dressed in loose clothing, sparing her bottom the touch of rough fabric. Thomas met her on the stairs down to the living room. The girls were still watching cartoons. One of them turned around when she heard them enter. “Daddy.” She asked. “Does this mean Samantha is our new mum?”
Samantha blushed furiously, unable to look up at the man beside her.
“No, honey.” Thomas answered. “Go watch TV with your sister.” His hand slipped down as the girl turned around and squeezed Samantha’s sore bottom. “She has a lot to learn first.” He whispered.

A rainy day

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Emily cursed softly as she fought her way through the seemingly endless downpour. When she had left at home, everything had seemed fine, a few clouds at most. During the train-ride however, the sky had grown dark and gloomy. As she arrived at her destination, the rain was coming down in great sheets of water. The train station was about three kilometres from the office and thus Emily had to withstand this horrible weather as she rode her bicycle to work, water coming from all directions as the passing cars drove through the deep puddles that had formed beside the road.

When she finally arrived, she stood shivering in the hallway of the office building. Her hair hung in wet strands across her face, her jacket had kept her top mostly dry, but her skinny jeans stuck to her like a second skin. When the water streaming from her body was reduced to a few drips and a sizeable pool at the building’s entrance, Emily made her way to the dressing rooms. Just a year ago, the office had – as part of a ‘sustainable business’ project – added showers and lockers for their employees. It was supposed to encourage a healthier lifestyle, allowing them to use their midday break time for physical activities or sports. Emily hadn’t used them much, but was grateful now for a quick shower to get warmed up before work.

As Emily stood beneath the hot water, enjoying the scalding heat, she heard someone else enter the dressing room. “Is that you, Emily? She recognized Catherine, the cleaning lady’s voice.

Yes Cat. Just getting warmed up before I put on some dry clothes.” She replied.

Do you want me to take your jeans and put them in the dryer?” Catherine asked. “I’ll return them when I come back and they’ll be nice and dry.”

Thanks, that would be great.” Emily replied. She didn’t want to put that soaked thing back on anyway. She always had a spare in her locker for an occasion just like this.

Finally warm again, and dry after towelling herself off, Emily quickly dressed. All of her colleagues must already be at work by now; she’d wasted enough time. Her panties were still slightly wet, the rain hadn’t spared them, but her bra and top seemed dry. Her socks she just discarded, choosing to wear her shoes without them. Only when she opened up her locker, did she realize something she’d forgotten.

Just a week ago it had rained just like today. She had worn her spare set of trousers then and hadn’t replaced them since. She had nothing to wear.

Shocked, Emily paced through the dressing room. What a stupid mistake! She had no idea what to do. Desperately she tried the other lockers, hoping she could ‘borrow’ something from her colleagues. They were all locked. When she looked past the door in the hallway to see if anyone could help her, no one was there. Quickly, Emily ran into the empty room, hoping she could find Catherine with her jeans. The cleaning lady was nowhere to be found however and Emily realised she must’ve headed home already. Defeated she stood still, there was nothing else she could do. The office she worked in was an open space, one large room with over a dozen desks, hers stood somewhere in the middle. She couldn’t go there in her undies. Just as she had decided to go back to the dressing room and hide, one of the doors opened. Emily grabbed a chair and half-successfully managed to hide her bare legs behind it’s back as her boss, John, exited his personal office. He noticed her immediately of course. “Emily, is everything all right?” He asked.

Emily blushed, but she knew there was no way out of this now. She explained her situation as best she could without stuttering.

Her boss laughed, not loudly, just a smile, but Emily blushed deeply none-the-less. “Wait here.” He said. “I’ll go ask if anyone can help you with a spare.”

Emily nodded thankfully, her face still beet-red as John passed her to the doors of the shared office. He didn’t have the decency to look the other way. Emily quickly turned the chair to hide herself from anyone looking past those doors, but couldn’t prevent her boss from seeing her in her panties.

When her boss returned however, he shook his head sadly. “I’m sorry Emily. I asked everyone but no one keeps any spare trousers or skirts here. You’ll have to make due without.”

Emily’s mouth dropped open. “What? But I can’t go in there like this!”

Well, it’s that or going home.” Her boss said mercilessly. “You could take the day off. But I don’t see how you’d want to go out like that either. I already tried calling Catherine, but she’s not answering her phone.”

Emily’s heart was racing. “Couldn’t I use your office then?” She asked.

Her boss seemed to think about this for a moment before replying. “No, Emily. I’m sorry, but I need the computer in my office. You’ll have to accept the consequences of your mistake.” When Emily didn’t react, unable to think of anything else to save her, he added: “You’re already fifteen minutes late, it’s time to get to work.”

Blushing deeply, her arms by her side, Emily walked to the office doors, her boss’ gaze following her. When she went through the doors, a few heads turned to see who was entering. When they noticed her state of undress, their eyes popped open. Trying her best to ignore them, Emily walked to her desk seemingly calm, hoping not to attract any more attention. Inside however her thoughts and emotions were racing. When she finally sat down, she started up her computer and set to work. No one in the room had said a word.

The whole morning Emily was constantly aware of her near-nudity. No matter which position she sat in, however she crossed her legs, there was no way she could hide that she was sitting there in her panties for all to see. How many of her colleagues turned her head to watch her? She wondered. Did their boss really come into the shared office more often than usual, or did she just imagine this? The morning was nerve wrecking and she had barely gotten any work done by the time everyone went out for lunch.

When she was all alone – she had decided to eat her lunch at the desk – John came into the office again. “Emily, I wanted to talk to you.”

Hoping he had good news, perhaps he had been able to contact Catherine, she turned to him. “Yes, Sir?” She asked.

I’ve been keeping an eye out today for you to see if you’d be okay.” He said. Emily blushed, so he hád come in more often. “I noticed however that you were fine, it’s your colleagues that are the problem.”

Not understanding what he meant, Emily raised her eyebrows. “What do you mean, Sir?”

They’re distracted. None of them seem to be working as hard as usual. I’ve seen many of them, mostly the men, staring at the show you’ve been putting on.”

Emily blushed. “I haven’t been putting on any kind of show!” She declared angrily.

No?” John asked her. “Then what do you call it? Sitting there constantly swaying in your chair, crossing and uncrossing your legs to draw every eye in the room, your fingers playing and fidgeting with the edge of your panties. It looks like you’re enjoying the attention just a bit too much.”

The blush on Emily’s cheeks turned scarlet. She hadn’t realized she was doing any of those things. “I was just nervous.” She tried to explain.

Whatever the reason.” Her boss answered. “Try to attract less attention the rest of the day. If that’s not too much to ask.”

Of course, Sir.” Emily replied. “I’ll try not to attract any attention.”

John left her then and Emily slowly finished her meal. She couldn’t think of anything else than what her boss had said. It was preposterous to think she’d been trying to get anyone’s attention. The racing of her heart; the warm, uncomfortable feeling in her belly, they were signs of the distress she felt, not any kind of excitement or arousal at being seen near naked by her colleagues. Yet as she ate, she grew less sure. She remembered their eyes on her, remembered even unconsciously fiddling with her panties to make sure they were on straight whenever she knew for sure someone was watching. When the first of her colleagues returned and she caught herself crossing her legs just when his eyes slid past her, she knew for sure. John hadn’t been completely mistaken. She had been secretly enjoying herself. It surprized her. She had never thought of herself as someone into anything like exhibitionism. But she now recognized her increased pulse and the warmth of her flesh as the same arousal she felt during other erotic activities.

The second half of the day Emily found herself exploring her newfound fantasy. The first time she had to ask a colleague a question, she didn’t send him an email like she’d done earlier that day. Instead she stood up and made her way to his desk. She blushed as she saw the many eyes following her way through the room. What am I doing? She asked herself, unable to stand the embarrassment when she thought of her colleagues seeing her like this. She made her way back to her desk quickly.

Despite that horrifying experiment she left her desk twice more that day, unable to stop herself. The next time she got up, her pace wasn’t brisk, but swaying and catching everyone’s eyes. The third time she was standing at a colleague’s desk, she was resting on her elbows while looking at his computer screen, bent at the waist; her bottom was on display for everyone else, her panties stretched against her round, upturned bottom. It was at precisely that moment when the door to their office opened and her boss walked in on them. Emily looked over her shoulder and saw her boss staring at her swaying behind with wide-open eyes. With a blush she stood up straight, mumbled her thanks to her colleague and made her way back to her desk.

She didn’t move from her spot the rest of the day. But still she could not help herself, rubbing her thighs, adjusting her panties or swaying in her chair as she rearranged her bare legs. She knew every eye was on her and she couldn’t help but enjoy the attention even as it made her blush with embarrassment.

At the end of the day, Emily still stayed at her desk, waiting for everyone else to leave first. When the office was empty except for herself, she got up in the hope of finding Catherine who would’ve finally brought back her trousers. Before she could leave however, her boss entered. “Emily. I need to talk to you.”

Blushing Emily sat back down in her chair. She was still uncomfortable about her state of undress, having someone look at you secretly was very different from having an actual conversation with them while they were staring at your panties. “Yes Sir?” She asked.

I thought I made it clear to you during lunch that you shouldn’t attract too much attention. But then I find you parading around the office in your underwear.”

Emily blushed; she hád been parading around. “I just had to ask a question.” She lied.

And make sure everyone else got a good look of that cute bottom of yours while you did.” John replied. “Don’t pretend otherwise, I heard that wasn’t the first time you got off your chair.” Emily bit her lip; of course they would’ve been talking about her while she was waiting for them all to leave. “Besides, from what I’ve heard and seen, you were putting on an even bigger show then before when you were sitting in your seat.”

Emily looked down, momentarily distracted by her own bare legs. By discovering this new part of herself, she had completely forgotten why her boss had made those remarks in the first place. She didn’t know what to say.

Well?” Her boss prompted. “What made you decide to not only ignore my instructions, but do the exact opposite of them?”

Emily caught herself playing with the edge of her panties as she was straining for an answer. With a start she let go and pressed her hands together. “I don’t know sir.”

John took several steps until he stood in front of her. “Stand up.” He commanded. Her heart racing, Emily got up so she stood face-to-face with her boss. He looked her in the eye, no longer distracted by her panties it seemed. “Turn around.” He said. “Put your elbows on the desk. Pretend you’re asking someone a question.”

Obediently Emily bent over, resting on the desk and presenting her bottom to her boss. Inside she was screaming: What’s going on? What is he going to do? Is he staring at me now? Suddenly, he smacked her hard on her bottom and Emily fell forward against the desk. Blushing furiously she straightened and turned around. “What are you doing?” She demanded.

John looked her in the eye, furiously calm he told her: “I’m teaching you a lesson about disobedience. A spanking seems just the thing to do so.”

Emily blushed. Her bottom was tingling; stinging where he had spanked her, her panties hadn’t been any protection. “You can’t do that.” She said, her voice unsure. “It’s sexual harassment.”

Her boss grinned. “Oh, and what do you call parading around half-naked? Distracting your co-workers? That’s more than harassment, that’s indecent exposure as well. So unless you want to find out exactly how much trouble you’re in, you turn back around and bend over your desk.”

Furiously Emily looked up at her boss. He couldn’t let him do this. It was ridiculous. But standing there defying him while she wasn’t even wearing trousers was ridiculous too. Worse, she felt that increase in her pulse again, that heavy breathing; her skin glowed where his open hand had smacked her bottom. It was the same feeling she’d had when she’d felt her colleagues watching her. It seemed impossible this would happen to her twice in a single day. Of course, a spanking wasn’t something she had never thought about, she wasn’t a complete virgin when it came to sexual fantasies. But actually experiencing all this in a single day felt like too much. Too much was happening at once. Not that she had a choice of course. John was staring down at her. “Well are you turning around or do I need to give you a helping hand?” Emily did turn, placing her elbows on the desk, raising her bottom high for her boss to spank.

The smacks on her bottom came hard and fast. No matter how aroused she felt, John wasn’t going to go light on her. Emily moaned and squealed, swinging her bottom to the side after the hardest hits or kicking up her legs. But despite her protests, she felt horny and excited, enjoying this as much as she’d discovered she enjoyed being watched. When John pulled down her panties, she did not protest, but proudly showed off her pussy as it was wet with excitement.

Her boss spanked her even harder then, her bottom felt on fire as he mercilessly turned it a bright red. When he stopped, she could barely stand, she was shaking on her legs.

Stand up straight, Emily.” Her boss told her. “We’re not done yet.”

Emily did an effort to push her bottom up. “I can’t Sir.” She pleaded. “It hurts so much.”

Her boss’ hand rested on her bottom, stroking her softly. Emma didn’t know whether her moans were from pleasure or embarrassment at the intimate touch. “Very well.” He said. “Turn around, get on the desk.”

Not knowing what else to do but obey, Emily turned around sat down on her desk. She squealed in surprise as she sat down on her sore bottom. John didn’t say anything as he took her panties, which were dangling around her knees. He pulled them off past her feet and then said. “On your back, legs up in the air.”

Relieved to take the weight off her bottom, Emily leaned back. John grabbed her legs and pushed them up, then lifted her slightly until her bottom rested on the edge of the desk. Completely exposed like this, Emily’s boss slid his finger across her pussy, down to her bottom – Emily moaned loudly – then grabbed her sore bottom. “Naughty girl.” He said. “I knew you liked the attention.” He smacked her bottom again, reigniting the sting that had started to fade. He started over again. One hand smacking her bottom while the other held her legs up in air, effectively pinning her down on the desk.

Emily moaned and begged, the pain growing rapidly as the spanking continued, past what she had imagined she could take. She begged him to stop, promised him things she would never have thought of. But John was relentless.

When he finally stopped, they were both breathless. Emily’s bottom was one mass of swollen stinging flesh, bright red and sensitive. She had closed her eyes, trying to catch her breath. Her pussy was throbbing, she expected to be touched again any moment, her boss’ exploring fingers, or even something more, something penetrating her deeply. She longed for it, surprised at her own horniness and dripping wet arousal. When she opened her eyes, John was standing a small distance from the desk. He was looking at her, but hadn’t touched her again. “You should put your panties back on.” He said. “I told Catherine to come back a bit later today, but she should be here any moment.”

Emily picked up her panties from the floor. Why did she feel so disappointed? Had she really wished that her boss had taken advantage of her even more after what he had just done? She didn’t feel anything for him, she knew. But yes, physically, sexually, she yearned for him now. She wished she were still up on her desk, experiencing his touch. Even if that meant more spanking.

When she pulled the panties back on, she winced audibly and John smiled at her. “At least I know that made an impression on you.” He said. “I’m sure you’ll think twice next time before disobeying me.”

Emily rubbed her bottom softly, but couldn’t get rid of the sting. “Yes, Sir.” She said.

And if you don’t.” Her boss continued. “I’ll just have to spank you again.”

It wasn’t a question really, but Emily answered anyway. “Yes, Sir.” She replied again. John smiled at her admission that she would submit to his discipline in the future. “And next time.” Emily added. “Maybe you could take advantage of my subordination in more ways then one.” She blushed at her own temerity.

Emily’s boss’ grin widened. But before he could offer that they still had some time to do so now, Catherine entered the office. In her hands she held Emily’s skinny jeans, her eyes however were fixed on Emily. She took in the scene: Emily standing near half naked in front of her boss. She then realised the position Emily had been in the entire day and blushed furiously. Thus reminded of it herself Emily couldn’t help but blush herself and she quickly accepted her jeans. The whole day suddenly seemed surrealistic, a dream, something that couldn’t have really happened. But when she pulled on the jeans, her sore bottom painfully reminded her that it had. The jeans, while dry, fit her snuggly; she had to pull them past her swollen bottom, whimpering softly as she did. The fabric pressed against her tightly, the sting no longer faded and Emily knew she’d feel it the whole way home until she could take them off again. That first short way by bike would be torture. Catherine was looking at her. Had she seen her struggling? Had she noticed how red her bottom was? Of course she had. So much for keeping that a secret, how long until today’s events would be the topic of gossip in the entire building? And why oh why, did that turn her on as well?

The tale of a wooden spoon

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To begin this story I will tell you about three young women. I could describe them in painstaking detail: the beautiful dresses they wore; their earrings, large and fanciful on one, missing on another; their skin soft and smooth, pale, bronzed and dark; their voices; their hair; and so much more. But I won’t. I won’t even tell you their names, except for one. Only one of them is really important in this story anyway. Her name is Emma. Emma is the one in the long red dress that hugs her hips yet hangs loosely around her legs, nearly reaching the dirty cobblestones of the shopping street. She is the one with the long brown hair, stuck up in a knot now, though usually it hangs loosely over her shoulders; her husband prefers it that way. She is the one with the silver earrings that are not nearly as large as her friends and a silver necklace, sort of like an amulet; the unknowing observer would compare it to a yin and yang symbol, but with three parts instead of two. She is the palest of the three and she is wearing a hat with a wide brim to protect her sensitive skin from the sun.
Emma is the main character in this story – though there is one more to come – and now that you know her from her friends, I can tell you more about them and what they were talking about. I could tell you all about the subjects women talk about when they are not around men or gossiping about them. I could tell you about Emma’s day at work, about her friends tuition, about their favourite place to eat or that new hipster bar that just opened. But I won’t. This story is not just about Emma, it is also about a man and they also talked about him. Before I tell you about him however, let’s listen in on the conversation Emma was having with her friends.

It was a day in spring and Emma and her friends were out together, just to have a drink and visit some of their favourite stores. The weather was finally turning for the better and the three women sat outside a local bar enjoying their beverages.
“That’s so romantic.” One of Emma’s friends exclaimed, a hint of jealousy clearly visible on her face. “I don’t think we’ve ever been out for a picnic like that.” Emma had just told them about her husbands plans for the coming weekend, they were going to a nearby nature reserve, a large forest with many secluded, romantic spots to be discovered.
“What do you think he will make?” The other asked before she could reply.
A slow smile crossed Emma’s face. “He asked me to prepare the food.” She said. “I was thinking about some French baguettes, cheese and some sausages; possibly a fruit salad as well.” A look of disappointment crossed her friends face when she told them her husband wasn’t preparing the food for their date himself. Still they were quickly smiling again, to them it still seemed like a more romantic date than they’d ever had for themselves. They didn’t know the half of it.
Emma blushed slightly at the thought and had to fight it down before she turned so red that she would have to explain her wandering mind. This trip to the woods wouldn’t be their first and it wasn’t a date, not specifically. You got asked on a date, this was more of a … summons.
For now however, with her friends, Emma could pretend it was just a romantic outing with her husband, she could forget for a while what was actually waiting for her out there.

This was how Emma spent her day with her friends. They talked about many things unimportant to this story, but every once in a while, something reminded Emma about her little secret. The truth was that Emma enjoyed this. She enjoyed the feeling of naughtiness that came with keeping this secret, the chance of being caught out no matter how small.
Maybe an hour before the three women sat down to drink, they had visited a small store that sold everything from kitchen utensils to gardening supplies, all in wood, glass or metal. Emma had wanted to buy a new wooden spoon, possibly for that fruit salad she was already thinking about. The store had many wooden spoons in different shapes and sizes, but even for a selection this large, Emma took a very long time to make her choice. If her friends hadn’t known her so well – known that Emma always had trouble deciding what she wanted – they might have wondered at this. They should have, because this spoon was not going to be used in any kind of salad.
This afternoon that Emma spent with friends is not really important to my story either. I’m just telling you about it to show you how Emma was looking forward to what is to come. Despite what you might think when you hear the rest of the story, you must understand the anticipation Emma felt to these events. Emma obeyed this ‘summons’ willingly; she chose this wooden spoon knowing its purpose; she couldn’t wait for her husband to take her out to the woods. She couldn’t wait for him to punish her.

But more about that later. Let me tell you about Emma’s husband, Perrin. He is the second main character in this story, as you might have guessed. Now please forget what I just said about Emma’s near future, it might give you the wrong impression on the kind of person Perrin really is. I would call Perrin an ordinary guy, though he would find the term insulting. He believes nobody should want to be ordinary. Yet his life would seem exactly that for the casual observer: he’s a married man, works five days a week, recently bought a house with his wife and spends his free time on a few hobbies or just simply watching TV.
Of course, anyone who knows Perrin would know these things, they’re not very interesting for this story. So let me tell you something very few people know. Perrin enjoys dominating his wife. He enjoys setting rules for her to follow. He enjoys setting tasks for her. He enjoys controlling what she does or what she wears. But most of all he enjoys punishing or rewarding her for the things she did or did not do.
I feel I should explain that Perrin does not enjoy these things because he feels in any way superior to Emma. You will find a lot of stories and histories about the superiority of men over women, but neither I nor Perrin believe in such a thing. In fact, Perrin enjoys his dominion over Emma because they are equals. Emma’s submission to him, is – by it’s very nature – a gift that can only be given by an equal. If you understand this, you will understand and agree that they feel there is nothing wrong with the parts they play in their relationship.
Understanding this simple thing about Perrin should show that he’s not so ordinary after all, as the rest of this story will undoubtedly prove.

I hope you’re not getting impatient with me. I understand the urge to get to the so-called ‘juicy’ parts of the story. But just like that which Perrin and Emma are set out to do during their picnic trip; a story is well served by a healthy dose of anticipation. Don’t worry, we’ll get there soon. First however, a story needs a build-up, some background information, something to prepare its listeners for what is to come. So let me first tell you a bit more about Perrin and about the way he prepared for their ‘date’.
You might think a punishment is just that: a punishment. But Perrin could take his wife across his knee any time of the week to spank her bottom. No, once in a while she needed just that little more: an experience she wouldn’t easily forget, something to remind her who was in charge, something to enforce her submissive mindset. Perrin would prepare well for these occasions. Some men go to lengths to surprise their wives and girlfriends, to arrange the perfect romantic date. Perrin showed his devotion to Emma in much the same way, with the exception that which he prepared was a disciplinary session.
He would often write her a letter, carefully detailing not only the bad, but also the good he had noticed in Emma’s behaviour. He would decide on which implements he would use: the hairbrush, his belt, the leather whip, the riding crop, … He would decide how long he would spank her and how hard. He would consider having her stand in the corner, tying her up, gagging her or any other form of punishment fitting the many crimes she had committed since their last session. He decided whether she deserved a reward. He could pleasure her or just demand pleasure for himself with none in return. He could fuck her or they could make love. He could make her beg or be generous. Perrin would imagine and prepare into the smallest of details.
This is what he did for this session as well. Of course things rarely go as planned and thus I will not tell you about any of his preparation or how Emma’s sassy mouth earned her much more than Perrin had initially planned.

With Perrin’s preparation to be ignored and Emma having already picked out the food and a new wooden spoon, it is time for the actual story to commence. Perhaps one more thing first. You might be wondering why Emma so desperately wanted a wooden spoon to take along on their picnic. The answer is simple of course and you might have guessed it when I told you Perrin liked setting tasks for her. Just like he had ordered her to prepare the food, he had ordered her to make sure to fit a spanking implement in the picnic basket as well. There had of course never been any doubt between them on the real purpose of their trip to the woods.
They made the trip by car and on the road, the anticipation Emma felt had reached a boiling point. She fidgeted in her seat as the skin of her body tingled all over, on her breasts, her buttocks, her thighs and everywhere in between. “Sit still.” Perrin commanded. “Don’t make me stop by the side of the road for a little preview.”
Emma huffed, but did her best to keep quiet. She had seen the grin on Perrin’s face – it had been hard to miss – and knew he enjoyed teasing her like this. Still, she was never sure whether or not he meant such threats. He would surely not spank her in such a public setting. She wasn’t sure she didn’t want him to, but for now she’d rather not find out. From the corner of her eye she saw the picnic basket on the back-seat, inside was the brand new wooden spoon she’d bought. Unconsciously she pressed her legs together and rubbed the sides of her thighs. Perrin changed to the outer lane and slowed down. “Sorry, sorry.” Emma said quickly in a startled voice. Perrin laughed out loud and picked up speed again. Emma did her very best not to stick out her tongue.

You’ll be happy to hear Emma and Perrin reached the forest without further incident – or maybe not, if you were hoping for an actual preview to the story. A small dirt-road led them right to the edge, three more cars were parked in a field and several trails led off into the forest. I could tell you know how they took the most obscure of these paths, to make sure they wouldn’t be bothered; how they walked a long way in the shade of trees and enjoyed the fresh air and the sound of birds and animals. But I will not. Just like Perrin, I have teased you long enough, so I will skip to the part where they found a small clearing in the forest, where sunlight fell through an opening in the canopy, left by a large tree fallen during a storm long ago and soft grass grew on the forest floor beneath their feet.
It was the perfect spot and Perrin gestured for Emma to hand him the picnic basket. It was time for that which they had really come here to do. He placed the basket near the fallen tree and opened it. It was nearly empty now, they had already eaten. The wooden spoon however was still clean and unused, he placed it on the baskets lid and looked at his wife standing just a few steps away. She wore a thin blouse for the warm weather and a fine skirt reaching just to her knees. Her legs were bare, not ideal to go trudging through a forest, but it was at his request, trousers would just get in the way for the things he had in mind. There were some traces of red where the undergrowth had snapped at her lower legs. With a grin Perrin decided that could serve as part of the experience. The only thing slightly spoiling the picture where the heavy walking shoes she was allowed to wear. But then again, those just served as a reminder that she had accepted – on her own free will – to walk all this way, just for her punishment. “You know why we are here.” He said, it wasn’t really a question.
“Yes.” Emma said. She looked at the same time abashed and yet proud.
“Do you want me to explain again why you need to be disciplined?” Perrin asked. “Or do you remember all those tiny things you’ve done or forgotten, all the rules you’ve broken since the last time you found yourself in this position?”
Emma blushed but bravely replied: “I’m sure I’ll remember while I’m across your knee.”
Perrin grinned at her cheeky answer, he could make her account for it, but he had made her – made himself – wait long enough. It was time he got what he wanted. He sat down on the fallen tree and reached out with his hand. “Ok.” He said. “Come here.”

Emma did not blush, she did not hesitate, she didn’t do any of the things other girls might do when they are about to be spanked. She had been waiting for this just as long as Perrin had. She wanted this just as much as he did. She let him guide her across his lap. It was not until he slowly lifted her skirt, baring her bottom to the touch of his hand that she felt a slight hint of apprehension. She could never really forget how much one of his spankings could hurt.
Before I tell you how Perrin’s hand reddens her bottom, how Emma kicks and squeals; let me first tell you in more detail about the position she finds herself in. Now that she’s still mostly composed. Face down across Perrin’s knee, Emma can’t see more than a few tree trunks in front of her, sticking up from the undergrowth. Her hands are resting in the soft grass, she can smell it: the grass and the forest. The only sound she hears is the twittering of birds in the treetops far above her. Perrin is like an unyielding bench beneath her hips, she can already feel his excitement in his growing erection against her lower belly. His one hand rests on her lower back, holding her in place firmly even though she isn’t trying to escape … yet. The other hand rests loosely on her left buttocks, it feels warm, but so does the warm forest air. When that hand takes down her panties, all the way to her ankles, she is very much aware of where the air touches previously covered pieces of herself. Pieces that are now exposed to anyone who might pass this way. It is enough to make her blush, even though she knows chances are slim anything else than a squirrel would be watching.

Perrin savoured that moment before the first smack fell. His hand caressed his wife’s bare bottom. Right now, she was completely under his control. He felt a kind of perverse satisfaction in the sensual act of tracing her curves with his fingers. She had accepted his power over her because she deserved to be disciplined. But instead he could take advantage of her to satisfy his sexual tendencies by touching her so intimately. Of course, spanking her would be just as satisfying and thus he raised his hand. Emma raised her bottom expectantly and Perrin let it come down with a soft smack.
It wasn’t a hard smack, not at all, and Emma’s moan was one of disappointment if anything. But today Perrin wanted her to last. His hand moved quickly, the smacks alternating between her buttocks, making sure he didn’t miss an inch of her voluptuous bottom, but never smacking her hard enough that it would actually sting. Emma’s bottom was raised high, begging him for more, enjoying the sensation brought by his gentle hand. Perrin could see her exciting building, he could see the hidden wetness between her legs, he could nearly smell it. He knew she’d have to wait a long time before he’d let her have what she desired. It was time to put some more force in his swing.

Emma bit her lips to stop her moaning as the gentle spanking increase a hundred-fold the tingling sensation she’d been feeling the whole day. After a while she forgot why she was there, about the punishment that awaited her. She could only enjoy the arousal brought by her husbands hand. It was at that moment that the first stinging smack landed.
It didn’t hurt, it was still softer than much she had experienced in the past. But the soft sting spreading through her buttocks was a preview of what was to come, a reminder of why she was face down across her husbands knee. All she wanted right now was for him to touch her intimately once more and let her cum. Instead a second stinging smack hit her other buttocks. Emma groaned dutifully, letting her husband know she had felt the difference in force. She also knew full well this would only encourage him to keep going.
Each smack on her bottom came slower now, there was a longer build-up for each smack and more force behind each of them. The tingling sensation in her bottom was replaced by a soft stinging one. Still, she did not feel naughty yet, this wasn’t yet a punishment, it was much too enjoyable for that.
When Perrin’s hand stopped to rest on her bottom, she knew he was preparing for another increase in intensity. “That should be enough of a warm-up.” Perrin said. Emma closed her eyes and awaited the first smack.
It came quickly and hard. The sting was many times that of what she had endured up to that point. The sound of it echoed against the trees around them, followed shortly by her yelp of surprise. Emma had little time to be surprised at how hard Perrin could hit her when he really tried. The next few smacks came in a flurry; not as hard as the first, but still enough to graduate the soft sting in her bottom to a fully evolved red hot stinging pain. After this quick but short assault on her bottom Perrin followed up with slow measured strokes, in strength somewhere in between that first hard smack and the quick ones that had followed it. They came at a speed that gave her just enough time to think between moans and yelps. She thought of the colour of her bottom, it must surely be more than just pink by now. She thought of the echoing sound of each smack, any hikers out there would hear those long before she would hear them. She thought of being spanked and the reasons why she, a grown woman, should endure such pain and embarrassment; remembering of course that she had agreed to it willingly; remembering all the rules she’d broken and all misdeeds done.

Perrin swung his arm tirelessly. You would think the repeated motion would tire you out, but Perrin felt he could keep this up for hours if he wanted to. He savoured each smack: the feeling of Emma’s sensitive skin glowing beneath his fingers; the way she moved as he held her down; the sounds she made each time the palm of his hand connected with her bottom. He knew it hurt, he heard it in her moans and yelping. Earlier I told you Perrin enjoyed dominating his wife, but he also enjoys hurting her. It was proof that this was more than a play. His control was absolute even to the point of such physical discomfort. It isn’t even just about control, actually causing the pain and hearing and feeling her reaction to it turned him on. This might sound wrong, but when others like Emma can enjoy receiving pain, why would it be wrong to enjoy being the one giving it? There is of course a limit to this. Perrin loves his wife and he can only hurt her so much. In fact he knows that if he ever hurts her for more than she can handle, the guilt he will feel would vastly overwhelm any pleasure he could derive from such an act. But this is yet another reason why he enjoys punishing his wife, how he can test her limits, flirt with the edges of what he can and cannot do and give them both that which they want and need.
And what Emma needed right now was a good firm spanking, so Perrin picked up the pace, no longer giving her that time to think between each smack. Her bottom coloured a wonderful red between his fingers.

Emma crossed her legs as Perrin suddenly increased her punishment once more. She knew he loved it when she wriggled and kicked her legs. He longed for that show of discomfort, that inability to control herself. She wouldn’t give it to him. Not yet.
Her bottom was burning however. It felt like it was on fire and she needed all her concentration to accept what he gave her. She barely made a sound, needing all the breath she could gather in order to breathe. She was not sure of how much more she could take and he hadn’t even picked up the wooden spoon yet. For a moment she feared he might have forgotten. But no, he would not. They’d never used a spoon before, there was no way he would miss the opportunity to experiment with it. This brought another fear however, she had no idea how much it would hurt, or if she could even handle being spanked with a spoon. It had such a tiny zone of impact on such a long handle…
When the smacks stopped, Perrin’s hand felt hot and heavy resting on her glowing bottom. “Are you okay?” He asked her.
‘No.’ Emma wanted to say. ‘My bottom is on fire.’ But she knew his concern was genuine and not something she should joke about. “Sorry, I was just distracted.” She said.
Perrin softly scratched her sore buttocks with the back of his nails. It was a sensation she both loved and hated, it seemed impossible how much such a simple act could hurt. “I must not be doing my best if you can feel distracted.” He said.
“Oh no.” Emma managed after her gasp at the sudden pain. “I was just thinking of the wooden spoon. Wondering when you wanted to use it.”
She felt Perrin bend over to pick it up. He rubbed the smooth wooden end over the tops of her buttocks. “I guess I can give the lady what she wants.” She could hear the grin on his face in his words.

Perrin used the wooden spoon as an excuse to give Emma a moment to recuperate. The spanking had grown intense and he knew she was close to her limit. He took advantage of the pause to play and tease. He stroked her softly with the spoon, the wood barely touching her skin. He traced the curves of her bright red behind and let it slip down between her buttocks. His eyes followed it to her most intimate areas and noticed the wetness hidden there when his wife raised her bottom in an appreciative motion. It always surprised him how aroused she could still be after an intense spanking, with a bottom so sore and painful. Himself he had been erect from the moment she’d let herself be draped across his lap.
Perrin had no idea how long he’d been sitting like that, on the fallen tree with his wife across his lap. He had been so absorbed in the act that he had ignored his surroundings. Now, as he let her rest, he looked around. The clean smell of the forest surrounded them, it was eerily quiet now that the sound of the spanking was no longer echoing against the trees. If anyone had heard them before, he wouldn’t have known; if anyone had seen them, he would’ve been too busy to notice. The thought lit a spark of excitement. He had often imagined them being caught and even thought of spanking his wife in a more public setting. He would proudly announce that yes, he spanked his wife, she deserved it, she wanted it and trusted him to be fair and just yet strict when he did. Emma would be embarrassed of course. She should be, embarrassed for her naughty behaviour that got her in so much trouble, embarrassed that she needed her husband to spank her for her misdeeds. Emma enjoyed the threat of being caught, but he was unsure she could handle the actual embarrassment of being seen. He respected that and would never take the risk until she indicated otherwise. In the meantime, he took her out here into the forest, where no-one could find them, but where they could both enjoy that feeling of danger. It was time to continue.

While the air had felt warm before, now it felt cool in comparison to her burning behind. As she rested across her husbands lap and managed to catch her breath, Emma tried to prepare for the second part of her punishment. She knew the worst was yet to come. From what I have told you, you should realize that Emma enjoys these spankings, physically and emotionally. You might wonder then, how they could be in any way useful as a form of discipline.
The truth is they aren’t. Not in the traditional way that punishment is meant to instil fear into you. Emma does not follow her husbands rules because she is afraid of punishment. She follows his rules because she wants to. She submits to him because it turns her on, it turns him on, it makes him happy just as it makes her happy. The discipline is not meant to make her fear, it is meant to encourage her to try harder. The traditional form of discipline would prove its shortcomings after a few repeats, if she hadn’t improved her behaviour after a couple of those, she never would. But no matter how much you improved, there is always room for more and more encouragement besides. Those encouragements could be harsh and painful lessons, or long and sensual sessions. No matter how well she behaved, she’d get them eventually. But when she tried her best, they were more enjoyable then when she didn’t. That’s how they worked.
When Perrin lifted the wooden spoon from her bottom, she knew her time for such thoughts was up. Her behaviour hadn’t been too much to her husbands tastes these last few weeks and today’s session would not be without it’s share of pain. She clenched her teeth and grasped at the grass in front of her as the first stinging smack landed on her already sore behind. Already a lot off the grass had been pulled from the ground where her hands rested.
Unlike his hand, the wooden spoon set just a tiny spot in her buttocks ablaze and not her whole buttocks in one single stroke. It was like a single spot that stung just a bit more than the rest. A moment later it was joined by another spot on the other buttocks, stinging even more. Perrin got into a slow rhythm and set the spoon to connect with her bottom harder and harder. He was testing how hard he could swing the new implement before she reacted. Emma knew he wouldn’t stop increasing his force before she gave him a reaction. Bravely she kept still until over a dozen sharp stinging spots covered her bottom. When she finally let out a soft yelp, she feared she had waited too long. That last smack stung much more and from now on she knew he would consider this the proper amount of force to use. Before she could chide herself for her stubbornness, a flurry of smacks spread across her bottom. The many stinging spots combined into one fiery stinging sensation that set her legs kicking and made her squeal and curse.

The wooden spoon made a satisfying swishing sound as Perrin swung it. Well he didn’t really swing it, not with his arm like he had when spanking Emma with his bare hand. He made a single motion with his wrist, using the spoons long handle for momentum. It made it easier to land many quick smacks in rapid succession. Which is exactly what he did after he found the best angle and strength to use.
The result couldn’t have been more satisfying. Emma started to kick and struggle, finally losing that last bit of self control. She had given up control to him when she let herself be put over his lap of course, but Perrin enjoyed exacting every last bit of it, until she was no longer in control of her own body. He had wanted to let her rest after that first initial burst of pain. But when he paused, he heard the noises she made were not just grunts and moans, but curses as well. “Emma. Those words are not proper for a young lady. Especially not for one in your current position.” He said.
The kicking and struggling stilled. “I think it’s perfectly normal for someone in my current position.” She replied.
Perrin bit back a laugh and tried to sound stern. “Very well.” he said, it seemed she was ready for more. Now swinging with his elbow he put a bit more force behind the smacks as he paddled her bottom with the wooden spoon.
“I’m sorry.” Emma said after her initial surprised yelp. “I didn’t mean that, please wait.”
But Perrin didn’t. Emma knew well enough the risk of her own cheekiness and now she’d have to pay for it. She squealed and howled as he peppered her bottom. She kicked her legs and struggled. But she no longer cursed, she probably needed her breath for these first actual cries of pain.

By the time her husband stopped, Emma was out of breath and no longer able to resist in any way. Had her bottom seemed on fire before? It couldn’t have been anywhere near as hot as it felt now. Her mind switched between an a feeling of injustice that she had to let him do these things to her, disbelief that she let him do so again and again; and a promise to herself that she would try harder, would be a better submissive to make sure their next session wouldn’t be this bad. Still, when Perrin told her to stand up, she felt – despite her discomfort, despite the pain, despite knowing she couldn’t possible take any more than what he had given her – a sense of disappointment that it was over.
“Did you learn anything today?” Perrin asked her when she stood in front of him. Her skirt had fallen down and chafed against her sore skin, she winced as she thought of the long walk back.
“Yes, sir.” She replied dutifully.
Perrin smiled. “I guess these next few days we’ll see if that’s true.” He looked her up and down. “Now, get on your knees please.”
Emma’s heart jumped to her throat, but she quickly obeyed her husbands orders. Almost all sessions ended like this, she would prove to him she was a dutiful submissive. She would pleasure him to thank him for his time and the valuable lessons and encouragement he gave her to help better herself. Truth be told, she loved it. Kneeling in front of him now, she knew exactly what he wanted. She could already feel him in her mouth, already taste him. It was odd that this gave her a sense of power, her ability to pleasure her husband in this way. She was also wrong.
Perrin moved to the side and patted the fallen tree he’d been sitting on. “Bend over.” He said.
Surprised and now unsure of his plans, Emma obeyed.
“Do you remember what I asked you before we started?” Perrin asked her.
“No.” She admitted.
“I asked you whether you remember all the naughty things you’ve done since your previous disciplinary session. Do you remember how you answered?”
A cold realisation dawned on her and Emma shook her head. “Was I cheeky?” She asked.
“You were.” Perrin replied. “And do you know what happens to cheeky girls?”
‘They get chocolate.’ Emma wanted to say. But no, her bottom was already sore, she had promised herself to try harder at following the rules. “They get spanked.” She said meekly, quickly followed by: “I’m sorry.” She didn’t point out he had already spanked her, that had been planned long before her cheeky reply, that spanking had been for something else. This next one was for the things she’d done after.

“They do indeed.” Perrin said as he raised his hand. The rush of excitement he had was almost overwhelming. He had set it all up of course, toying with her head, planning this last bit of her punishment after she would’ve thought it was all over. Ever since he’d seen this fallen log he’d wanted to bend her over it. The arch of her back, the way her red bottom stuck up in the air, it was a perfect way to end it. He used his hand to spank her now, slow and firm smacks. Her bottom was sore and hadn’t had much rest, his wife moaned each time his hand connected with her behind. The sound set his blood boiling and Perrin could no longer help himself. After just a dozen smacks he slid off the tree and knelt behind her. He undid his belt and lowered his trousers, then grabbed his wife by the hips. After all he had done to her, Emma was still wet and ready for him. He slipped into her easily. It wasn’t soft sensual love-making. No, Perrin fucked his wife hard there on the forest floor, bent over a fallen tree. If her moans are to be believed she enjoyed it just as much as he did.
When he climaxed and his thrusting came to a sudden stop Emma moaned softly, begging for more. “No, not for you.” Perrin said, roughly grabbing her sore buttocks. “You’ll have to earn it first.” He stood up and pulled up his trousers.
Emma stood up as well, rubbing herself against her husband in a hug. “What do I have to do?” She begged.

Emma looked up at her husband with her most pleading eyes. She was so horny she could barely contain herself, her buttocks were sore, her skirt chafed, her knees were sore as well now and she was wet from his juices between her thighs. She wanted nothing more than his permission to cum.
“You’ll need to prove that you will honestly do your best to improve your behaviour from now on.” Her husband told her. He had a mean grin on his face and Emma realized he wasn’t going to make things easy on her. “Turn around.” He said when Emma did not reply.
Emma turned quickly, showing she could follow orders seemed prudent if she was going to prove herself properly submissive. Perrin rolled up her skirt to her lower back and tucked it behind the elastic, once more exposing her red bottom to the warm air, yet protecting it from the touch of her skirt. “You’ll walk in front of me while we return to the car.” He said. “Whenever you have an errant thought, a desire to do something naughty or an improper idea; you will stop and ask me: ‘please sir, could you spank me?’ I will carry the spoon and will happily oblige.” Emma’s face turned red as her husband unfolded his plans, but he did not let her interrupt. “If, when we reach the car, I think you’ve been truthful, I will see to it personally that you get your reward.”
Emma blushed and took a few breaths before she could reply. “You can’t punish me for what I think.” She said.
Perrin smiled. “I’m not punishing you.” He said. “You’re asking me and I’m just helping.” Then he grinned. “How hard can it be, you can’t possible be feeling up to any naughtiness so shortly after your recent discipline.”
Emma reached behind her to rub her bottom and with a wince pulled back her hands quickly, reminding herself once more of how recent that had actually been. “Fine.” She said. To tell you the truth, she didn’t want to argue. She loved the idea of walking in front of her husband, proudly displaying her red bottom, knowing he’d only have eyes for her and her swaying walk. She also felt giddy at the idea that a bare-bottomed walk through the forest increased the chances of being caught by a lot. Of course if they did get caught, all she had to do was pull down her skirt. She just hoped that should that happen Perrin would still give her the reward he’d promised. He wouldn’t want her to keep her red bottom on display if anyone could see, could he? Doubt, anxiety and excitement ate at her as they made their way back through the forest the way they’d came. They didn’t encounter anyone on their way.

It had slowly grown darker as they found their way out of the forest. To Perrin’s surprise he’d had the pleasure of swinging the wooden spoon at Emma’s bottom another seventeen times. That was a lot more than he’d expected and while he was rewarded with a soft moan for each of them, he couldn’t help but wonder what things his wife had been thinking about when she stopped and asked him to ‘please spank me’.
When they returned to the field where they had parked, he freed Emma’s skirt from its elastic before they walked to the car. Only two cars remained including their own, the other was quite dirty, as if it had been there for a while. “Put your panties back on.” Perrin commanded. “You know the rules for a proper young lady.”
Emma blushed and looked at him expectantly. “Don’t you have them?” She asked.
“Why would I have your panties?” Perrin asked in confusion.
Emma shrugged and a slow blush crept up on her face. Perrin suddenly realized. “You forget them didn’t you?” He asked.
Emma nodded. “I guess, yes.”
Perrin wanted to laugh but suddenly had a much better idea. “Well that will be an interesting find for the next hiker passing our spot.” He said with a stern voice. “You should be more careful. Not only are you littering the forest and leaving behind inappropriate mementos, you’re also breaking one of the rules by not wearing any panties for the long ride home.” He smiled wickedly. “Luckily, I know exactly what to do about that.”
He took Emma by the wrist and walked her to the car. Then he made her bend over the hood of the car and lifted her skirt, exposing her bottom in the dark field outside the forest.

Emma could feel her heart thumping beneath her breasts. The car’s hood was warm beneath her hands from standing in the sun all day. The air in comparison was cool against her glowing bottom. The long walk back had cooled it down considerably. It was probably more pink than red by now, ignoring a few round spots that might show a bruise. She was not afraid of another spanking. It always surprised her how quickly she recuperated from one and how fast she could feel ready for more. There were limits of course, after what she’d already gotten it wouldn’t take long before the stinging pain came back as hotly as it had been before. She waited breathlessly as Perrin walked around the car to put their basket in the trunk, wondering whether he’d keep the spoon or not.
She felt very exposed out here. Inside the forest things had been manageable, but out here, with a strange car right beside their own, where anyone could come and go, they were at a much higher chance of being seen. You could see a long distance across the fields, luckily it was nearly completely dark by now.
The relief she felt when Perrin returned without the spoon was quickly smothered when she saw him undo his belt. “Oh no, please.” She mumbled, but not loud enough for him to hear.
“Six lashes with the belt.” Her husband said. “And you revoke your right to a reward. Or twelve lashes and you get your reward right after, out here where anyone can see what a naughty girl you’ve been.”
Emma blushed but did not hesitate. “Twelve, please sir.”
She heard her husband positioning himself to her right and then heard the belt swinging before it hit. She cried out softly. She’d been wrong, the pain didn’t come back quickly, it was already there! She yelped and squealed as the thick leather belt set her bottom ablaze for five more lashes. Then her husband switched sides for the second half. Bravely, Emma took her punishment, keeping her bottom up high in the air as she leaned on their car. Proudly she presented her sore red bottom to her husband. He rewarded her with six more hard, painful swats with his belt.
Perrin dropped the belt and was suddenly beside her. His hand pushed her legs apart. “Good girl.” He said and pushed two fingers deep inside her. Emma moaned loudly as he thrust them in and out. His second hand swatted her bottom. Normally they would have been playful swats, but with her bottom so sore, they renewed the sting again and again. Emma buckled her hips and arched her back, begging for more. The first hand slid down, the two wet fingers finding her clit as his thumb took their place inside her. With just three fingers he held her and she was completely in his control once again. A few more smacks with his other hand and she was shaking uncontrollably. “Please sir, can I cum?” She managed just in time.
“Yes.” Her husband said, just a single word and Emma finally got her reward.

I could end the story here I suppose. I could leave you with this last image of Emma, bent over the hood of the car, sweating and moaning, her red bottom thrust in the air, her husbands fingers deftly bringing her to climax. But I prefer another image, the image that Perrin remembers the most when he thinks back on this particular day.
It was in the car on their way home. Both of them were satiated and exhausted. But for Emma the trail wasn’t really over yet. It was a long ride home and there is only one proper way to sit in a car. Her bottom was pressed firmly in the car seat for the long ride home. She had lifted her skirt all the way in the back so that her hot bottom was in direct contact with the cool leather of the seats. It didn’t help much, but it did give her husband a nice view of her bare legs and thighs. Emma was constantly aware of her sore bottom and Perrin could see it in her face. Emma fidgeted and moved as if there was a possible position in which she could sit comfortably.
“Emma, what did I tell you about sitting still?” Perrin asked her.
Emma blushed and tried her best not to move or show her discomfort. That is the image Perrin remembers most fondly. His lovely wife with her face blushing red, an adorable pout on her lips and her legs bared to cool her bottom from a well earned spanking.

Spanking at the park – choose a story

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A little while ago I posted a poll. In this poll you were to choose a picture on which i would improvise a story. When I did however, I made a mistake and forgot to add one of the options to the poll. I added the option later, but it obviously got a lot less votes.

To make up for my mistake, I wrote a short story for the picture that was at first left out of the poll. Hope you enjoy:


The sun stood high in the sky and the soft breeze was just enough to make the day’s heat bearable. It was a warm summer’s day and the local park was already slowly filling up. Most of the students were still at school however and it was still quiet enough for Mike to sit and enjoy reading his book in the shade of a tree. Shortly ater he sat down, a young couple passed him and lay down in the grass just a few feet away from him. Mike noticed because the girl was wearing an extremely short dress. Those were one of the reasons he enjoyed sitting in the park in the summer, at least outside the peak hours like today. As he looked up over the edge of his book, he saw the girl had turned on her side, her tiny skirt barely enough to cover her full, round bottom. The guy she was with lay on his back, his cap covering his face to protect his eyes from the sun. The girl played with the grass beneath her hands as she was obviously bored as her boyfriend dozed off. Mike couldn’t stop looking, he was completely distracted from his book by her bare legs and the darkness beneath her skirt. Just an inch or so more and he might catch a glimpse of her panties, he thought.
Suddenly the girl looked over her shoulder and caught him peeking at her. Mike blushed and looked down at his book. But over the edge of the text he could see her smiling at him, she did not look away again. Then he noticed her hand reaching down as she pulled up her skirt slightly. Mike’s breath caught as he caught a glimpse of the bright red panties underneath. He pretended to be reading his book as he grew rock hard with excitement. The girl wriggled her bottom slightly as she returned her attention to the grass in front of her.
Every time Mike lowered his book and peeked at her legs and panties, the girl looked up and smiled at him, as if she could feel his eyes on her. Long minutes passed, Mike read the same page in his book four, five times, without remembering what he was reading. He was not sure what to do, the girl obviously enjoyed teasing him, but was he supposed to keep watching, or just occassionally peek? The guy laying next to her was completely oblivious of what was going on. At one point the girl looked over her shoulder at her boyfriend before curling up a bit more, showing off a bigger part of her panties and the curves of her bottom. Mike took a deep breath and failed to pretend he was still interested in his book. The girls hand appeared between her legs, rubbing the soft red fabric between her legs. The curve of her lips became obvious beneath her panties as she slightly spread her legs to pressed a single finger between them.
Mike’s breathing grew ragged as the girl rubbed herself, his own pants threatened to burst and he felt a deep urge to touch himself. He was afraid however to move as it might spoil the moment.
The girl bit her lip and stared at him, making no secret of what she was doing, of he she enjoyed hm watching her. A small moan escaped her lips and the guy beside her moved. She froze and Erik quickly looked down at his book.

His heart was beating at lightning speed. He heard the guy sit up. HE felt like he’d been caught doing something wrong, even though he hadn’t done anything, just watch. “What are you doing?” He heard the guy ask.
The girl’s answer was whispered, too quiet to be heard.
A small argument arose and Mike tried to focus on his book. The guy was loud and clear while the girl was quiet and embarrassed. No matter how hard he tried to ignore them, he couldn’t help overhearing the things he said. “… you’re always doing this … so inappropriate … embarrassing …”
When the girl suddenly squealed, Mike quickly looked up. He feared the guy might’ve hit her in his anger. Instead, he saw her laying across his lap with her bottom in the air. The red panties and curved bottom she’d been teasing before were now in full display for anyone to see. Her boyfriend smacked her bottom hard and Mike’s erection returned immediately. He no longer pretended to read his book as he witnessed the young girl’s public spanking. The quick hard smack and her squeals and moans. Before she could react her panties were lowered and Mike had a great view of her bare bottom and a pussy still wet from when she’d been rubbing herself before. The spanking continued as the girl squirmed and begged, her bottom slowly turning nearly as red as her panties had been.
When they finished the girl rolled off her boyfriend’s lap and quickly covered herself. The guy scolded her in a whispered voice, this time Mike could not understand what they were saying.
After a while, the girl stood up and approached him, rubbing her bottom as she stood in front of him. “I want to apologize.” She said. “For exposing myself in front of you and creating an embarrassing and humiliating situation for the both of us. I’m sorry.”
Mike stared at her in surprize. “It… It’s okay.” He said. “I didn’t mind.”
The girl blushed. “Thank you.” She said before quickly running back to her boyfriend.

Parent’s night – choose a story

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A little while ago I posted a poll with different pictures from which you could chose a story. I have now finished the story inspired by this winning picture, hope you will all enjoy:


As a young mother, Samantha raised her daughter, Anna, all by herself. The father, had disappeared shortly after their fling, leaving her a teenage mother. Taking care of the child on her own had not been easy and when puberty hit, Anna had been nearly unmanageble. By the time her daughter turned sixteen, Samantha had feared she would turn out just like her: a school drop-out with a belly big from some acne-ridden boy she met at a party. That’s when she intervened and sent her daughter to a different school. Anna had been attending the private institute for three months now and her beaviour had already improved remarkably.
The OTK Institute for Girls was a girls-only boarding school that was specialized in trouble-makers like Anna. One of their controversial policies was the use of corporal punishment. Anna had already more than once arrived home on friday with faded marks on her bottom. The girls stayed at school during the week, under constant supervision, only going home during the weekends and holidays. The school kept an open communication with the girls’ mothers, keeping them involved and informed. Every other month, some of the mothers were invited to the school to discuss their daughter’s progress. Which was why Samantha now made her way through the school’s hallways, looking for the classroom with Anna’s superviser.

When she finally arrived at the typical classroom, opening the door without knocking, she feared she’d gotten the wrong room. A blush krept up her face as she saw a woman, a bit older than herself, standing in the corner of her room with her bottom bared and red from a spanking. Before she could apologize and leave however, the other woman in the room sitting behind the desk spoke: “You must be Samantha, Anna’s mother? Please come in.”
Confused and unsure of what was going on Samantha approached the desk and sat down on one of the hard wooden chairs. She tried her best to ignore the woman in the corner.
“I’m Erika, Anna’s school superviser. This your first evaluation, isn’t it Samantha?”
Samantha confirmed her that it was. The young woman – she must’ve been 5-7 years younger than herself – started listing the good and bad behaviour her daughter had displayed at her school. She asked if Samantha had received all the notes with concerns from teachers. Samantha confirmed that she had.
“Anna’s behavious has improved since she is with us.” Erika concluded. “But not nearly as much as we expected. We’ve already talked to her about this, and it’s made us think you might be the problem.”
Samantha blushed. “Me?” She asked. “What do I have to do with it?”
“You are her mother, aren’t you?” Erika asked. “What have you done to improve her behaviour? How have you improved her upbringing?”
Samantha didn’t know what to say. She hadn’t done anything really, except for sending her to a new school. “What do you mean?” She asked.
“You haven’t punished her when she got in trouble? Or rewarded her for good behaviour, have you? You’ve put all that responsibility in our hands without doing anything yourself.”
Confused Samantha replied: “Isn’t that the whole point? In this school she will be taught discipline and how to behave herself.”
Erika shook her head. “This is a joined enterprise. We work together with the girls’ parents, especially their mother, to better their lives. You will need to do better in the future, or you will find yourself in this room much more often than you will like.”
“What happens in this room then?” Samanthe asked.
Erika looked over her shoulder at the woman in the corner. Samantha had almost forgotten about her. “Haven’t you guessed?” She asked. “You’re getting the sme treatment your daughter does when she misbehaves.”
Samantha blushed deeply. “You’re joking! You can’t do that.”
Now it was time for Erika to look confused. “Of course we can. You agreed to it when you signed her up for this school.”
Samantha shook her head. “I agreed to no such thing.”
Erika turned and pulled a pack of paper from a drawer beneath the desk. “It’s right here in the school rules.” She said. “You should’ve gotten a copy when you signed it. You did sign the rulebook, didn’t you?”
Samantha blushed. She remembered signing the thing. She hadn’t read it of course, who ever read a school’s rulebook? “Yes, but…”
“There’s two chapters about discipline, one for the girl assigned to the school and one for her mother. You can’t have missed it, so I don’t see the problem…” The superviser stood up from her chair and Samantha shrank back in her chair.

A second chair stood beside the desk. The superviser sat down and carefully arranged her skirts. “If you have no further objections.” She said. “You can come lie across my lap. I see you’re not wearing pants so you don’t need to pull those down. I’ll deal with your panties myself.”
Samantha blushed scarlet. She had no idea what to do. Running away was too embarrassing, but getting spanked would be even worse. She couldn’t run away of course. If they refused to accept Anna, she’d become her old unmanageble self. She needed them. She just didn’t understand why she had to be spanked.
‘Because you’re a bad mother.’ A tiny voice said in her head. Samantha blushed deeply. But part of her felt the voice was right. Suddenly she felt guilty. It wasn’t the first time she felt like this. Every time she’d seen the faded marks on her daughter’s bottom or the note in her agenda saying ‘discipline administered’, she’d felt that guilt, the feeling that she was failing her daughter.
Slowly she got up and moved to Erika’s side. She promised herself then that she would try harder, that she would be a better mother. The spanking she was about to receive would just serve as an extra encouragement to do better. She bent over Erika’s lap.
The young woman grabbed her by the hips and pulled Samantha forward until her hands rested on the floor, her bottom atop Erika’s lap high in the air. Samantha blushed thinking of how her own daughter must’ve found herself in the same position across the same woman’s knee. Erika grabbed the hem of her dress and pulled up the skirt until her panties showed. Samantha whimpered at the humiliating position she found herself in. “These are cute.” The young woman said. “Where did you buy them?”
Samantha blushed scarlet. Why was she talking about her underwear? “Victoria’s secret.” She replied.
“I like them.” Erika said. “Anna has some like thse too, doesn’t she?” She asked as she slipped her fingers behind the elastic and slowly pulled them down to bare her bottom. “Though they might be a bit inappropriate for such a young girl.”
“She doesn’t have anything like these.” Samantha replied, momentarily distracted from the fact her bottom was being bared. “Unless she…”
Erika pulled her panties the rest of the way to her knees with a short jerk. “Unless she stole yours.” She finished her sentence.
Samantha blushed, suddenly aware of how exposed she was.
“Well then, let me show you a way to deal with her the next time she steals one of your underwear.” Erika said. And without further warning, she swung her hand and smacked Samantha’s bottom.
Samantha squealed in surprize, but Erika didn’t give her much time to breath. One smack followed the other and the sound of flesh hitting flesh filled the room, accompanied by Samantha’s squeals and whimpering.

As her bottom slowly turnd red, Samantha fought to keep her self-composure. Though that proved impossible in the position she was in. Her hair hung in front of her eyes, her bottom stung, it hurt and was only getting worse, she couldn’t stop herself squealing or kicking her legs and tears were making a mess of her mascara.
The young woman who held her down with a single hand pressed against her lower back was obviously experienced in giving a good spanking. She never knew where the next smack woul land, how hard, how fast. She’d spank herslowly, hard, each smack sending a shockwave through her body and leaving behind a large stinging area on her bottom. Then she’d suddenly speed up, spreading a quick flurry of stinging smacks all across her bottom that made her squeal and try to wriggle away to safety. But there was no safety to be had, not from that hand punishing her bottom. Dark lines of mascara ran down her cheeks as Samantha cried for her helplessbess, her guilt, the pain and the extreme embarrassment.
Her bottom was bright red when Erika finally let her rest. The young woman’s hand rested on her thighs, uncomfortably reminding her of her embarrassing nudity, but thankfully away from her hot stinging cheeks. “You can get up now.” She said.
Samantha stood, she winced when her skirt fell down, brushing heavily against her sore bottom. She carefully touched them.
“Don’t start rubbing yet.” Erika said. “Stand over there and bend over my desk please.”
Samantha’s eyes popped open in surprise. “What? No, please no, not any more.” She pleaded.
Erika walked to the desk and picked up a long wooden ruler. “Now Samantha!” She said. “A simple hand-spanking might be enough for a little girl like Anna. But for a grown woman like yourself we need to be more dilligent.”
At each step that Samanthe took she wanted to turn and run, until she finally reached the desk.
“Bend over.” Erika said.
Whimpering Samantha bent over. The wooden desk was low, her bottom was up high in the air. She flinched when Erika dropped something heavy on the desk. It was Anna’s agenda. “Twenty-four notes.” Erika said. “That’s quite the amount. Normally we would double that number for the amount of srokes you’d receive from the ruler. But you’re lucky this is your first time. If it was twenty-four notes in one month, you’d get 48 strokes, but these are the notes of her first three months in our school, so you’re only getting 36.”
Samantha winced, thirty three smacks of that wicked ruler scared her too much to think. The cold wooden ruler was placed across her bottom. She sqealed as it disappeared and then reappeared with a loud thwack, leaving a red stinging stripe across her bottom. “Count them, please.” Erika said.
“One.” Samantha whimpered.
Each stroke landed hard and sharp across her bottom, Samantha called them out loudly, afraid to miss one. The desk carried most of her wait, but her legs shivered keeping her sore bottom up in the air exposed to her punishment. New tears rew lines alongside the old ones on her cheeks as they passed the half-way point. She was sobbing and squealing as she counted past twenty. Every number came out as a whisper when they reached thirty. After thirty six, she didn’t move, afraid that if she did, Erika would declare they would start the next part of her punishment. As long as she stayed where she was, she could believe it was over.
“Get up please.” Erika said. “I hope you’ve learned a valuable lesson today.”
Samantha stood and blushed. “I have, miss.” She said.
“Good, then go and stand in the corner, please.” She turned to the other woman standing in the corner. “You can leave now Mia.”
Samantha looked up at the woman who hard, if not seen, heard everything. She blushed scarlet. How could she have forgotten the woman was there? Mia, the woman in the corner, pulled up her panties and hurried out of the room. Samantha took her place in the corner. “Hands on your head.” Erika said, she stood right behind her. Samantha did as she was told as Erika rolled up her dress, hooking it behind the ribbon on her lower back, making sure her red, sore bottom was exposed as she stood in the corner. “You dropped these on your way to the desk.” She said, dropping her panties at her feet. Samantha stared at the wall and blushed.
There was a knock at the door. “Come in.” Erika said. “You must be Clara’s mum. Come sit.” Samantha blushed as she felt a second pair of eyes on her bottom. But she listened closely as Clara’s mother received the same treatment she was just starting to recover from herself.

A little black dress – chapter 3

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We’re up to chapter three

I hope you all enjoy this chapter, and as always, if you like the story, you will find the links to buy the full book at the bottom of the page


Chapter three – Presenting an opportunity

When they finally left the forest behind, they crossed wide fields. They reminded Eve of the days before she had met Kal. Despite the dangers she had faced amongst his fellow soldiers and the pains her bottom had endured in those few days, she preferred those memories over those associated with fields and cruel farmers that worked them. Perhaps it was just the view in the distance of the village they were slowly approaching that soured her mood. She was scared to again be amongst people she did not know. Kal would probably leave her, having brought her to safety, he would want to go his own way, perhaps find a way to get back to his lover. She would be all alone, surrounded by people who could ask anything of her. As a gaeth it should not scare her, but as a girl without her memories, it did.

The village was bustling with activity when they arrived, it looked so much like the village she had visited with Jack that she almost thought she had travelled in a circle and returned. A small market square surrounded by low houses was filled with farmers trading their harvest, this time however the man at her side wasn’t greeted by anyone or bartering at stalls. He made his way to a small tavern, which almost seemed out of place in a village this small. When they entered Kal asked for a room for them both. Eve appreciated the gesture greatly, because inviting her to his room clearly stated that she was working for him, no-one could give her other work until he let her go. She was safe, for now.
The room was small and had only a single bed, Kal didn’t comment on it and neither did Eve. They had slept on the forest floor together, a single bed would do. Kal had asked for a bathtub, but had to carry it up to the room himself, Eve had made herself useful carrying the buckets of hot water. Another gaeth would have probably offered to wash his back, but Eve was still too embarrassed around Kal and left him alone until she could use the leftover water. She got a hot drink from the tavern-keeper, a well-rounded woman, and waited in the small common room.
“So, where do you two come from?” She asked. The woman probably got very few guests and wanted to talk, Eve wondered how many questions she could safely answer.
“From Braich.” She answered, “through the forest.”
“Oh, really. I’ve never heard of a man and a gaeth travelling together, at least not for such a long distance.” She sounded truly curious.
“Oh no. I only met Kal in the forest, I was lost, you could say he saved me by bringing me here.”
“Really?” Their short talk was suddenly interrupted by noises from outside.
Eve looked out the window and saw a laughing group of soldiers quickly approaching the tavern. “I better go check if Kal wants any help,” she said and hurried upstairs to their little room. “Soldiers, outside!” She blurted out as soon as she entered the room.
Kal was still in the tub, leaning his head against the edge. At that moment they heard the sounds of the soldiers entering the tavern. Kal looked up at her. “Take off your dress, get in the tub.” He said. Eve blushed deeply, but there were already footsteps on the stairs. She dropped her dress on top of Kal’s uniform, trying to cover it up and climbed in. There was no room for her and she sat on the edge, the water barely reaching her knees. “Take the bath brush.” Kal explained. “With a little bit of luck they won’t recognize me without my uniform.” Eve dipped the brush in the water and brushed it across Kal’s back as the soldiers suddenly barged into their room.
“It’s true.” One of them said upon entering. “Just an old man and a pretty girl half his age.” The others laughed.
“What do you think you’re doing?” Kal asked. He sounded angry. Eve realised he was playing his part. She should act upset as well, but all she could do was blush. It was all too obvious the soldiers were enjoying the view of a young woman perched on the edge of the tub.
“Don’t worry old man, we’re not here for you or some silly gaeth. Though I do wish we had more time so you could lend her to us, my back needs a good brushing.” The others laughed again.
Kal didn’t answer this time, but waited until they had left again. Right after they left the tavern keeper entered. “I’m so sorry,” she said, “are you all right?” She blushed seeing Eve climb out of the tub, with Kal still in it. “Oh, I didn’t realise… I’m sorry, I hope they didn’t disturb you, I couldn’t stop them, I told them you were just a soldier and a gaeth.” Despite being sorry, she didn’t look away while Eve grabbed her dress. And why should she? Kal was mostly hidden in his tub and a gaeth would not be ashamed.

“They weren’t after us, they were soldiers from the high king.” Kal said when they were alone again.. “I wonder what they are doing all the way out here.” Eve dried her legs with a small towel while Kal took the bigger one. “We got lucky this time, we can’t trust the tavern-keeper to keep our identity secret, not without a good reason.” He seemed unashamed of his nudity, how could he not see her stare? He might not be interested in women, but that didn’t mean they weren’t interested in him, she thought. “You will have to go to the market and try buy me some farmer’s clothes. Then we have to travel on to another village where they haven’t seen me in uniform.” Kal continued, unaware of her blushing looks.
Eve cringed, she did not want to go out alone, but as a gaeth she could not refuse such a simple task and as a woman she knew the danger paled compared to the things he in turn had done for her.

There were still quite a few townspeople outside, but they did not seem interested in her. Eve caught bits of conversation as she looked for a farmer that had more to sell than just the day’s harvest of fruits and vegetables. Everyone seemed to talk about the soldiers, invading their homes, looking for someone or something. Eve wondered if they were the same as those that had upset the nice family she had stayed with before meeting Kal. To think that was only a few days ago, it seemed like months.
When a hand touched her shoulder she turned around and looked up in the eyes of a young man. “Can I help you?” He asked.
Eve was shortly startled, but she could definitely use some help on her quest. “I’m looking for clothes.” She said. “For a man.”
“I see, so you have an errand, how unfortunate, at least let me accompany you and show you where you can find some.”
Eve was immediately charmed by the friendly stranger who offered to help a gaeth with her task. He wore simple farmers’ clothes and whilst walking told her he was from a nearby village, he introduced himself as Alex. “So, anything fancy? The clothes I mean, for your…”
“My friend, no just something to work the fields.” Eve replied, she was delighted to be able to talk to someone and felt ten times as safe not wandering around alone.
“So, he is a farmer then, perhaps when you finished your errand for him, you could do something for me?”
Eve almost missed a step, she should’ve expected this. At least he didn’t seem to be asking something dishonourable. “Oh, maybe, my friend and I are leaving soon, I’ll have to ask him if I have time.”
“Of course… You’re travelling together? Perhaps I could accompany you. The errand I had in mind isn’t an urgent one. I was planning on leaving tomorrow…”
Eve blushed. “I don’t know, I’d have to ask him.” She didn’t know what to make of this man, was he just being friendly or was he flirting with her? People didn’t flirt with gaeth, did they?
“I’m sure he will agree, but let’s pick out some clothes first.” They had arrived at the outer edge of the market, where several farmers’ wives sold piles of second hand clothing.

Eve strolled back to the tavern with a pile of clothing in her arms and the kind stranger right behind her. She wondered how Kal would react, but he could hardly blame her. She couldn’t just forbid him from following her.
Once arrived she went straight up to their room, leaving Alex behind in the tavern’s common room. “I’ve got you some things.” She told Kal, who had all this time been waiting for her. “I hope they fit.”
Kal took the clothes from her arms and immediately picked out a shirt from amongst them. “Perfect.” He said, “I take it you didn’t ran into any trouble?”
Eve smiled, so he was concerned about her! “No, I actually got help from a man, he showed me where to find the clothes.”
“You sound surprised.” Kal said with a grin. “Not all men are pigs you know.”
Eve blushed, most of them were, at least amongst the few she had met since losing her memory. But she hadn’t told Kal about that yet. Perhaps she should. “He’s down in the common room.” She just said instead.
“You brought him along?” Kal sounded surprised.
“Well I couldn’t really stop him, could I?”
Kal grimaced, “well let’s go meet him then.” He had just pulled on one of the trousers she had bought him, the clothes fit him almost perfectly. Eve was at the same time proud of herself and startled that she had hardly noticed him taking the others off.

Later that evening Eve tried to sleep, she still had her dress on, laying against Kal’s back in the narrow bed. She hadn’t wanted to take it off, it would make both of them too uncomfortable. It was a strange thought that she could’ve been sharing a bed with Alex. He hadn’t asked her, nothing like that. But Kal had told her he was clearly interested in her. She did remember his reaction when they parted: “Oh.. you share a bed.”
Kal had told her, right after telling her he didn’t trust him. “Doesn’t sound like a farmer.” He had said. Perhaps that’s why he had silently agreed to continue their pretend relationship.
Other than that they had chatted quite amiably. They had even agreed to travel together. Alex seemed to know the region and could function as a guide. Kal had also admitted he was quite handsome.

The start of their journey with Alex was a bit uneasy. He would ask them questions soon: where were they going, why were they travelling together… The story that Kal had saved her in the forest in Braich only explained why they had arrived in the village together not why they were leaving together.
So far Alex hadn’t asked anything about their travels however. “There’s a small village, quite close to the keep. It’s the furthest west we can go without entering the marshland. Unless you had a more specific goal.” He suddenly said.
Eve didn’t answer, she didn’t even know which keep he meant, probably that of a lowborn noble. She was also not sure he needed to know they did not have a real goal. Kal however had a reply ready: “Don’t you have to go back to your farm?”
Alex grimaced. “I could, but did not ask the same of you.”
Kal nodded. “Fair enough, I’m no longer interested.”
The two men walked on as if nothing had been said and Eve stumbled just behind them. She was surprised, that had gone a lot easier than she had hoped. Perhaps Kal was right, maybe Alex wasn’t a farmer. She knew now what Kal had meant the other day. Alex spoke more… sophisticated than any farmer she had met so far. Walking through the fields, occasionally passing a farm or some cows, she let the talking to the two men. She had started to wonder where she was going, to the west, and then? Once she was far enough from Kal’s army, she would be safe again, she could not stay with him forever. Did she really want to stay out here for the winter? She was much farther in the north than she had originally thought.

At nightfall they had stopped at a small stream that fed water to the surrounding fields. A group of just four willows offered them some cover. “I will come and help you.” Alex said after Eve had mentioned she wanted to wash her dress in the stream.
Without realizing it she looked up at Kal who had turned his heads to her in the same moment. He wore a sad smile and put his hand on Alex’ shoulder. “As a daughter of the gods she might still be a child, but she is also a woman entitled to her privacy and she can surely take care of herself.”
Alex merely nodded and with a smile Eve left them alone so she could finally wash that black rag she slept and lived in. The willow’s branches hang low to the ground and offered her just enough protection from their eyes; still she stared long in their direction to make sure they had not followed before taking off her dress.
She washed the dress first so she could leave it to dry before submerging herself in the cool water. It was not deep, barely reaching her hips, but fresh and clean. She was not left alone for long however as she suddenly noticed Kal pushing aside the willow branches and approaching her. She covered her breasts on instinct. “Kal!” She said. “I thought you just told Alex something about privacy…”
Kal smiled. “I think I’ve seen you naked often enough by now Eve, to know what you’re hiding behind your arms and under the water.”
Eve blushed. “So what? You liked what you saw so much that you wanted to see it again, perhaps reconsider your interest in another gender?”
Kal laughed and Eve wondered when she had gotten so comfortable around him that she could joke in this situation. “Nothing like that young lady, I just wanted to talk, in private.” To Eve’s surprised he pulled of his shirt and started undoing his breeches.
“Don’t you think Alex will be jealous, seeing you do what you told him not to?”
“Well, that’s why I’m here,” Kal said, “perhaps he doesn’t have to be jealous much longer.”
Eve raised an eyebrow, refusing to come out of the water, her dress was still wet anyway. But Kal had fully undressed and slipped in just a few steps away.
“I don’t understand you Eve. Alex is a nice guy, he won’t hurt you like the men I’ve protected you from. Why are you so afraid, a gaeth as beautiful as you must have bedded a dozen men if not more.”
Eve blushed, she could not explain, “I thought you didn’t trust him?” She could hardly think, why didn’t Kal realise she was uncomfortable with seeing him naked… As beautiful as her? She stared at the reflection in the water, it did not tell her much.
“I don’t think he’s a farmer, no. The way he talks, he might be a noble. But why he is out here, dressed as a farmer, I don’t know. Let him have his secrets, like we have ours. Is that why you fear him?”
“No, it’s just, all those men, I don’t remember them.” There, she had said it.
Kal looked confused. “What do you mean?”
“Before I met you, only a couple of days earlier, I awoke in a farm, wearing my black dress. I have no memories of before that day. Perhaps the farmer hurt me, perhaps it was an accident. I just ran away and then I found you. I don’t know my name, who I am, where I came from.”
Kal stared at her with eyes wide open. “And you never thought to tell me?”
Eve looked at the ripples her fingers made on the surface of the water. “It did not seem important.”
“Not important?” Kal asked with a slight tone of anger. “I should spank you right now if I didn’t think you’d like that!”
Eve blushed. “What? I don’t!”
Kal laughed, “Back in the forest, despite all your wriggling and squealing, you kept your bottom up nice high and ready.”
Eve blushed. “I did not!” The cold water had turned her nipples erect, giving her a false feeling of excitement upon the memory of that awful event.
“Well I think I had a better view to judge the situation.” Kal said, he could no longer hide his smile.
“You’re teasing me!” Eve cried out, spraying water in his direction.
“Careful young lady.” Kal replied with a laugh, “remember what happened last time you threw things at me.”
“According to you, that’s exactly what I want.” Eve replied, no longer willing to be the butt of his jokes.
Kal smiled, “good one… Well try to think about what I said. Alex wouldn’t be a bad choice to help you regain your memories of life as a gaeth.”
After climbing out of the water, trying hard not to blush as Kal’s eyes must surely follow her, Eve did think of what Kal had said. He was right, it would happen sooner or later, so why not with someone of her own choice. She thought about Alex, she did like him and he wouldn’t have looked as calm as Kal if it had been him watching her climb up the water’s edge, water dripping from her naked body. With an excited blush she realized that might have been easier, she might have not had to decide anything herself then. If he had just ordered her to stay and… wash his back.

It did not take long before Kal returned to the fire as well. There was an uncomfortable silence as they dined on the fruits they had bought at the market. Eve stared at Alex, blushing each time she wondered how he would have looked, undressing like Kal had, to join her in the water. Alex in turn stared at Kal, trying to hold back his jealousy, while Kal tried to act as if everything was normal.
“I know a good girl when I see one.” Eve remembered the farmer’s wife’s words. She had a choice now, to make the woman’s words truth, or to seize this opportunity for her first experience in her new life to be with a man of her own choice. She didn’t remember much about gaeth. The idea that men could demand sexual favours from her wasn’t new, but it had never felt right. Except for the soldiers, none of the men she had met had asked it of her, Alex had shown interest but never forced her and even Jake, despite his offering of ointment, had been too shy. All she had was the gossip from cities and the behaviour of soldiers.
If she stayed away from that, travelled between villages and farms, she wouldn’t have to become again what she must’ve surely been in the past.


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A little black dress – chapter 2

Hello everyone

I’m here again with yet another chapter of my book. I’ve decided in the end it’s more important for me that people get to enjoy the story than mere sales. Therefor I will share the whole book on this blog, one chapter a month.

I hope you will all enjoy this chapter and share any insights or tips for my next book


Chapter two – Hiding in plain sight

For the first night since Eve had woken without her memories it hadn’t rained. The mud had almost dried and it was much more comfortable walking barefoot without mud splashing up her legs. Still she avoided the road by going through the fields, this time making sure no one caught her trespassing. She wanted to avoid human contact so she could travel further without being stopped. The farmer’s wife had heard from others they weren’t the only ones that had armed men attack them and search their homes, she had warned Eve to be careful when she left. Eve understood the area was troubled and she didn’t want any part in it. She would travel south, summer was ending and she would follow the birds. Autumn would bring a lot of work in the area, but she wouldn’t want to be stuck up here in winter.
The fields seemed to go on forever until she finally left the last of them behind her and found herself in an open forest. The trees stood far apart and she had to force her way through thick under brush. Her bare legs and arms got scratched and her dress regularly got stuck on branches. Despite all that she felt great, the air smelled of summer and no-one would bother her here, she felt free. The wood seemed to get denser the further she went and the many ferns and bushes of thorns diminished, walking became easier the further she went from where she had entered. The forest would provide her food, she hoped. She didn’t know if she could hunt, and if she did, she didn’t remember how, but there would be berries and nuts she promised herself. At some point she found a small stream with just a bit of water. Thirsty as she was she drank from it and decided to follow it to its source.

In the forest it got dark early and Eve was forced to find a place to rest for the night. She found the roots of a tree, toppled by a storm long ago. They gave her shelter and she buried herself underneath them.
When the morning came with the singing of birds Eve crawled out of her hiding place and looked around. The forest was quiet, with a smile she continued along the stream. She still hadn’t found any berries when the sun stood at its highest point. The stream had gotten wider, she had seen fishes, but had no idea how she could catch them. She looked up often, but like the brush around her, the trees bore no fruit. Her stomach felt hollow when the sun hung low over the treetops, it wasn’t late, it just got dark early deep in the woods. When she found a place to rest she decided to stop. Cold water from the stream filled her stomach, but did nothing against the hollow feeling. She took off her dress and waded into the water, hanging her dress over the branch of a tree that balanced on the water’s edge. The stream had gotten deep and the water reached up to her thighs, it was cold but washed away the sweat and dirt from trudging through the forest. Suddenly she was disturbed by a man whistling, she turned quickly and saw three young men in a soldier’s uniform ogling her. Quickly she grabbed her dress and pulled it on while climbing out of the water. “A gaeth!” She heard one of the men say. “Aren’t we lucky.”
“Come here honey, we can use one of you at the camp.” The other said and Eve climbed out of the water. These might be the soldiers Miranda had warned her about she thought. But they would have food, and if they had work for her she was obliged to serve them. She approached them apprehensively. The oldest of the three grabbed her arm and pulled her to him. “Have we got plenty of work for you.” He said as another grabbed her butt and they pulled her along.

The camp was just a small collection of tents in a clearing in the forest. The three men’s friends quickly appeared to admire their catch. Eve had her arms wrapped around her, scared to make a wrong move.
“Take off your dress girl.” The older man told her. “Let us see the goods.”
Eve blushed but found her courage. “Why?” She demanded, “I’m a gaeth, not a whore.”
“Same thing love, only whores get paid and gaeth work for free, am I right?” The man told her. “You want to know why?” His smile suddenly turned into a snear. “Because we’re going to fuck you. Every last one of us, and I’m going first.”
Eve took a step back and looked behind her. Only trees, nowhere to go, she knew she wouldn’t be able to get away. “No!” A voice suddenly declared. All the heads turned to the man that had just exited the largest tent in the camp. He was wearing a fine uniform with the stars of an officer on his shoulder. “I think I’ll have her, maybe I’ll share her later, but you idiots will have to earn that first.” The man looked at Eve. “Come girl, into my tent.” But Eve stepped back scared. “Or would you rather stay here? With all thirty of my men?” The men cheered and Eve ran forward as fast as she can, diving into the officer’s tent. He followed her inside.

Eve sat down on a box and looked around, there was a pile of blankets and a traveller’s stove along with a whole set of boxes. The officer ignored her and set water to heat over his stove. He was obviously in charge of this small collection of soldiers, hiding in the woods. When he was done he looked at her. “Take off your clothes and lie on my bed.” Eve was too scared to argue and did as he said. He was searching one of the boxes for tea before sitting down on the box she had just left. “I’m not going to do anything to you, but if one of my men comes in they would be suspicious.” He told her.
Eve blushed, so he wanted to protect her by making her lie naked in his bed, just in case one of his men saw her? “Why won’t you?” She asked, wondering why this man surrounded by pigs would be any different.
“Because.” He answered. “I have someone who loves me, waiting for me at home and I won’t betray him.”
Eve blushed even deeper. He liked men, that’s why he didn’t even look at her as he offered her some of his tea. It was disconcerting, lying there naked, totally under his control, yet him not even looking as if he’s seeing her. “Don’t you find women attractive?” She asked him.
“I do.” He said. “Just not … sexually.”
Eve was laying on her stomach, her breasts between her elbows as she looked up at him, her back arched to push up her bottom. She couldn’t help herself, she just kept repositioning herself to show of her body and yet he didn’t react. When she turned over again, covering her breasts with her hands, pushing them up, he finally did. “I’d rather like you stopped that, you’re only embarrassing the both of us.”
Eve blushed deeply and quickly positioned herself more appropriately. “I’m sorry.”

Eve spent at least two days in the officer’s tent. She didn’t set a foot outside, afraid of the soldiers. The man, she learned his name was Kal, was always friendly to her. He probably enjoyed having her around, not for the reason his men suspected, but because she cleaned and because her mere presence boosted and protected his reputation. Their little play was about to end though. New troops had gathered in the small forest clearing. She could hear them outside, more and more men. As she was wondering why there were so many soldiers here, a man entered the tent. It was only the second time someone had in these couple of days and all this time she had been naked to play the part of Kal’s plaything. This time however, it was no ordinary soldier, peeking at her from the corner of his eyes, but a man in uniform. Kal saluted him promptly and Eve sat up straight. “I had heard you had a plaything Kal, but I couldn’t believe it.” The officer was looking at her now, drinking in the view.
“The men found her in the woods, sir.” Kal replied, he looked distressed for some reason.
“And you didn’t share her with them? How selfish of you.” the man laughed aloud. “Go and inspect the troops man, I have some work for your gaeth.” He took a step toward Eve and fumbled at the laces of his breeches.
Eve paled, this was it, Kal couldn’t protect her from a higher ranking officer. Why was she so scared? She was a gaeth, she had done this a hundred times before. All she had to do was lie back and let him have his way. But that wasn’t true, she hadn’t done this before, not since she had lost her memory. And it just felt so wrong. She crawled back into the corner of the tent. The man knelt in front of her. “This gaeth knows what I like, go on girl, give me a good struggle.” Eve blushed and the officer grabbed her ankle, pulling her towards him, she squealed softly and then clenched her teeth trying not to scream. And suddenly the man toppled forward, face down on the mattress. Blood started to pool all around him. Eve looked up and saw Kal staring at her, sword in his hand, he looked just as surprised as she did, unsure why he had saved her.
They both stared at each other in silence. Then Kal started to move. He filled his backpack with supplies. “Grab your dress, put it on, we’re going.” Eve obeyed immediately; he was still carrying his bloodied sword. As she pulled on the short ragged dress, Kal wiped the blade on his blankets and sheathed it. “Time to go.” He grabbed Eve by her arm and pulled her out of his tent. Some of the men looked at them, but none of them asked questions as he led her into the forest; someone whistled.

The rest of the day they ran, jumping roots, wading their way through brushes and occasionally running through small streams to cover their tracks. How long until they realised they wouldn’t come back? How long until the body was discovered in Kal’s tent? Eve tried not to think of it. Tried not to think of why Kal would decide to save her. He was a deserter now, a deserter and a murderer. They would hang him when they found him, and all that to protect a gaeth. Gaeth didn’t need protection; they worked for everyone, even when the work involved … that.
The sun had just risen and Eve sat up on the side of a fallen tree, Kal was awake already and pacing back and forth. It seemed they had managed to escape the camp without being followed, they hadn’t heard or seen anyone in two days. She was immensely tired and her feet hurt from running barefoot through the woods. She was definitely not used to running for days. As a gaeth she should be used to working long hours, but at the farms she had learned she had no stamina and running had been even worse. It made her wonder what kind of work she had done before she lost her memory. With a blush she thought back to the soldiers, the kind of work they offered was probably a lot less tiring than what she has had to endure these last couple of days.
Still she enjoyed being back in the forest, out of the tent. Kal had provided food through hunting, so she hadn’t been hungry either. They had only eaten meat, none of the fruits she had thought she would be eating out here. Without Kal she would probably starve. Still, his grumpy moods and uncomfortable silences were one of the least enjoyable aspect of her days. He saved me, Eve reminded herself, and lost everything by doing so. No wonder that he wasn’t the friendly, happy man she knew before.
“Why did you do that?” Kal asked, he suddenly stood in front of her. They hadn’t talked about it since their escape.
“What do you mean? I didn’t do anything.” Eve replied, it was Kal that had attacked his superior, she hadn’t asked for his help, but now he looked angry, perhaps finally venting his frustration.
“You’re a gaeth, but when he wanted something from you, you hid from him, you looked terrified, just like when my men wanted you.” He sounded honestly confused.
“I was scared!” Eve cried out. “What did you expect?”
Kal flinched at her sudden outburst. “I expected a gaeth to behave like one. I protected you from my men because even for someone like you a group of soldiers can be too violent. But in the safety of my tent, you could’ve given that officer whatever he wanted.”
Eve picked up a stick and threw it at him. She was surprised at her own anger, a gaeth was never allowed to use any form of violence. “Someone like me? I am a person, just like anyone else and I did not ask you to stab him, I never asked for your protection!” She didn’t know why she was yelling, she was tired and scared, the birds around them had gone silent; she didn’t know who she was or what was happening to her, but it felt good to yell at someone.
Kal seemed to have his own plan for venting his frustration however. He grabbed Eve by her arm while dropping onto the tree trunk next to her, pulling her over his lap in one swift motion. It seemed protecting her did not include from himself as he pulled up her short black dress to bare her bottom. Eve squealed, but it didn’t help as Kal’s strong hand smacked her bottom. Eve struggled, but the military trained officer held her down easily, letting his hand rain down on her behind. The smacks echoed in the forest, accompanied by screams and moans and Eve’s kicking bare legs. She quickly surrendered to the sudden punishment, flinching at each smack, but trying not to fight. She realised how ungrateful she had sounded before. Kal had given up everything for her and she had responded by throwing a stick at him. She blushed deeply, not only because she was being spanked, but because for the first time she knew she deserved to be spanked. Of course that didn’t stop her from begging him to stop. Her bottom felt on fire from the relentless smacks. She tried to assure him that she was sorry and would amend her behaviour. Still, Kal didn’t stop until she was sobbing and very sore. When she finally got up she turned to look at him, he seemed calmer now. “I’m sorry. You were right, I should thank you for saving me.” She managed, trying to hide her shame.
Kal sighed and stood up as well, she was wrong, he didn’t seem calm at all, just… determined. “Pull up your dress.” He said. Eve blushed and pulled it up, gathering it above her hips. “We’re going, you’re walking in front of me so I can watch you and you don’t run away.” Eve blushed and started walking. She wanted to complain that she wasn’t going to run away, and why did her bottom have to be bared? For a moment she thought he wanted to look at her freshly spanked cheeks, but she remembered he didn’t like women that way. Suddenly however, she heard him break off a branch from a tree…

Here deep in the forest Eve walked in a shadowy world with occasional sunlight playing on the ground at her feet. Many of the small brushes had flowers; Eve couldn’t imagine being farther away from human civilisation. She couldn’t slow down to enjoy the beautiful surroundings however, because when she did, Kal swept the thin tree branch in front of him, striking her sore bottom. She already had a few red stripes across her cheeks; they were a constant reminder of her ungrateful behaviour. She wondered how long he was going to treat her like this and when he would return to his good-natured self. Perhaps never she thought, his life was changed now. He would never be able to go back to his friends because of her; back to the man he loved. She wanted to believe that he was cruel, that she didn’t deserve this treatment, but she knew this wasn’t true. What did Kal know about her after all? That she was a gaeth, found in the woods, but that she didn’t do as she was told and lashed out at the people that helped her. No wonder that he no longer treated her as a friend. “Kal, where are we going?” She asked, trying to spark a conversation.
“Somewhere nobody knows us.” He answered grimly.
Eve relaxed a little, so he wasn’t going to turn her in, which was something at least. “Kal, can we stop soon, I’m tired.” She said, using the sadness in her voice to try and get some sympathy. But then she heard the swish of the branch and pain suddenly blossomed across her bottom. She jumped up and moaned. Kal wasn’t in the mood for talking or slowing down. She increased her pace again, staying well in front of him.

When the sun finally hid behind the trees again Eve didn’t know what hurt more, her feet or her red striped bottom, but Kal finally told her they were going to stop for the night. He threw away the switch he had been using on her and looked her in the eye. “Can we go on without that tomorrow?” He asked her.
Eve didn’t know what to answer, but something told her he had finally regained his old composure. Instead she threw herself in his arms and hugged him.
Kal stepped back in surprise, but then held her. “You’re the strangest gaeth I have ever met. Did you know that?” Eve nodded against his chest and Kal stroked her hair. “No more complaining?” She shook her head. “No more throwing sticks?” She shook again. “And you’re going to do as you’re told and travel at a decent pace?”
Eve looked up at him. “I promise.”
Kal smiled and reached down her back, finally pushing her dress back down, the thin fabric just long enough to cover the red welts on her bottom.
They found a group of trees bunched together that would hide them from sight as they slept and Eve tried to make herself comfortable as Kal went in search of fresh water to fill his bottle. Safely away from his eyes she pulled the small pot of cream she had been hiding under her dress since she left the farm. With a blush she remembered the last time she had used it, but now she only had time to smear a thin layer across her sore backside. She had to save some for the future, her new friend wasn’t cruel, but he was strict…
When he returned to their hiding spot they decided to get some early sleep. She eased herself against his back, feeling safe with his body against hers. For a moment she wondered if it made him feel uncomfortable. But then she shrugged it off; he couldn’t be half as uncomfortable as she was with her bottom sore and stinging beneath her dress.

“I think we’re in Syr now.” Kal said the next day. They were walking side by side now; the forest was getting less dense.
Eve didn’t know anything about her past, but for some reason she had no problem placing Syr: one of the five realms in the high kingdom. Syr wasn’t a very important region, mostly farmland and rich merchants travelling between villages and cities. But she knew they had been travelling south, if they only now crossed the border into Syr, that meant they had come from the most northern realm: Braich. For the first time it seemed she knew something about herself, where she was and where she was coming from. “Why is Syr gathering soldiers?” She asked, as if it was normal for a gaeth to wonder about such things.
Kal answered her anyway. “Those aren’t Syr soldiers, we … they are from Braich, they’re heading east.”
Braich soldiers on Syr soil, it scared Eve more than she could explain. But Kal was leading them in a more western direction, to a safer place. There were only small villages in the west, on the borders of the high kingdom. Nobody would know them there. But secretly she did not want to return to a world with other people, a world where she was a gaeth. She wanted to stay in the forest. But she knew without Kal she wouldn’t survive out there on her own.


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