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I’m a bit late this month with the holiday period and start of the new year and all. But there’s finally a new e-book available in the amazon store.

This means lat months book is available for free for a few days:

The free e-book contains the full taxi-driver series:
– Taxi driver
– Day at the beach
– Trip to the airport

Have a look at the new book as well, this one contains some of my favourites:
– The maiden and the prince
– The review girl
– Self control


The stolen bikini (part 2)


The air was hot and the sheets were plastered to her skin as Sophia woke in a stranger’s hotel room. It was still early and Michael was still asleep beside her. Unashamed, Sophia threw aside the sheets and made her way – still fully naked after last night’s adventure – to the small bathroom. It wasn’t the first time she woke in another man’s room, not on this trip, nor on her previous holiday outings. She was unembarrassed as she went through his hygiene products for something to freshen herself up with.
It was only when she noticed her bottom in the mirror, that a blush crept up on her face. Sophia had many romantic escapades and one-night-stands in the past. But never had any of the men she’d lain with spanked her. And Michael hadn’t just spanked her; after having sex with her in the public pool, he’d used his belt on her for soliciting sex in such an inappropriate location. The marks of that belt were still visible now, dark markings like bruises and the skin still slightly red all around. Sophia knew immediately no make-up would be able to hide those marks, especially since she liked swimming during the hot summer day. None of her swimming pants would be able to cover them either; none of her pants covered more than a quarter of her voluptuous bottom. She liked to show that off.
Slightly panicked, Sophia kneaded her bottom in front of the mirror, wondering how visible the marks would be under a different light. They slightly stung, a reminder of how she’d been punished the night before. With that sting, the punishment took on a different meaning: after misbehaving out in public, the consequences would be seen in public as well. Normally Sophia prided herself on the fact that she didn’t care what others thought of her. Not the men that whistled or called after her; not the women with their disapproving stares, not the elderly with their biting remarks. But it would be these last two groups that would see in her punishment the confirmation of their assessment that Sophia was a bad girl that needed to be disciplined. She couldn’t give them that satisfaction. The only option was to stay inside until the remarks were faded.

When Sophia returned to the hotel room, Michael was still asleep. Sophia was furious with him. It was his fault that she would be confined inside until the embarrassing marks had faded. He was the one that had spanked her. Of course, she had agreed to it willingly. Hadn’t she, the night before, at some point felt that she indeed deserved what he was giving her? Unable to reconcile that memory with the anger she felt now, she sat down in the bed next to him. It might be her own fault, but he was just as guilty as she was. There was no way she was going to let him do this to her again.
“Good morning.” Michael said, waking just as she sat down. He smiled broadly and let his eyes wander over her naked body.
There was lust, affection and hunger in his eyes. It reminded her so much of what they’d done the night before, that Sophia experienced a small feeling of triumph. “Good morning.” She said. “I assume you slept well.” They always did, the men that had the joy of sharing a bed with her.
“I did.” Michael said. “No early swim today?” He asked.
Sophia blushed and rolled over to show off the marks on her bottom. “I can’t go out like this!” She exclaimed/
Michael laughed softly. “Why not? You should be proud of those. They prove that you’ve dealt with the consequences of your actions and most importantly, what a good girl you’ll be now.”
Sophia laughed in response. “No way.” She said. “I’m not going out until they have faded.”
Michael shrugged. “Very well. I’m going out for breakfast and will probably lounge by the pool after. I do hope I’ll see you later.”

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Free e-book for december


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I’m keeping up with my schedule of publishing three short stories each month. Today the taxi-driver series became available.

And as always, last month’s e-book will be available for free for just 5 days.
Last month’s book contains the stories:
– alone at the office
– a birthday surprise
– safari

Find it for free on:

A rainy day (part 2)


Her high heels echoed through the corridor as Emily made her way to the office from the changing rooms. Last week, she’d spent an embarrassing few moments there, realizing she’d forgotten a spare set of trousers. The one she’d worn, wet with the rain, she’d given to the cleaning lady to be dried. Now, Emily kept a set of office clothing in her locker, to be sure she never had to work in her undies again, with all her colleagues watching. The embarrassment that had caused wasn’t the only reason however. That and the spanking by her boss that had followed – for distracting her co-workers too much – had taught her that she actually enjoyed the attention the incident had granted her. The clothing she kept in her locker encouraged the exciting arousal she’d then felt for the first time. She still came to work on a bicycle, but the comfortable clothing for commuting, were quickly switched for the outfit she wore now. She wore a short black skirt, barely reaching halfway down her thighs and very tight across her round bottom. Her pale stockings with a single black line along the back were held up by a garter belt, their laced tops would be visible if she did anything but stand up perfectly straight. Her blouse was pristinely white and she left enough buttons open for ample cleavage. All heads had turned the first day she’d showed up to work in her new outfit. Emily hadn’t heard any gossip about the spanking her boss had given her after hours, even though the cleaning lady knew about it. It still made her wonder how many knew and who realized the effect it had had on her.

Still most heads turned when Emily entered the shared office space. Some of the men did not hide the fact that their gaze followed her walk all the way to her desk. Their eyes on her body made Emily walk with confidence, head held high, cheeks slightly blushed, and a warm excited feeling pulsed between her legs. When she sat down on her chair, the laced tops of her stockings were slightly exposed. After she crossed her legs, she tried to pull down her skirt to better cover her legs. The motion did not help at all, but it did attract the eyes of her co-workers, which had been its real purpose anyway.
More than once, her male co-workers passed her desk, for a chat, a question, or just on their way to someone else. Emily made sure to lean slightly forward as they looked down into her cleavage or to fiddle with her stockings to attract attention to how little of her long, slim legs was covered by her skirt. When she had to get up herself, she made sure to walk straight as she approached someone’s desk. Only to then bend over at the hips, sticking out her bottom as it strained the tight skirt. The edge of her stockings would be displayed and even the bare skin above it, just below her bottom.
Today was only the third day Emily wore her new outfit. She had been nervous the first time, but now she was more confident. Even when her boss entered, she did not look up from her position, bend over the desk of her friend, wiggling her bottom at their male colleagues. “Emily, could I talk to you in my office?”
When she turned around and noticed the angry look in her boss’ eyes, Emily blushed. She realized she might’ve been enjoying herself a bit too much. “Of course, sir.” She said. She followed him out of the shared office, looking over her shoulder at her colleagues. How many of them new what had happened three days ago?

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Student job (part 2)


Sophie could hear the sound of a young couple inside the changing room: the sound of light swats and giggling. With the lesson her boss had taught her just a few days ago still fresh in her mind, she suppressed the urge to peek on them. The changing room was placed in the basement of the sex-store where Sophie worked. It was meant as a private area where the customers could try out some of the many kinky items that were for sale. Sophie worked only in the weekends, on workdays she was a student. The heavy letter belt she wore beneath her dress – with a cold metal plate covering her pussy – would prevent any fun while peeking on the couple anyway. She wore that belt every day while working, ever since her boss had caught her peeking at the customers and playing with herself while she did. He had spanked her then too, it had hurt, but it had been exciting and arousing as well. Secretly, she wished for it to happen again.

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The gentleman (part 2)


It’s been a little over a week since Sam discovered Mike’s website and his stories. After reading that first one that seemed to have been inspired by her, she read many more. Each one resulted in the same warm, overwhelming ecstasy as she could not stop herself from masturbating to Mike’s kinky, well-written fantasies. Sam had never before considered herself kinky, she hadn’t given more than a passing thought to such desires. But in this last week, she had been unable to think of sex without such fantasies intruding and her sex-drive had gone through the roof, meaning she played with herself nearly twice as often as usual. Even her dreams hadn’t been safe. Sam had been single for quite a long time and she was starting to see that might need to change. In other words, she needed to get laid.
Now Sam is not the type of girl that goes to a club just to meet someone and she doesn’t like the idea of a fuck-buddy. Sam’s sexual experiences have always gone hand in hand with a strong emotional relationship. The problem is that there’s no one that’s caught her eye in a while. Except perhaps Mike, though they’ve only talked for just half an hour. All she knows about him is that he writes kinky stories for fun and is several years older than she is. Sam has never dated a man much older than herself, but combined with what she knows about him, his age actually seemed to make him more interesting to her. Sam wouldn’t admit it herself, but she was developing a crush on a man she barely knew. It wasn’t until her friends started noticing, catching her daydreaming and smiling at nothing, that she gave in to the impulse and decided to contact Mike again.

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Free e-book last day


Hello everyone, just a reminder that today is the last day you can get this month’s free e-book:

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The new e-book:

Naughty wife vs. cheating secretary (part 3)


With a tray of sandwiches and a hot cup of coffee, Linda entered the building where her husband works. A couple of his co-workers know her, as she’s been there before, even though she works in a different building herself. She wonders if any of them had heard what had happened the day before in her husband’s new office. She blushed remembering it, how she had pretended to be his secretary just like in her dream. In bed yesterday he had texted her to bring him lunch and thus she was role-playing as his secretary again. If her ‘boss’ wanted more than just sandwiches for lunch of course, her husband would find out and spank her for ‘cheating’ on him when she got home tonight. Both prospects turned her on greatly.
John was waiting for her in his new office and Linda smiled as she placed the tray on the large wooden desk. She remembered vividly being bent over that the day before. “John isn’t here,” John said and Linda raised an eyebrow in confusion. “He’ll be back later, he’s in a meeting still,” Her husband continued. “So I thought I’d take the opportunity to talk to you.”
Linda blushed as she realized where he was going with this. “Oh, are you one of his colleagues then?” She asked.
“Exactly,” her husband said. “I was in the room next door yesterday and managed to overhear quite the interesting activities in this office around lunch time.
Linda blushed as if he really was someone who might overheard and not just her husband who at the time had been role-playing as her boss. “What did you overhear?” She asked.
“Oh, I heard enough.” The ‘co-worker’ said. “I also know you’re married and I’m sure you don’t want your husband to find out what a little slut you are, do you?”
Linda bit her lip. “No, of course not.” She said, even though her husband already knew of course.
“Well then, I know of a good way for a little slut like you to buy my silence.” The ‘co-worker’ said. He was standing next to her husband’s desk and started undoing his jeans.
With a blush, Linda knelt in front of him. It was embarrassing, pretending to be this slutty, but she knew her husband liked it. She liked it herself too, but only because they were role-playing. Things were getting complicated though: the ‘co-worker’ was blackmailing her to not tell her husband that she’d slept with her boss, though he already knew; and all three were being played by her husband. So complicated in fact, that she was having a hard time remembering it wasn’t real. Which made it all the more exciting.
After she’d finished off sucking her boss’ co-worker, he suddenly grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up. “You little slut.” He said. “I didn’t think you’d actually do it.” He pushed her towards the desk and Linda bent over, thinking he was about to fuck her as he raised her dress and pulled down her panties. “I know exactly what a naughty girl like you deserves.” He said as his hand smacked her bottom.
Linda grunted and moaned as each smack landed hard and firm. Only the day before they’d started using spanking in their sexual play and it seemed as if her husband couldn’t get enough of it. He quickly had her pleading and kicking her legs, still she couldn’t get enough of it herself either.

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The gentleman (part 1)


On other days Sam wouldn’t have thought twice about the encounter. It was a normal day in spring and early in the morning. The city was promoting a car-free day in support of the environment and Sam had decided to participate and take the train to work. A friend had given her a ten-ride ticket, al she needed to do was fill in the date, her place of departure and destination. Having forgotten to bring a pen, Sam had to ask one from one of the others waiting on the platform. The man who gave her his was a bit older than her; Sam was in her early twenties and he must’ve been around thirty. She would have normally considered him too old to catch her interest even though he was quite handsome. On other days she would have forgotten him immediately.

Sam had never taken the train to work before and had not anticipated how boring the half-an-hour ride would be without anything to entertain her. In front of her and on the other aisle, the man who had lend her his pen was typing something on a laptop. She tried to read along, but the text was too small at this distance. Curious as she was, she considered for a moment to take the seat next to him, but she did not want him to think she was interested in a conversation. Besides she would probably be disturbing him in his work. It was of this unsatisfied curiosity, that Sam was unable to forget their encounter, no matter how brief it had been.

Days went by without Sam seeing the man again, but she had not forgotten him. Her mind had transformed what should have been a simple memory into an intriguing mystery. Finally, when she could no longer take her wondering thoughts, she decided to look for him; if only to prove to herself that her dreaming about him was ridiculous.
She did not know if it was luck, or if this man commuted to work by train every day, but she found him again the very next day when she took the train to work. Sam felt a bit foolish when she saw him. She had gone through all this trouble just to see a man she had barely said five words to. Still, she knew she’d have to go through with it now or things would only get worse. She waited until the man took a seat and then moved to sit in the aisle opposite him. When he took out his laptop, Sam turned towards him and asked: “I’m sorry, I hope I’m not disturbing you, but may I ask what you’re writing? I’ve seen you on this train before and it seems like you’re often working on something.”
The man turned to her with a winning smile. “Just some stories,” he said.
Sam did not want to bother him too much; she wouldn’t usually just address a stranger for no apparent reason. But her curiosity wasn’t so easily satisfied. “What kind of stories?” She asked.
The man hesitated, some slight colour – it could have been a blush – appeared on his face. “They’re erotic stories.” He finally admitted.
With a blush, Sam reached for words, but found nothing to say. “Oh.” She managed. After staring ahead of her for a while, she noticed the man had put his laptop away and was making notes in a small notebook. He probably assumed he had chased her away with his answer. Who in his right mind wrote erotic stories on the train anyway? Sam thought. Too embarrassed to start up the conversation again, she ignored him for the rest of the ride.

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A peculiar gift


It had all started out so innocent for Anna. As a young woman with a healthy sexual appetite, she had been interested, but not experienced in a more adventurous sex-life. She was not a virgin, but her experiences thus far had been very vanilla while her fantasies were much kinkier than what her few partners had offered. To satisfy her curiosity, she had joined an online community that focused on anything kinky, from BDSM and exhibitionism, to activities she’d never heard of before. She made her own private profile, making sure all her personal details were hidden. Anna was the type of girl who was very confident with her own sexuality and her body. When the website asked her to add a picture to her profile, she chose one where she was wearing a provocative dress: very short and with deep cleavage. It was the type of thing she liked to wear in real life as well. Anna quickly made friends on this community, as a single girl in her twenties and with a broad array of interests, she was very popular. Some of her new friends were quite imposing, but she quickly learned which of them were genuine and who just wanted to use her for their own fantasies. Still, one of the requests she got most often was for her to post more pictures. Early on, Anna had realized that her provocative picture was actually quite tame compared to those of the other users. Nudity was accepted and often encouraged. Strengthened by the examples of others, Anna soon added more pictures of herself, wearing less in each, even posing in just her underwear. The response was immense. She got more friends and all her pictures got positive comments. Some of the things people said made her blush, but Anna truly loved the attention she received. While she had always been too shy to do anything remotely exhibitionistic, Anna felt safe in the anonymity of the internet. The community kept asking and Anna kept delivering. Soon she took off her bra as well, covering her breasts with her hands. Her panties disappeared as well, her nudity only hidden by sensual poses or strategically placed hands or objects. Anna knew at that point that some men were using her pictures while pleasuring themselves. The idea turned her on greatly, she loved the image of their greedy eyes on her naked body. She showed them more and more, just a finger covering her nipples to show off her breasts and then not even that; later spreading her legs to show a full frontal picture of her pussy or bending over to show her bum-hole. Her friends-list became too long to count, but only a small part of them reacted to her pictures, most just wanted to watch. An even smaller part messaged her privately, those were her closest friends.

Anna enjoyed those private chats even more than the comments on her pictures. Often she would get requests for a certain kind of picture and she’d do her best to please her friends. Oddly, while her pictures had evolved into a fully undressed, sexual repertoire; many of her friends requested pictures in sexy lingerie or kinky attributes. While exhibitionism might seem very kinky to most; pictures of young naked females are abundant on the internet, and her friends were looking for something closer to their own fantasies. Anna had a few sets of lingerie in her wardrobe, but nothing extremely sexy. When some of her friends offered to give her money to buy more, she refused. She did not want to seem like she was selling her body for money. One of her friends came with the solutions that he could buy a set for her as a gift. Still hesitant, but persuaded by the idea of owning such a sexy set of lingerie and showing it off to all her friends in the community, Anna accepted. She told her friend her measurements and her address to send the gift to. She was slightly worried about sharing this information, but still felt safe as most of her friends were from different countries than hers and her closest friends she trusted. The gift arrived nearly two weeks later, a sexy black set of lingerie with many extra ribbons and clasps. It was much kinkier than anything she’d owned before. She took dozens of pictures while posing with the set and shared the best of them on her profile. When she mentioned the set had been a gift from her friend, others started offering to buy her things as well. Overjoyed with the sexy set she owned now and desiring more of the same, she gave out her information to more friends. They did not all buy her lingerie, some bought whole costumes that fueled their fantasies. Anna posed for her friends as a naughty maid or a sexy nurse. Some send her leather shackles, rope or even a ball-gag. The kinkier each picture she posted, the more inventive her friends became with the things they send her. Some gifted her toys as well, Anna let them see how she played with a vibrator or showed them the sparkling butt-plug in her bottom. When someone send her a wooden paddle, she showed them how red her bottom had become from a self-spanking. She was now truly experiencing some of the kinkier fetishes in the community.

It didn’t stop there of course, the more Anna gave, the more her online friends asked of her. It didn’t bother her at all. In fact, she was always looking for that next thing with which she could surprise and delight them. They suggested she filmed herself as she played, so they could see her reaction to their gift. When discovering a gift and taking pictures of herself, Anna no longer just imagined the men masturbating should they see her; more often than not she played with herself as well, pleasuring herself before sharing the pictures on the internet. The idea of sharing this with her friends turned her on even more, and Anna started to share her first video’s with her friends. She had received a list of toys: implements she spanked herself with so her friends could see her bottom slowly turning red and toys she pleasured herself with afterwards so they could see how much she had enjoyed it. The positive feedback kept coming with each video and often some tips on how she could do it differently next time or things they wished she’d done. Some of the tips they gave her made Anna wish she’d known them beforehand to make her video even better. She joined a small platform where she could stream live video’s and invited her friends from the kinky community to come and watch. She never asked any money for her shows, but received even more gifts now that her friends knew they would be able to see her play live with anything they bought for her. Anna even scheduled weekly video’s now, at least once on Saturday afternoon and more on other days when she was particularly horny or interested to try out something new. It was around this time that she received a peculiar gift.

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