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Is anything wrong officer? (part 3)


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The hallway outside the office was empty except for Maria. As head of the complaints department, she made sure of the privacy of her officers. Where she was standing, about two steps from the door, she could hear the sounds of spanking and a girl squealing inside. From the dozen officers that worked under her, only two knew about the activities that sometimes went on in that room, one of those girls was inside now. Sophie hadn’t done anything wrong of course. A young officer had used excessive force during an arrest and it was the complaints department’s job to make these things go away without too much fuss.
Unable to contain her curiosity, Maria stepped towards the door and looked inside through the small window at the top. Sophie was bent over the desk naked from the waist down, her bright red bottom pointing at the door. The man whose complaint she was dealing with, was whipping her with her own belt. Maria winced as she heard the girl whimpering. She was glad it wasn’t her bending over that desk. Most complaints like this her girls could handle, only for something big did the head of the complaints department bend over herself.

Maria felt she had changed a lot in the last month. She could still remember that first spanking while she was patrolling the streets. Funny how that had been a career-making move. As head of the complaints department, she had learned a lot about the task-force. Every rookie mistake, every inappropriate action was brought before her. Most of the time she managed to deal with it quietly. Tickets were shredded, files deleted, apologies written. The spankings were captain Reynolds’ idea; she’d gotten the first one herself when she was just a mere officer. It had been her own idea to include more girls wishing to earn a little extra. She had more ideas like that since working here. There was a surprisingly large demand for police-uniforms – people liked roleplaying – and an equally large supply of old uniforms she could give away. It wasn’t enough to stifle a complaint of course, but very few people did not appreciate a small gift after their complaint had been dealt with.

The spankings were the most successful of course. The hardest part was deciding when the person filing a complaint would be interested in such an arrangement. The one she was looking at now hadn’t been hard. The man who had been whipping Sophie – he had now stopped, Sophie was standing in the corner – ran an online spanking blog.
As the spanking seemed over, Maria knocked at the door and entered without waiting for a response. The man turned to look at her, Sophie didn’t move from her spot in the corner. “I hope everything has been satisfactory, Mr. Peeters?” She asked.
“Wonderfully so.” The man replied. “I wish I’d known before how you dealt with complaints in here.” He was grinning broadly.
“I assume you’ll wish to drop your complaint then.” Maria said, it wasn’t a question. “The paperwork is in my office. Do you know the way?”
The man nodded. “I’ll wait for you there.” He said, leaving her alone with Sophie.
“Are you okay?” Maria asked after he left.
Sophia hesitantly left her spot in the corner. Tears had run down her cheeks, leaving tracks of her make-up. “Yes ma-am.” She said.
Maria smiled at the girl. “Take your time to clean yourself up. After that you can take the rest of the day off. I’ll make sure that the paper-work gets filed and you receive your extra payment. I’ll see you again tomorrow.”
“Yes ma-am.” Sophie said. She was already getting dressed again.
Maria smiled. Sophie could take a good spanking, Maria didn’t know what experience she’d had with it in her past, but she’d figured out what Maria and the other girl had been doing by herself and had requested to be part of this agreement.

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Naughty wife vs. cheating secretary (part 2)


Linda arrived home late after her day off, her husband John was already back from work and waiting for her in the living room sofa. She no longer felt the effects of her spanking earlier that day, but still remembered it vividly. She dropped next to her husband in the sofa, nearly on top of him. “How was your day?” She asked.
“It started out great.” John replied. “Had a very… interesting conversation with my boss and a productive… meeting with m new secretary.” Linda blushed shyly. “But I got some disturbing news by the end of the day.”
Linda frowned. “Why, what happened?”
“I thought you could tell me.” Her husband replied.
His tone confused Linda, he nearly sounded like he was angry, but she couldn’t imagine what he was talking about. “I don’t know what you mean.” She said.
“Do you think I wouldn’t find out?” John asked. “One of your colleagues heard you and contacted me right away. Did you think no-one would notice if you had sex with your boss, right in his office?”
Linda’s confusion was complete. She’d never… She hadn’t even been at work today. She’d only been to John’s new office where she – Linda noticed the tiny curl at the corner of John’s mouth, that tiny smirk, telling her she was being teased – where she had roleplayed being a secretary having sex with her boss. Linda wanted to punch her husband on his chest and call him a bastard, but then remembered his accusation. One of her ‘colleagues’ had ratted her out. Had one of his colleagues heard them earlier today? Had John talked about what they’d done with his friends? She blushed deeply.
“I see you have nothing to say for yourself.” John said.
Still unsure of where he was going with this new twist in their roleplay, Linda couldn’t do anything but play along. “I’m sorry.” She said.
“You’re sorry?” John asked. “I love you Linda and I know you have a large sexual appetite, too large maybe for me to satisfy on my own. But I can’t let you get away with this.”
It was a punishment play, Linda suddenly realized. She had mentioned him giving her a real spanking earlier, was that what he was planning now, an even firmer spanking than what she’d gotten today? Her bottom started tingling at the prospect, her heart-rate increasing. “I’ll never do it again.” She promised, giving him her best pleading look, lips pouting and eyes open wide.
“No, honey, I know you better than that.” Her husband said. “When you want something, you take it. But if I can’t stop you from doing such things, I can at least make sure there is a price to pay. It will be up to you consider whether that price is worth paying or not.”
If it wasn’t roleplaying they were doing, Linda would be very surprised to hear her husband say such things. He was basically given her permission to cheat on him, for a price. “I will do anything to make it up to you.” She said, playing the now obedient wife.
“It may seem a bit old-fashioned.” Her husband said. “But perhaps a spanking will teach you the value of faithfulness in a marriage.” He took her hand and pulled her closer. Already sitting next to him on the sofa, Linda let him pull her across his lap.

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naughty wife vs. cheating secretary (part 1)


It had been a slow day at work for John. He’d spent most of the morning rearranging his new office. John had made a promotion last week and the new private office was one of its perks. Before he’d always shared a room with his colleagues. It wasn’t a big room, an old, large wooden desk dominated the setup, there was just enough room for some extra chairs and a coat-hanger beside the windows. John’s colleagues had come by earlier, congratulating him and teasing him about his new office. They worked just one door further down the hall, he could sometimes hear them laughing. He would probably miss their company, but he also enjoyed the privacy and quiet that went with having his own office. When another knock came at his door, he distractedly called them to come in. He was expecting his boss to come to discuss this week’s projects, like he did every Monday.
John was surprised to see Linda entering his office. “I thought you were taking the day off?” He asked his wife. Linda worked for a different company, two blocks away, but he thought she’d be staying home today.
“I just wanted to see your new office.” John’s wife told him. She walked around the desk and then pushed herself up to sit on its edge right beside him. She was wearing a very short skirt and playfully crossed her bare legs as she looked down at her husband sitting in the large office chair. John caught a glimpse of the white panties she wore underneath.
John ignored the sudden pressure of his erection in his trousers. They’d been married for several years now, but still the sight of his wife – her perfect hourglass figure, long smooth legs in sexy skirts and tight shirts hugging her firm breasts – could turn him on in seconds. “Well, what do you think?” He asked, gesturing with his arm to indicate the room.
“I don’t know.” Linda said. “I just can’t get this image out of my head about this dream I had last night.” She looked down at him her face in a frown, her lips in a mocking pout. “I dreamt you were cheating on me with your secretary in your new office.” She explained.
John raised an eyebrow. “Honey, I would never cheat on you.” He said. Why would he? He thought. Linda had a perfect body, a high sex drive and was very adventurous in and outside the bedroom. “Besides, I don’t even have a secretary.”
“I know.” His wife replied. “But who knows what will happen if you earn more promotions.” She blushed. “I just keep thinking of all the things you did to her, they were all so…” She bit her lip, refusing to finish the sentence.
John rolled his chair back a bit to have a better look at his wife. “What?” He asked. “What kind of things did I do?” He knew his wife well enough to know she wouldn’t be upset with him for something she’d only dreamt about. In fact, it would be a lot more likely for Linda to get turned on by the things she’d imagined him doing.
When his wife scooted over to the middle of his desk, spreading her legs and showing off the white panties underneath her short skirt, John knew he was right. “You fucked her on your desk.” She said, leaning slightly back on her hands. “Right here in the middle of your office.”
John stood up from his chair and put his arms around his wife. She sat on the edge of his desk and as he placed himself between her knees, his erection pushed against her. “Do you wish you had been in her place?” He asked. “Did you want to be my secretary?”
Linda pushed herself against him. “Yes, please.”
John grunted as his wife reached for his trousers. “If I’m going to be your boss, you’ll have to call me sir.” He said, trying to tease her.
“Yes, sir.” His wife replied. She’d nearly freed his erection from his boxers when a knock came at the door. They both froze.
Linda’s skirt was up around her waist, her bare legs wrapped around John’s hips. After a second of hesitation she pushed him back and dropped on her knees in front of him. “What are you doing?” John asked as she crawled beneath the desk.
“Hiding.” Linda replied. The old desk was paneled off at the back, no-one would be able to see her.
John rolled his eyes, but decided to play along and sat down in his chair. “Come in.” He called.
“John!” His boss called enthusiastically as he entered. “Enjoying the new office?” He placed a stack of papers on the desk as he sat down in one of the chairs on the other side.
“It definitely has its advantages.” John replied. He was very aware of the fact that his pants stood wide open just beneath the desk and his wife was hiding beneath. It was strangely exhilarating.
“I have quite a few new projects for you this week, John.” His boss said, just as John felt Linda’s hand reach for his crotch, stroking his erection hidden inside his boxers. “I’m sure the new environment will help a lot.”
John coughed to hide his surprise and looked down for half a second. His wife had meanwhile freed his penis and was stroking it softly, she looked up at him and winked when she noticed him looking down. “Maybe I can read the files and we can discuss them later?” He asked his boss, desperately trying to hide his arousal.
His boss moved the papers so they lay in front of him. “Well, actually, here are a few I wished to discuss more in-depth.” He said. “Unless you were too busy?”
Something wet and warm – Linda’s tongue – slid up his penis and John closed his eyes. “No, it’s fine.” He said. We can do it now.”
His boss smiled and started his explanation of the first few projects they had planned. Meanwhile John could feel his wife take him inside her mouth. He felt the warmth of her lips around his shaft and her tongue playing with the tip. Linda did not make a noise, she quietly and expertly played with him: sucking and licking, teasing him while he desperately tried to pay attention to his boss and not show what was going on. He imagined this was his punishment for cheating on her in a dream. He was already planning on how to make her pay for this in return.

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The delivery girl


‘Delivery within 30 minutes or you spank our delivery girl.’

Mike traced the text on the pizza box with a finger and imagined if anyone ever got to spank one of those girls. Probably not, he thought. It was just a sales tactic after all. He had discovered the pizza company online about two months ago. At first he’d thought it was a joke, or a promotion for a porn-company. But when he ordered a pizza anyway, not fifteen minutes later it had been delivered. The delivery girl even wore the same skimpy outfit as seen on the website: a low-cut, tight-fitting shirt covering her large breasts and an embarrassing short skirt.
Mike had ordered perhaps ten times since then. Their marketing strategy was obviously working. He knew he was being played of course, but couldn’t help himself. What does it even matter? He thought. He had to eat anyway, he decided to order another one today, not knowing it would be his lucky day.

Sarah had been working for the pizza company for a mere two weeks. She worked together with about a dozen other girls. She had been afraid at first, of the rule that she should let customers spank her if she was late. But with over a dozen girls, each delivering ten to twenty pizza’s a day; only two had reported being late in a month. With such good odds – and a salary twice than what was normal for a delivery girl – it was a chance she was willing to take. Especially, since she secretly had quite a few kinky fantasies of her own and got excited by the thought of actually getting spanked.
That didn’t mean of course, that she didn’t run as if the devil was on her heels when her bike broke down one day. She was on her last delivery of the evening, just a single pizza in the heavy bag she now carried over her shoulders. She was breathing heavily and sweating all over when she rang the bell at Mike’s apartment. “You’re late.” The man said who opened the door.

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The domme’s apprentice


It all started with a simple email in which Erika asked the following:

Mistress Anna

Before I ask for your help, I wanted to say I’m a big fan of your work and your video’s. Your professional attitude in what you do is what convinced me in contacting you.

My name is Erika. I’m twenty-four years old and I’ve been in a strong relation with another girl my age for over three years now. Her name is Sophie. Early on in our relationship we’ve discovered each other’s interest in BDSM. We have experimented together, spending plenty of time across each other’s knees, just like the women in your videos. As things progressed, we started to fall into more specific roles, where I would more often be the one dominating, while my girlfriend would submit.

My girlfriend is the one who showed me your video’s for the first time. Video’s in which such spankings aren’t just part of a sexual experience, but a lifestyle encompassing discipline. We have discussed making the step from fun to discipline a lot, but we feel insecure as how this would influence our relationship and how to make that first step. This is why I hoped you could help us. Perhaps you could share some of your knowledge and give us some tips on how to move forward with such a relationship.

Kind regards

She had sent this email just a week ago. Mistress Anna had answered not two days later. Her answer had been short, but had included an invitation to come meet her in person and talk face to face about their desires. This is why Erika and her girlfriend Sophie – whom Anna had explicitly said should attend as well – drove up the lane to the front door of the large mansion where mistress Anna lived.
Nervously the two girls walked up the short flight of stairs to the large double doors. Mistress Anna opened these shortly after they rang the bell. She looked just like in her video’s: her hair was put up with not a strand out of place, her make-up was subtle and accentuated her face, her dress hugged her body and was almost short enough to reveal the lace at the top of her stockings. In short, she was beautiful. Her broad smile made the girls immediately feel welcome when she invited them in and led them to the sitting room. When Erika recognized the room from several of the video’s she’d watched, she realized many of Mistress Anna’s films were recorded in her own home. The realization woke the butterflies in her stomach. A quick look at Sophie told her she recognized the space as well, she was blushing deeply, they had probably both fantasized visiting this room and its owner, but for other reasons then just talking.
They sat down on the sofa on which many naughty girls had cried their eyes out as mistress Anna offered them something to drink. Fidgeting and unable to look at each other they waited for her to return.

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Taxi driver (part 3)


Several days had passed since Mia’s ‘date’ with the taxi-driver. She had thought about him often, about the spanking he had given her and her bikini laying forgotten in an abandoned alleyway. She wondered if she’d ever have the courage to tell her friends about this adventure when she returned home. A few of them liked to brag about their holiday escapades, but she was sure none of them had ever experienced anything like she had.
She hadn’t contacted the driver again, though she had fantasized about it often. Their story seemed over, their first meeting followed by the agreed upon date when she’d payed the price for her misbehavior. He didn’t have a reason to spank her again and Mia wasn’t really interested in him sexually or romantically. She could of course give him a reason for that spanking, but that felt so fake. It would devaluate her first spanking that she had actually deserved. Instead she saved him for her dreams and fantasies.

On the last day of her holiday however, by chance she met him again. Her things were packed and she was waiting outside for her parents when the taxi they’d ordered stopped at the hotel’s front door. She recognized him immediately. Panic hit her for a short moment. It couldn’t be coincidence that her parents had called his taxi-service and he showed up, could it? Did they know, or had he somehow arranged it? Nervously she greeted him, but his response reassured her that he hadn’t known who he was picking up.
“I had hoped to see you again before you left.” He said. “After the last time I saw you, I hoped we could have a bit more fun sometime.”
Mia blushed. She didn’t want her parents to hear anything about their ‘fun’, but for the moment they were alone. “I’m sorry.” She said. She suddenly realized she’d made a mistake not contacting him again, now she’d wasted the opportunity to explore her newfound fantasy further. “I guess I should’ve called.”
The taxi driver looked up as her parents exited the hotel. “Well you’re lucky your parents are with you today.” He whispered quickly, “otherwise I would’ve turned your bottom bright red for such thoughtlessness.” Then headed to help her mother with her luggage.

The drive towards the airport was uncomfortable. She noticed the driver’s look in his back-view mirror and was reminded sitting there naked or laying across his lap. But now she sat next to her mother and couldn’t let anything of her feelings show.
The driver talked amicably with her father, when she heard they were talking about their trip home, she realized he was figuring out where she lived. Of course, that was far away from here, there wasn’t a chance they would ever meet again. A small part of her started to hope that maybe one day he would visit their country and they would meet again. Mia didn’t talk much during the ride. Instead she thought about his threat, how he would’ve reddened her bottom for not calling him. This would’ve been another spanking she had actually deserved.

“Please, wait for me here.” She whispered to the taxi driver after they had gotten out of the car. They had stopped at a busy taxi-stop right beside the entrance to the large airport. Her parents were already loading their luggage on a trolley. She followed them inside, nervously looking over her shoulder at the driver who was waiting for her.
When her parents got in line at the baggage depot, she said she wanted to have a look around. It was a long queue and she’d have plenty of time before their turn. She made her way back to the exit immediately. The driver was still waiting for her.
“I thought we had a little time to deal with my naughty behavior.” She told him when she returned. “My parents are in line with the luggage.”
The driver raised an eyebrow and smiled. “So eager.” He said. “It seems I did leave an impression after all. Too bad you waited so long, I don’t think I have time to drive you anywhere private.”
Mia blushed. She had thought about that, but the memory of being spanked in his car where others could see, the naked trip home with her towel barely covering her red cheeks and the day at the beach with her bottom still marked; those had turned her on just as much as the actual spanking. “You can do it here.” She said. “In the car.”
The driver smiled an evil grin. “How about I bend you over the hood of my car and spank you where everyone can see instead. Then everyone will know what a naughty girl you’ve been.”
Mia blushed again. He couldn’t be serious, could he? He was just teasing her, if she’d say no he would surely take her in the car and spank her there. Enough people were around to see her even then. So why wasn’t she saying anything then? Her thoughts were racing: No one knew her here, she was getting on a plane and everyone who would’ve seen her would be out of her life forever. And they’d all see her naughty bare bottom get spanked. “IF you think that would be better.” She whispered.

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A few lengths of rope


This is a story about a young woman. You have met her before, though you didn’t know it at the time. The first time you saw her, you were too distracted by one of her friends. We’ll make up for that now by giving all our attention to her. This young woman is dark of skin with long and silky raven-black hair. She’s wearing a dress of gold and green, complemented by large golden hoops in her ears. The dress is cut deeply and a glittering gold necklace draws the eye to her generous cleavage. It is short as well, leaving her long legs bared on this warm spring day. I could go on and on, telling you about the softness of her skin and her perfectly manicured nails, but I think you’ve got the idea. This lovely young woman’s name is Sophia. Let me tell you a little secret about Sophia, something … intimate. There is a little box on Sophia’s night stand at home. Inside this box you can find two large marble-sized balls, connected by a string. Today however, this box on her night stand is empty.
Lets start the story when Sophia meets up with her friends for an afternoon in the city. Now, when someone were to look at Sophia as she made her way to her friend in a local shop; they might think her slow measured walk is caused by the high heels she is wearing. We – knowing about the empty state of the box in her room however – know better. Her friend might have noticed something of course, knowing how well Sophia normally walks in those heels. But she seems distracted herself, absorbed in the mundane task of choosing which wooden spoon to buy of all things. Her second friend is distracted by thoughts of her own but that is another story for another time, and thus Sophia’s secret is safe.

As the afternoon progressed, the little balls Sophia ‘carried’ with her, kept her constantly distracted yet alert at the same time. With her mind elsewhere, she had to try her best to seem supportive and interested when her friend told her about her problems in college. Later, during drinks the pressure of the balls had her on the edge of her seat. Her friend was bragging about a date with her husband, a seemingly very romantic picnic at the nearby nature reserve. The thought of the things she wanted to do if her boyfriend ever took her out into the woods, combined with her already increased state of arousal made her sweat. Ignoring her friends as they spoke of food that would be fitting for a picnic, she sent a quick text to her boyfriend.
“We’re at the bar. I can’t take it any more. The restroom should be private, if I have your permission?”
Nervously she waited for a reply. Minutes passed and Sophia tried to distract herself by participating in the conversation. She knew he had read her message, he was making her wait. You might think that would make her upset. But the opposite is true, it only made her need greater. It took ten minutes before she got a reply from her boyfriend.
“No. You do not have permission. But if you really have to, you can take them out and have a fifteen minute break.”
Now, you might be wondering, was Sophia asking her boyfriends permission to orgasm? You would be right. I could even tell you it hadn’t been her own choice to open that box before she left home.

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